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Momins and Kafirs..

 SOME TIMES BY : SAM HINDU   by Pamela Kafir Liner

Mohammed divided the Arabian society in two very strict compartments. There are the MOMIN and the KAFIR…

 The word Momin means believer in Mohammed and Allah. In contrast a Kafir is a non-believer. The momins did not have to be better men than the Kafirs in terms of character or consciousness. Momins had only to recite the Kalima (incantation)-  By doing that the ‘momins’ become qualified to kill as many kafirs as they could or pleased, looting and burning their belongings and enslaving their women and children in the process.

 The momins were not of course risking their lives for nothing. Four-fifths of the booty and prisoners captured in war was theirs in accordance with the law laid down in the Quran by the Mad Mohammad  himself.

 The prisoners included quite a number of fair and young maidens who could set any momin’s mouth-watering. No wonder that the infant state of Islam at Medina was able to assemble very soon quite a number of dedicated swordsmen without spending a penny from its own coffers. The principle of free enterprise applied to plunder an pillage was functioning with full force.

 The Mohammad  of Islam proclaimed that Allah has assigned the whole world to the momins. Not a patch was to be left for the kafirs to dwell. This is why we are under GLOBAL JIHAD. It looks like Allah’s  Mohammed had not heard of many lands beyond Syria, Iraq, Persia, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

 The Mad Mohammad divided the world in two contending spheres–darul-Islam(the zone of peace where the mulsims were the dominant element) and darul-Harb (the zone of war where the kafirs or non-muslims held sway). This would be why they call us the WEST and East  and the place they must now conquer….The East is already pretty much Islamic.

Mohammed declared all Moslems as one nation and the non-Moslems as another, he created the Two Nation Theory, perpetually setting Moslims against non-Muslims. Mohammad stressed that in this struggle the Moslems would be victorious and the Kafir be looser. If left alive, we the Kafir are to live in Dhimmitude as second class citizens to the momin..

Today you can see this philosophy is still in practice. The partition of India was based totally on this. Here Pakistan and Bangladesh are darul-Islam whereas India is darul-Harb. The recent religious wars in Bosnia were also based on this.

 As we notice today Moslems take this stuff very seriously. The  Mohammad’s  declaration that Allah has made him the Model of Practice for his followers has come to mean that the Moslems must copy him in everything, they must eat, drink, walk and talk like him, even must look like him, that is, they grow beard like his, have a similar hair-cut and dress like him. This is what is called followings the Sunnah .i.e., the  Model which is the guarantee of salvation. One can easily say that Islam has been designed to induce respect and love for Arabia.

There are express commands of the Muhammad, which state that a person is not Muslim until he loves him more than his own father and mother. The idea is that people must be weaned from their own nationalities and motherland, and attached firmly to Mecca.

This may explain why CONVERTS suddenly think AMERICA is the enemy even after being born and raised here.

 If Islam dominates America, we the KAFIR will have to pay a JIZYAH  TAX to exist.  if Islam dominates America…This verse in Quran gave birth to the law that all non muslims living in an Islamic state have to pay the jiziya or poll tax for the privilege of being there.

IX/29: Fight those who do not profess the true faith (Islam) till they pay the jiziya (poll tax) with the hand of humility.

 The non believer KAFIR are called Dhimmis  and are allowed to live and work in the Islamic lands under the following 20 conditions..DO YOU SEE WHY WE MUST NOT LET ISLAM DOMINATE AMERICA? or Any where in world.

The Kafir are not to build any new places of worship.

 The Kafir are not to repair any old places of worship which have been destroyed by the muslims.

The Kafir are not to prevent muslim travellers from staying in their places of worship.

The Kafir are to entertain for 3 days any Muslim who wants to stay in their homes and for a longer period if the muslim falls ill.

The Kafir are not to harbor any hostility or give aid and comfort to hostile elements.

The Kafir are not to prevent any one of them from getting converted to Islam.

The Kafir have to show respect to every Muslim.

 The Kafir have to allow Muslims to participate in their private meetings.

 The Kafir are not to dress like muslims.

 The Kafir are not to name themselves with Muslim names.

 The Kafir are not to ride on horses with saddle and bridle.

The Kafir are not to possess arms.

The Kafir are not to wear signet or seals on their fingers.

The Kafir are not to sell or drink liquor openly

The Kafir are to wear a distinctive dress which shows their inferior status and separates them from Muslims.

 The Kafir are not to propagate their custom and usages among the muslims.

 The Kafir are not to build their houses in the neighbourhood of muslims.

 The Kafir are not to bring their dead near the graveyards of the muslims.

 The Kafir are not to observe their religious practices publicly or mourn their dead loudly.

 The Kafir are not to buy muslim slaves.

Here again, facts which expose the true nature of Islam. ISLAM IS FILLED WITH SUCH NICE THINGS FOR US, the KAFIR! Do you see why it must be stopped in AMERICA and every where else? Any logical person should have realized that Islam is meant for those who can not think on their own.  The followers of Islam are mindless tyrannical demons who know nothing better than killing and torturing people in the name of Allah.




5 Responses

  1. verily, certainly soon it will be cleared that who are righteous and who are misguided ; let us wait friend
    for the last day of judgement….Assalamualikum.




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  4. […] Would you rather have your Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or Momins and Kafirs.. my Jesus and Hindu Krishna  who tells me to love you because I am going to heaven and He wants […]


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