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The limits of tolerance

A Pakistani author writing in Pakistan’s leading newspaper shows more sense in what he has written than a lot of others.

The limits of tolerance

By Irfan Husain Thursday, 26 Aug, 2010


The ongoing furore over the so-called Ground Zero Mosque shows no sign of abating after weeks of noisy controversy. In a sense, it has become a litmus test of America’s cherished freedom of worship, as well as its tolerance of other people and other faiths.

But to put things in perspective, I would like to invite readers to imagine that a group of Christians asked for approval to build a church close to the site of an iconic building in Pakistan some of their fellow-believers had destroyed, killing thousands. How would we have responded?

Actually, this scenario is so implausible as to be practically meaningless. The sad reality is that non-Muslims in Pakistan live on sufferance, and it would be unthinkable for them to even dream of expanding their places of worship, let alone constructing new ones. A few years ago, I recall writing about the trials and tribulations of Christians trying to build a church in Islamabad despite having received official permission. They were bullied by a local mullah, and found no support from the city administration. Since then, things have got worse for the minorities.

The ongoing dispute in New York is another reminder of how civilised societies treat those citizens who do not subscribe to the majority faith. Much to his credit, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (a Jew, by the way) approved the project, despite opposition from right-wing groups. It is President Barack Obama who has been a disappointment to liberals with his equivocation over the issue: after appearing to endorse it at an iftar event for Muslim ambassadors, he backtracked swiftly in the face of shrill and expected criticism from the right.

In a controversial article that appeared recently in the Ottawa Citizen (Mischief in Manhattan; 7 August), Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, two Muslims who live in Canada, argued that proceeding with the project is tantamount to mischief-making, an act prohibited in Islam. The authors have been attacked for their stance on the Internet, with readers accusing them of taking a reactionary line.

The truth is that the issue has become highly divisive, with over 60 per cent of Americans opposing the project. Before readers think this reflects poorly on secular attitudes in the country, please recall that there are some 30 mosques in New York. What is really giving offence is the location of the proposed Muslim community centre as it is a couple of blocks from where the Twin Towers stood before 9/11.

For weeks now, this controversy has been in the news with talking heads on TV from across the political spectrum reviling or defending the project, initially dubbed the Cordoba Initiative. Critics have attacked the name of the centre for serving as a reminder of Muslim conquests in Europe. In response, the developer has said the name has been changed to Park51.

In such an emotionally charged debate, it’s hard to be rational. Logically, the location should be immaterial: after all, there is already a mosque in the area, not far from Ground Zero. So why should another make any difference? The truth is that the 9/11 attacks continue to resonate deeply in America, so what’s the point in insisting on a project that is like a red flag to a bull?

The project is expected to cost around $100 million, and many think the bulk of the money will come from Saudi Arabia, even though the source of the funds has not been made public yet. If this is indeed so, Raza and Fatah consider this would be a slap in the face of Americans as “nine of the jihadis in the Twin Towers calamity were Saudis”. More to the point for me is that the Saudis have been funding mosques and madressahs around the world, in addition to paying for chairs for Islamic studies at major universities. Many of these have been used to project the country’s official Wahabi version of Islam that has fuelled the rising tide of extremism and jihadi fervour. Against this backdrop, the question to ask is whether we need yet one more such mosque.

Raza and Fatah ask why the $100 million can’t be put to use to help people in Darfur and Pakistan instead? This is especially relevant in the context of the floods that are devastating much of Pakistan today. My own question is about reciprocity: if the Saudis can aggressively spread their ideology abroad, why can’t other beliefs build their places of worship in Saudi Arabia?

Currently, it is illegal to build a church, synagogue or temple in the country. Even importing copies of the Bible or the Torah is forbidden. Granted, Saudi Arabia is not an example of tolerance and freedom of worship. In fact, it is one of the most benighted societies on the planet where the royal family rules with an iron hand in partnership with the clergy. Nevertheless, every time the government or individual members of the ruling House of Saud wish to fund a religious centre abroad, they should be asked to open up their country to other faiths.

Liberal Americans will respond – to their everlasting credit – that their constitutional guarantee of freedom of worship should not be hostage to mediaeval attitudes in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. Ironically, given the choice between living in a religiously ordered state or in a secular country like America, Muslims have voted with their feet in the hundreds of thousands. Most of them are happier in their adopted home, and are free to worship as they please.

This is America’s major strength, and it would be a pity if the events of 9/11 were to erode it. Despite the strong religious strand in American society, it welcomes all faiths. All the more reason, then, for everybody in this melting pot to be respectful of others.

If I am having a meal with a devout Hindu friend at a restaurant, I would not dream of ordering a steak because I am aware that for him or her, cows are sacred. While we all have certain rights, we often do not choose to exercise them so as not to cause offence. This is what living in a heterogeneous society like America entails, so if Muslims opt to live there out of their own free will, it seems to me that they would be wise not to test the limits of tolerance.

Bow Nobama Needs Hindu Markets 4 His Own Survival.


Bow Obama a Fake Citizen of America and Closet jihad is Bow Nobama’s Love of Islam (via Sam Hindu’s Blog) visiting Great ancient land of wisdom on eve of  Dipawalee and Hindu New year 2067  has no love for India or Hindu but for his own survival in America after a blow out defeat in November 2nd election in America to His own Democratic party and his former senate seat in Chicago.

Obama ran away to divert tough question why his party lost after clear mandate in 2008 and why in span of two years his party lost in election.

Truth is Democrats lost because fo egoistic behavior and Obama’s Islamic sympathy  https://samhindu.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/bow-nobamas-love-of-islam/ towards his closet religion and his own stand and executive orders he has issued for advancement of Islam in America is a prime reason for blow on chin.

Hindustan beware of Bow Obama and his sweet talk, He is no friend of Hindustan Or India but has come to Holy  land with dubious desire in his heart. First for his own survival  he needs India’s strong economy and Consumer markets for American companies survival. Don’t forget some time ago he was barking to stop Out sourcing and free trades  with India.

He is threaten by strong values of Math and Science instigated in every Hindustani student from Diaper and doesn’t want brains to migrate to USA but he will go step further in bringing his own terrorist brothers to America and use our law to weaken American system from within by issuing Amnesty and Green cards to Hamas terrorist and provide Housing, Medical and all who supports Jihad and wants to kill American.

I shall not trust him and would not believe a word what he says no matter how much sugar he puts on those words.

USA’S FAILED RELATIONSHIP WITH SAUDI BARBERIA AND PORKISTAN  Remember this he just gave total of $7.5 Billion which India has paid for hardware and Defense purchases to arch rival PORKISTAN and Saudi BARBERIA. which are going to be used against Hindustan. as History has proved time and time again.

Homeland Security Advisor is an Islamist and he is installing one post at a time to advance his Islamic Jihad in back home and he is a friend of Porkistan not Hindustan.

I wrote an article Terrorists Among Us A Must Read & Watch 4 Every Freedom Lover. Please read on my Blog for eye-opening facts.

Sam Hindu


 Hindu Terror 



“To know a person’s religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                — -Eric Hoffer

In recent years, the Indian Muslims have started talking about Hindu terrorism as if all the problems in Kashmir and elsewhere in India are mostly due to the Hindu intolerance towards Muslims.

They have successfully fooled few third rated thinkers with their half-truths and some politicians at times like to promote Muslim’s views of Hindu terrorism. Because of this, in India, recently a new term is coined – the ‘Saffron terror’, which is allegedly inspired by Hindu fundamentalism.

 Since Saffron terror is relatively a newer issue, the present author wants to discuss a bit about the origin and the significance of the Saffron and how much link does it have with terrorism.

India, Hindustan, Bharat is not just apiece of Land, mountains, Rivers or House of so many languages but it is me and my Billions of people who are a citizen of this Great Ancient Land of wisdom and knowledge.

Our philosophy, psychology, Science, Knowledge and Wisdom is not which came out over night but it is an experience of thousands and thousands and thousands of years of experience.

The ancient India, as historians recorded, was a self–contained world. The sacred soil of this HOLY  land was not only a land of spirituality, philosophy and self-realization but also a land of peace, culture, music, dance and literature for thousands of years till the time an army of ‘half humanized half ape’ Bedouin barbarians attacked this holy land with sword in one hand and a demonic book ‘Qur’an’ in other hand.

 This ancient CIVILIZATION and nation called Hindustan is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.Whica are all Branches of HINDU  SANATAN DHARMA.

Saffron is the only color that can symbolize all aspects of Hinduism and other Indian religions. It is the color of ‘Agni’ or fire, which symbolizes the Supreme Being. Fire worship had its origin in the Vedic age. The saffron color, also auspicious to the Sikhs, the Buddhists and the Jains, seems to have obtained religious significance much before these religions came into being.

 During ANCIENT  days, when sages moved from one ashram (a religious hermitage) to another, it was customary to carry the fire along. But it was inconvenient to carry a burning substance over long distances. This had given rise to the symbol of a saffron flag, a symbol for flames.  AND saffron is a color or sun rise and sun set.

Triangular and often forked saffron flags are seen fluttering atop most Sikh and Hindu Jain and Buddhist temples. While Sikhs regard it as a militant color, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist monks and Hindu saints wear robes of this color as a mark of renunciation of material life. Saffron is the symbol of unity of man kind in Hindu India.

By coining a controversial term like ‘Saffron terror’, the Muslims linked Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains with terrorism. In support of their views, Muslims give examples of LTTEs (Tamil tigers who were Hindus) and Sikh terrorists used for Khalistanis. No doubt the Tamil tigers were mostly Hindus but they were not motivated by religion.

What LTTE had been doing for decades was undoubtedly terrorism, but it does not qualify as something that can be called ‘Hindu terrorism’ because religion was not the driving force or ideology behind their insurgency. It’s more of ‘race’, ‘language’ and ‘politics’ than religion. Secondly, LTTE movement was mainly a ‘local’ problem in northern part of Sri Lanka, not as widespread as Islamic terrorism which is a serious threat to the whole world.

 Islamic terrorists are absolutely motivated by religion and therefore it would be illogical to compare Muslim terrorists with LTTEs. Similarly Khalistani movement was also a ‘local’ issue. Moreover today both LTTE and Khalistani movement are in history, but Islamic terrorism is at its peak.

Secondly, there is nothing like ‘worldly brotherhood’ among Hindus or Sikhs so that in other countries they start targeting each other citing the atrocities in Sri Lanka or in Punjab. In the case of Islam, religion has become most important issue. Nationality and race have practically no significance.

 Because of this, any perceived atrocity against Muslims in any corner of the world is being avenged by taking lives of completely unrelated innocent people somewhere else in the name of Allah.

This ‘global link’ of religion is nonexistent not only amongst Hindus but practically to any other religion except Islam. There is Muslim ‘Ummah’, but there is no Hindu ‘Ummah’. Hence; Hindu and Sikh terrorists do not exist on global chart but Muslim terrorists does exist. Correlating Buddhists and Jains with terrorism is an absurd thought.

Third; there is no inter-religious terrorism (as example, Shia- Sunni, Sunni-Sufi, Sunni-Ahmedi conflicts and bombing each other’s mosques) amongst Hindus as we see in Islam.

Forth; unlike Muslims, the Indian Hindus do not kill or imprison their critics. Constructive criticism of Hinduism is always welcome by the Hindus. Apostasy is regarded as a private choice. No Indian religion has ever been spread by sword or deception. The strength of all the Indian religions is in ‘Yogic Meditation’,Vedic knowledge and  not conversion. A religion whose strength is in politics of conversion is not an Indian religion.

Fifth; Islam promotes suicide terrorism but Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or Jains strongly condemn it. All Indian religions talk about spiritual upbringing of the soul through meditation and self-realization and not about death and worldly pleasures after death.

Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion and it survived all attacks because it is a tolerant religion and deep roots in Vedic Knowledge.

Hinduism talks about “Sarva dharma sambhava” (equal respect for all religions) A Vedic Teaching.  This ancient faith is also known as ‘Sanatana Dharma’ (Eternal religion) and the five principal virtues prescribed by all schools of Sanatana Dharma are non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity and non-covetousness (Saraf, 1996, p.60). Do the Muslims find all these virtues in the teaching of Muhammad?

Therefore there are sufficient evidences that the holy Saffron color has nothing to do with terrorism. Rather it had been associated with sacrifice and salvation. The Hindu ‘Sanyasis’ (a Hindu who has no attachments to worldly things) and the Buddhist monks who have left their home in search of the ultimate truth had been wearing this color for several thousand years before the birth of Islam.

The term Saffron terror is a deliberate misinformation. Muslims use this term for obvious reasons and some Indian politicians from Congress and Left parties  use it for Muslim sycophancy. This is the famous vote-bank politics of India.

The present author, though born and brought up in Hindu culture, is not a Hindu apologist. He is not associated with any political or religious organization in India or abroad. As a Humanist, he certainly does not support any kind of religious intolerance and firmly believes in religious harmony and peaceful coexistence.

If intolerance is really on the rise amongst Indian Hindus, it needs to be exposed and strong corrective action needs to be taken before it flourishes. Now let us have a look at the positions of the Hindus and Muslims on global chart.

First of all; it is known to the world that Muslims cannot coexist peacefully within the same nation and society anywhere in the world. They breed and multiply very fast and ultimately eat away the very culture of their host nation and try to replace it with a seventh century barbaric mentality. They demand honor and dignity from the non-Muslims but give them hate, death and destruction in return.

Once they achieve power, they start ethnic cleansing of the aboriginal. In every corner of the world, the Muslim mentality is same with hardly any exception.

A large number of Indian Hindus and Sikhs have settled in the West. They mostly adapt the culture of their host nation with respect and always eager to be an essential part of the host nation both economically, socially and even politically.

 The Westerners have observed this basic difference between the Hindu, Sikh immigrants and the Muslim immigrants. In fact the truth is so prominent that even the Muslims cannot deny this.

The Indian work force in Western nations is the brightest and the best with enormous creative and entrepreneurial energy. In home as well, India is becoming the hub for a fast-changing global economy.

Today under the brilliant leadership of our present Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the great nation India is rising as a country filled with pride in her abilities, confidence in what it can achieve and will have the world as her playground. Today the Hindus are roaring like tigers in global jungle proud and fearless and outperforming the world.

Now let us look at our next-door neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan, These two terrorist nations are trapped between Allah and army. If we borrow words from Cameron (Daily Times, 2010), Pakistan has become a base for militants and “promote the export of terror” across the globe.

The pitiful neighbors not only have reached rock bottom, but now have started to dig even deeper. These two failed Islamic states set very low goals of achievement and then consistently fail to achieve that also. Large parts of the country are lawless and rebellious. By its own admission, the governments are unable to control home-grown terrorism or to rein in every jihadi group.

So, before the Indian Muslims talk about Hindu terrorism, they should look at the decades-old devil-dance of their ideological brothers and partners in faith at Pakistan and Afghanistan and their ‘wonderful’ contribution to the world. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. How can we forget the famous quote of Dr. Zakir Naik, ‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist’? (Downing, 2009, p.354)

In fact, Muslims calling the Hindus intolerant is not a new topic. Indian Muslims demanded Pakistan because they found the Hindus intolerant. But more than half of the Muslims remained in India after the partition.

This clearly proves that the theory of Hindu intolerance towards Muslims was bogus. Secondly, in India there are minority Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains who never complain about Hindu fanaticism.

There is near-total ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh; but if Hindus are really fanatic, why the world does not see same type of ethnic cleansing of the Muslims or other minorities in the Hindu majority India? If the Hindus do not want the minorities to rise, then how the Christians and the Sikhs are prospering in India?

Religion and politics are well separated in India. Religion has no role in politics and any mention of it in practical matters is just irrational. Despite Hindu majority, India is not a Hindu nation and Hinduism is not the state religion of India. In fact India was never a Hindu nation with the right meaning of the term like Islamic nation where religion paralyses the democratic system.

Though India is in a far and far better position under Hindu majority than any other Muslim majority nation, in recent years, we find some intolerant Hindus, mostly loonies and misguided people, showing certain degree of intolerance towards Muslims. Their logic is simple.

They believe that if Muslims cannot coexist peacefully with them in areas where Muslims are a majority, why should Hindus be forced to live peacefully with Muslims where Hindus are a majority? If Muslims are killing Hindus in Kashmir, then what wrong it is to kill the Muslims in Gujarat?

This is a distorted logic. An eye for an eye cannot be the norm of a civilized society. It also goes against the age-old teaching of Hinduism. If the vast majority of the Hindus are misguided by this logic, which is most unlikely to happen in the future, India will become a mirror image of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is a fate the Indians should avoid at all costs because it means not only destroying the core values of Indian culture and civilization but our prosperity and success in global arena.

Today India is making astronomical progress in the areas of economy and trade, science and technology, medicine, energy, education, space and ocean exploration, defense, culture, entertainment, sports and people-to-people contacts. Tomorrow India will have to take the responsibility to provide leadership to the world.

Strange but true that these patriotic Hindu  are byproduct of Islamic threat to India. History demonstrates that intolerance and fanaticism in one religion provokes intolerance and fanaticism in other religions. This is a defense mechanism and very much normal.

Before the advent of Islam, Hinduism was an extremely liberal religion and the Hindus were hardly united in religious faith. There were several sects and sub-sects who were not at all perturbed by the differences of the religious values of others and lived in harmony with one another.

 A large part of India united under the banner of Hinduism only when Islam started bloodshed on Indian soil as if all the sects and sub-sects suddenly realized their oneness and religious singularity. The Sikh religion was formed from Hinduism to protect India from Islamic assault. This way, the Sikhs are inseparable from the Hindus. Every Sikh is a warrior Hindu duty-bound to protect India from Muslim aggression.

Because of the threat of Islam, religious intolerance is on the rise not only in Hinduism but to various degrees in Christianity and Buddhism as well. The Western Christians are uniting to save their land, religious values and culture from Islamic aggression.

There are many strong anti-Islam groups in Nepal, Israel, UK, USA, Germany and France and they often work in close connection with one another to save their countrymen. The Thai and Vietnamese Buddhists are protesting against Muslims for the same reason.

This is patriotism. But when we see that a Florida-based Church announced plans to burn copies of the Qur’an on church grounds to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it is religious fanaticism.

Similar to the Qur’an burning threat, a prominent aspiring young politician from India showed his religious fanaticism when he called to behead the Muslims in a public speech. Surprisingly another very powerful and controversial Indian politician, an octogenarian, founder and chief of a Hindu nationalist organization who has his base at Mumbai (a commercial city in the western part of India) supported the young politician’s derogatory views.

 This octogenarian is very vocal in his controversial opposition to people who migrate to Mumbai, especially Muslims. He has urged the Hindus to start calling India ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Hindu nation) by mentioning that only Hinduism to be honored in India.

Not only this, in 2002 this powerful politician issued a call to form a Hindu suicide squad to counter alleged Muslim violence (Puniyani, 2006, p. 123). When he called for a Hindu suicide squad, two retired generals from Indian army actually started such a camp and commenced giving training to some aspiring suicide bombers (Soondas, 2002). However, police intervened in time and the camps were closed.

Religious fanaticism attracts more loonies, fascists and racists. Though Hinduism preaches nonviolence but given the size of India’s Hindu population, it would be surprising if there were no loonies at all within the community. Hence, the right-minded Indian citizens should draw a strong boundary line between patriotism and fanaticism.

 For a true Indian, a pinch of soil of India is more precious than gold. Loving own motherland and sacrificing for her is a matter of honor, pride and dignity but fanaticism is a matter of shame.

These fascists and the lunatics are always around in every religious and political organization. The political parties use these people very skillfully. This is because, for rational people religion may be a simple and private matter, but for political parties, it means vote bank. The problem is not faith or even the fanaticism, but the forthcoming elections.

 These lunatics exist and they will continue to exist. It is the duty of the organization not to defend these people who openly call for murder and destruction. These people should not be encouraged or hidden away. They must be dismissed in public.

By hook or by crook, if such a fanatic comes into power, it might prove to be a disaster for the whole nation. We all know how Hitler had destroyed his country when he carried the mob with him in the name of patriotism. As someone said very rightly that, the most civilized state is not further from barbarism than the most polished steel from rust.

 Revenge never stops. Blood cannot be washed away with more blood. India is the sacred land of Saints and Rishis (composers of Vedic hymns). This land is also called Devbhoomi (the land of Gods) and Punyabhoomi (the land of pious activities). Here we do not need a leader who openly declares that he would behead the Muslims if he comes to power.

 We do not need a fanatic who wants to set up Hindu suicide squad to confront Islamic terrorism. We do not want a psychopath in patriot’s clothing like Hitler or Stalin to rule this sacred land of Shree Krishna and Shree Rama.

We humans are yet in an early hour of the morning of our history. The civilized life of the Human species is hardly thirty  thousand years old. Even in this short period many empires and civilizations have appeared and disappeared. Many of these empires and civilizations were much greater, much stronger and much richer in spirituality than Hinduism yet they collapsed and took a permanent resting place in history within very short decades after they separated from law, justice and humanity and gave way to barbarism, bloodshed & chaos in the name of religion.

We Hindus should not think that our religion is the final expression of Human wisdom. If we believe in the moral government of the world, Hindu civilization will survive another several Million  years if it strictly adheres to the principles of love, brotherhood, toleration and moral values. Otherwise, this oldest civilization of Thirty to Fourty  thousand years will not take another fifty years to disappear if it does not conform to them.

There is absolutely no ‘must’ about the survival of any civilization. Let the Hindus take this lesson from history before it is too late.                    

Author can be contacted at counter.jihad@yahoo.co.uk

Obama Mission: Billions to Pakistan For His Closet Religion Jihad


Obama mission: Billions to Pakistan, For His Closet Religion Jihad

 During Diwali ( A Hindu New Year ) time  Bow Obama President of USA is going to visit Hindustan ( Bharat ) ( India )  for first time and a Second US siting president to pay visit to worlds largest Democracy and let us see what he is planing to do.
Hindustan need not to be happy or there is nothing to be joyful about this visit.
USA gave 7.4 Billion as soon as Obama took over office and now another 2 Billion when at home people are loosing their dream investments in Home and Business and unemployment is at record high.
It is like let our own citizen go broke and home less and unemployed but give 9.4 Billion to his closet religion country and give them all the high-tech equipments and technology which US believes will be used in Afghanistan border near Baluchistan but in reality it will be used against Hindustan / India.
History has proved that all the financial and Military help Pakistan received in past was used against India so a Million dollar question is why USA can’t see truth in last 60 years about double-dealing of Porkistan.

The Obama administration is lining up at least $ 2 billion in fresh, new military aid to Pakistan even as it is lobbying for billions of dollars in defense sales to India ahead of the US President’s visit to the region early November. 

Two weeks before the India trip however, the US is all set to shower yet another round of military largesse on its dubious ally, ostensibly to help it fight extremists, who by Washington’s own accounts are fostered, protected, and promoted by Pakistan. 

 The aid package is set to be announced during the US-Pakistan “strategic dialogue” – the second this year – starting Wednesday in Washington DC

 The arms bonanza comes just weeks after India’s defense minister AK Antony conveyed New Delhi’s reservations to Washington about US arms to Pakistan invariably being lined up against India, something even the Obama administration has on occasions recognized. 

 It also comes amid stunning disclosures pointing to direct ISI (and therefore the Pakistani state’s) involvement in the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, which sites President Obama is expected to visit on November 6. Six Americans were among 172 people killed in the carnage. 

 On top of this, a top Nato official said this week that Osama bin Laden was living in “relative comfort” in Pakistan, protected by locals and some members of the country’s intelligence agencies, following up similar charges earlier by secretary of state Hillary Clinton

 Despite these developments, the Obama administration evidently places its trust in Pakistan’s credentials in the war on terror, and has determined that Islamabad needs to be militarily strengthened to fight extremism. 

 It is getting around the Indian protest that it is needlessly arming an adventurous and unrepentant ally that uses terrorism as a state policy by terming the military aid a “security assistance package.” 

 American officials who have briefed the media on the subject ahead of the “strategic dialogue” say the package, totaling as much as $2 billion over five years, is aimed at helping Pakistan fight extremists on its border with Afghanistan. 

 The package will be in the form of financial aid under the American Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, which in turn will help Pakistan purchase weapons and defense equipment like helicopter gunships and communication equipment produced in the United States. 

It is aimed at addressing Pakistan’s insistence it does not have the capability to go after terrorists, and needs more support from the United States, according to the New York Times and CNN, which both reported the development on Monday. 

 The latest US largesse for Pakistan, which is separate from the five-year, $ 7.5 billion aid under the Kerry-Lugar-Berman bill, comes even as Washington is lobbying fiercely for greater Indian defense purchases worth billions of dollars as New Delhi seeks to shore up its military. 

 India has finalized nearly $ 10 billion worth of military purchases from the US in recent months, including a deal in 2009 for eight Boeing P-81 maritime patrol aircraft worth $2.1 billion and the sale this year of 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Aircrafts worth $5.8 billion, the largest defense deal with India in US history. 

 An even bigger piece of action is in the pipeline – a purchase worth more than $ 10 billion for 126 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft that New Delhi is seeking, and for which US companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin are in the race. 

 While India’s will be paying hard cash for all these transactions, Pakistan, which was already broke before it was overrun by floods of biblical proportions and reduced to begging, will essentially be getting freebie military hardware from the US in the name of fighting terrorism. 

 The US aid comes despite criticism from Washington that Pakistan’s wealthy, including its political leadership, is ducking from paying taxes, and US tax-payers are having to pick up the tab for Pakistan. 

 In fact, ahead of the US-Pakistan strategic dialogue, Pakistan has made no move to reform its tax collection as demanded by secretary of state Hillary Clinton and top European Union officials recently. 

 Instead, the Pakistani delegation is coming to Washington with a laundry list of demands, including a nuclear deal that will bring it on par with India, greater US role in resolving the Kashmir issue, and taking into account Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan. 

 The Pakistanis are even pressing for a stopover by President Obama in Islamabad during his November visit to India, according to some reports. 

 The Pakistani delegation for the “strategic dialogue” this week will be formally led by the country’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and will have cabinet ministers of defense and finance, among others. 

 But the real power and influence behind the Pakistani push for greater US aid will be the country’s army chief, Pervez Ashfaq Kayani, who is part of the team, notwithstanding Washington’s reservations about the military’s continuing influence in Islamabad. 


Islam Can’t Stand The Truth… /Bukhari Has a Trouble Accepting Truth


Islam always has a trouble Accepting Truth and Answer the inquisitive questions from their own cult members and outside world. Recent example was when an Indian Journalist asked Imam of Delhi Mosque who claims to be Bukhari but in fact he is a Fake Imam and impostor.

Imam Bukhari is using gullible people and spreading lies about his cult and ordinary people who can’t even read to use their own brain in critical thinking are taking innocent gullible people  for ride by this Lazy Imam living his luxurious life off other people’s money and who has never done an honest day of  work whose shop is running off these ignorant people and cult.

Imam Bukhari whose salary was mere 300 rupees per month and after a murder in Jama Masjid this clerk took over Mosque and self-proclaimed Imam started living luxurious life has a very dark past and his hands are stained with blood, lies, and Hulligan.

After Ayodhya Ram Janm Bhoomi verdict by High Cour and during Press conference when A Moslim journalist asked his question he lost his cool.

Shahi Imam thrash reporter for asking question over Ayodhya.

Islam and followers are known “I am right” attitude and suppressing other non muslims round them by their false claims  and cooked up stories

A recent example is seen recently at  Lucknow

Muslim journalist  simply asked question that According to 1528 year khatoni Raja Dasarath  is the owner of that land than why they r not giving land to his son RAm………………?????????Imam got out of control after hearing truth.
Bukhari was vehemently criticizing the Allahabad high court judgment on Ayodhya title suits, saying it was based on belief rather than facts.

but when another reporter Abdul Waheed Chishti (a muslim) replied with real fact “Why you are trying to mislead Muslims when the revenue record of 1,528 indicates that Raja Dashrath palace stood on the (disputed) spot and after the high court verdict that it should be handed over to Ram Lalla (idols of baby Ram)?”

this Bukhari the tactful figure representing logical Islam burst abused Chishti verbally and shouted: “Shut up and sit down, you Congress agent. I will chop your neck off.”
At one point, he even said, “It is because of traitors like you that Babri Masjid was demolished”



Mohammad used to get irritated when someone used to ask too much logical question.Bukhari has truly followed the footstep of Mohammad. Questioning Islamic
concepts is the biggest crime, called blasphemy, and is punishable by death. When Mohammad failed to prove his claim he started threatening people in the name of Allah.That’s the reason Bukhari threatened News reporter with death.

Allah will admire those who put blind faith in Him; believing in Him without any question and argument…50:31–33
Do not ask questions on matters of Qur’an revelations…5:101
Asking questions about Qur’an may cause one to lose faith…5:102

Do not question Allah for His acts but He will question everyone…21:23

And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like there unto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true…2.023

It is utter impudence for men to question about how their petrified bones will become alive on the resurrection day…36:78

None should question about Allah’s retribution; you should be crying instead of laughing and bow down to Him…53:59-62

It is a great insolent to question the resurrection day when you are alive…75:5-6.

When Abu sufiyan Questioned the Authority of Mohammad as messenger of God he was threatened with death .Similar thing was done by Bukhari in Lucknow.
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US Conference: Best Buy and Other Companies Selling us out to Islam

I have written similar article on Ethan allen and I boycott these corporation. Boycott Ethan Allen Which is supporting Terrorist Jihad.  who are supporting terrorist ideology like KFC and i refuse to give them my hard earn money so that money can be used for killing me and my Billions of family of Infidel.
I refuse to purchase from establishment where cashier or any customer service is wearing Burkha or Niqab. and I tell them on their face how i feel. If they want to practice Burkha stay Home. and don’t use our laws against us.
   Sam Hindu….

I was just surfing the Internet looking for something to post, and have come across a website entitled AmericanMuslimConsumer.com. This is another conference in which Muslims are uniting for their way of life.

American Muslim Consumer

Saturday, October 30, 2010 from 9 AM – 5 PM (EST)
The American Muslim Consumer Conference provides the only platform for industry professionals to examine this potent market sector, and explore its rich potential. It effectively raises awareness of the Muslim consumer, their buying power so that the market can gain some visibility and presence in mainstream media, the advertising industry and in-turn influence companies in developing products for Muslims.

It is clear that this market is growing and maturing. The consumer preferences of the world’s nearly 1.5 billion Muslims are faith-based, and largely non-negotiable, and the concept of Shariah-compliance as a marketing strategy has started to take root in the global and national marketplaces.

JWT’s 2007 study of ‘one of America’s biggest hidden niche markets’ revealed that the American Muslim consumers represent “a neglected market with huge potential for brands that are willing to connect with them.”

The first non-Muslim sellout who will be speaking at this upcoming conference is P. Miles Young – CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, which is a major advertising company. When I went to their site, I noticed their “Diversity and Inclusion” section, in which their founder David Ogilvy had made the following statement.

Did Mr. Ogilvy or anyone at the company ever read the Koran?

Koran verse 005.051
YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guided not a people unjust.

Koran verse 008.055
YUSUFALI: For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him: They will not believe.

Either they did not read it, or the rules to not apply to the Islamic world, and two set of rules are exactly what the Islamic world wants.

Miles will be joined by Nazia Hussain, Director of Cultural Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Nazia joined Ogilvy & Mather to set up the company’s offer in Cultural Strategy in 2008. She had worked in Dhaka, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow and Shanghai by the time she joined Ogilvy & Mather in London. Prior to Ogilvy she had been at Added Value, JWT, and The Brand Union.

Cultural Strategy at Ogilvy is a global consulting practice that provides insight into the deeper cultural contexts behind consumer choices in order to develop stronger and more resonant communications strategies for brands. Believing that there are no global consumers, only global brands, Nazia’s focus is on unpacking the cultural contexts that inform peoples’ consumption behaviour the world over. Her clients have included the Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Nestlé, British Airways, Pernod Ricard, Diageo, Reckitt Benckiser and SAB Miller.

Nazia is also Head of Strategy at Ogilvy Noor, the world’s first Islamic Branding consultancy, a practice that helps brands effectively engage with Muslim consumers everywhere. With Muslim roots herself and a global outlook, Nazia is perfectly placed to advise on the rise of the today’s generation of connected and consumption-savvy Muslim youth. She is lead author of the cornerstone Ogilvy Noor study ‘Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer’.

Born in Bangladesh, Nazia grew up in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong before graduating from Oxford with a First in English. Her passion for China then led her to an MPhil in Chinese Art, Literature and Cultural Anthropology, during which time she lived in Beijing and became fluent in Mandarin. Nazia uses her interest in people and cultures to inform all aspects of her work as a cultural consultant in the marketing and communications industry. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.

I see that she joined the company in London. Will Nazia tell the audience about all of the problems that Muslims are causing in the UK? Of course not. Miles and Co, can be reached HERE.

The second sellout is James A. Kocsi District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration. But we already knew our government is run by a bunch of Islamophiles. Kocsi will be responsible for loaning businesses money, that are looking to cater to Islam. Which in turn, will slowly turn more and more US neighborhoods Islamic. Kocsi can be reached HERE.

The third on the list is Steven Pilchak – General Manager of Best Buy Dearborn Michigan.

I am not sure how much smiling Steven knows about Islam, but he seems to be ready to crawl on his knees for the Islamic world.

Steven Pilchak
General Manager, Best Buy

Steven Pilchak is a General Manager for Best Buy in Dearborn, Michigan. Throughout the past ten years, he has served in numerous capacities. As a General Manager, he has been very passionate around the diversity and inclusion of the Muslim culture within his community. Steven’s focus has centered around finding ways to better serve both the Muslim customer and the Muslim community of southeast Michigan, and have led to partnerships with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Lebanese American Heritage Club. Additionally, Steven serves on a team focused on business partnerships in the Midwest, and he attended Eastern Michigan University where he studied Marketing and Advertising.

Don’t go away, Best Buy is not done yet. Steve will be joined by
Nausheena Hussain, Multicultural Marketing Best Buy.

Nausheena Hussain is a marketing manager focused on developing strategic partnerships targeting the multicultural consumer. Although the focal point of her work is predominately on the Latino customer, she is very passionate around diversity and inclusion efforts especially around the Muslim culture as well as the Muslim consumer. She has recently launched and is Co-chair of the Interfaith Employee Business Network chapter at Best Buy headquarters to enhance the work environment by showcasing how faith plays a role in the employee experience, the customer experience and the communities we serve. In 2004, she helped found the Minnesota Youth Leadership Award, a scholarship program, and served as one of the Board of Directors. Nausheena also helped start her husband’s business in urgent care.

She graduated from the University of Minnesota cum laude in 2003 with her MBA and is pursuing her M.S. in Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Minnesota. Married, with two young children, she lives in Minneapolis and is on the PTA Board for Al-Amal School.

Best Buy can be reached HERE.

Companies like these are the same as the ones that are catering to Islam across Europe. They are so blinded by greed, they are oblivious to the long term damage they are doing to Western Civilization.

Here is where and when this greed fest is taking place.

Saturday October 30, 2010
9 AM to 5 PM (EST)

Hyatt Regency
Two Albany Street,
New Brunswick, NJ – 08901

A poll on their site once again shows us how Muslims, like to stick to their own way of life.

Would you prefer to buy brands that promote and celebrate Muslim festivals?

Yes, I would
(88.89%, 40 Votes)

No, I would not
(4.44%, 2 Votes)

I don’t care
(6.67%, 3 Votes)
Total Voters: 45

Tel: (For some reason I can view the phone number in the admin section, but it will not post for the public to read it.)
Fax: +1 732 873 1382

BTW,….I was one of two who voted no.

We have the numbers over Muslims here, and within the law we have to use that to our advantage. We have to be louder and much more visible than them. It is up to us.

Islamic Comic Books and Cartoons are a Threat to Our Children.


islamic comic books and cartoons are a threat to our children.

Posted by PatriotUSA at 2:59 AM Labels: ,

This people, is STEALTH JIHAD at it’s worst. It is targeted at our children. The mullah in the White House, the first muslim potus is doing all he can to help islamize the United States and has dedicated millions and millions of our tax dollars to islamic organizarions and causes. This is crossing the line and is government sanctioning of religious cartoons. Cartoons aimed at an innocent audience! How much will be ‘truth and how much will be taqiyya? Who will monitor these new cartoons? Cair, The MB, MSA, ISNA? From Family Security Matters.

“In the Islamic world, cartoons have a more sinister purpose. In Iran, on Al-Quds Day, Iranian TV schedules are filled with cartoons about evil Israelis with red eyes, shooting and murdering innocent doe-eyed Palestinians. For older kids, the heroes fight back, and even get martyred in the cause of Allah. Al-Quds day, named after the Arab term for Jerusalem and initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1983, is a time for Iranian media to reinforce Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic propaganda.

A comic book is something that a child (or adult) elects to read. Pages must be turned, text must be read to make sense of the pictures. Animated cartoons do not require such deliberate behaviour on the part of the viewer. They are there, they move, they have a soundtrack with music, the characters speak, and no-one has to turn the pages.

However, there is now a new development, which will take what is essentially a religious notion and promote it on mainstream Kids’ TV. Hasbro is a toy manufacturer associated with manufacturing dolls and toys related to media products – Star Wars characters, My Little Pony. Hasbro has recently linked up with the Discovery Channel to create a new network that will be premiering soon, operating as a TV network and web platform. Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s President and CEO, said:

“We believe the time is right for Hasbro to take the next step into television through our partnership with Discovery Communications. David Zaslav and his talented team have the experience, track record and ambition necessary to make this joint venture a long-term success as we build this network. We look forward to creating fun, stimulating and educational content that will allow us to deliver all-new brand experiences to the young and ‘young at heart’ – anywhere and anytime they want.”

The new media outlet, called The Hub, will officially start airing on October 11, with veteran broadcaster Margaret Loesch running the schedule. And on the schedule of The Hub network will be an animated series called “The 99”, which will bring to life the Islamic cartoon superheroes. This is the first time that I am aware of where a religious cartoon series has been broadcast and aimed at the general viewing public.”

Meet the Muslim Superheroes who are Ready to Indoctrinate American Kids

The appeal of animated cartoons can be long-lasting. I grew up in the 1960s, when the era of TV cartoon series was at its height. Until the 1950s, cartoon shorts by Disney and Warner Bros., such as Merry Melodies, Looney Tunes, Silly Symphonies, as well as Tex Avery shorts, had been designed for movie theatres, run before a main presentation. Those were added to kids’ TV schedules but cartoons were soon tailor-made for the medium of TV. William Hanna and Josef Barbera produced their own shows – with characters such as Huckleberry Hound or Yogi Bear voiced by Daws Butler. Countless other cartoon characters chased each other across the small screen, the most memorable being voiced by Mel Blanc. Cartoons were an integral part of growing up for kids around the globe.

Some cartoons from that time were pleasantly silly and some – such as Johnny Quest – tried to add something new with good drawing and ongoing narratives. Cartoons get into a person’s head at a young age, and never leave one. As I grew older, the cartoons presented to the next generation seemed lacking in fun, designed merely to promote cruddy toys, rather than to delight and entertain. Thundercats and He-Man, Transformers, were part of a roster of 1980s commercial cartoons that seemed to exist solely to promote toys.

Some cartoons had wholesome morals, but these were never forced. Wile E. Coyote never got to catch the irritating Road Runner, and his evil designs usually led to him plummeting off a cliff or being scrunched by the same rocks he intended to use as weapons.

In the Islamic world, cartoons have a more sinister purpose. In Iran, on Al-Quds Day, Iranian TV schedules are filled with cartoons about evil Israelis with red eyes, shooting and murdering innocent doe-eyed Palestinians. For older kids, the heroes fight back, and even get martyred in the cause of Allah. Al-Quds day, named after the Arab term for Jerusalem and initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1983, is a time for Iranian media to reinforce Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic propaganda.

Muslims comprise only one and a half percent of the American population, but be prepared for the latest exercise in Muslim propaganda and toy promotion – “The Ninety-Nine”. This began life as a series of printed comic “super-hero” characters, each one representing one of the Ninety-Nine names of Allah.

The Ninety-Nine featured in printed monthly comic books, originally produced by Teshkeel Comics in Kuwait. This company had deals to publish Arabic versions of Marvel, DC and Archie comics. Now, the Ninety-Nine is on sale in North America, distributed by Diamond.

Continue reading here.

Link to original article is here.

PS. Watch and Aprove what your childrens are reading, watching and taught at school.
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