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Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 


I SAY THAT AMERICAN pride and patriotism is at an all time low…….

this is true only among the liberals..

they have lost the spirit and pride that is America …

this is a direct result of the GLOBALIST pushing the ONE WORLD ORDER…..

and the lack of the liberals to have a thought of their own ..

they just follow what ever the liberal media shoves down their throats as the gospel …

never questioning if it is true or not.

SOME LIBERALS will say that the media is in Trumps pocket…

the liberal media has attacked him at every turn trying to smear and twist everything he says and does..

while at the same time denying the documented proof that HILLARY CLINTON AND THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY are the most corrupt in this countries history..

so who are the liberal media hacks really in league with?

 WHAT is it in the liberal mentality that they don’t seem to be able to see that this administration and Clinton are handing this country over to our enemies solely for their own profit and power…

they do not now or never ever have had the rights and well being of the people that they have swore to serve and protect….

this administration has disregarded our CONSTITUTION AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY and CLINTON will continue that agenda…..

it seems that the LIBERALS are no longer Americans

Let me sum up the Trump phenomenon, Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is at times impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

We hear him , he is noisy and loud like every powerful force , he shakes things up and scares the heck out of people who want to keep America down , the thugs that attack peaceful Trump rally goers are cowards who attack in packs like hyenas because they are scared and afraid that Mr. Trump will bring America back….

that he is waking up the sleeping giant who are the American people who have been put to sleep by the left and the right,…

 we who have trusted and been lied to for too long , they think they can frighten us but it makes our resolve even stronger,…

America needs Trump , we need a man who will do what it takes to win , who puts winning as a priority because you can not win unless you plan and are determined to do so,…

the leaders we have suffered for the last thirty years have not done this , that is why our young have become so soft that they need “safety zones” and safe places because words frighten them and the thought of having to win is too much for them to take,…

Trump puts himself on the line , he challenges America to choose him because if we do , that means that we are willing to do what it takes to make this country great again ,…

by throwing out the leadership that would have us continue down the road to becoming a second rate nation that has no respect for itself and that can not command respect from any other country,…

 they want us to believe that this country is not special , that we have no right to expect and to demand more,…

but they are wrong and they have been wrong for a long time ,…

 Let me say this one more time, Trump is not for the politically correct or those who want objectivity without substance ,…

Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

America needs Trump .  Happy Independence Day. And Let us take our proud country back from Career politician and sold out media. 

British want a proper federation with proper checks and balances, democracy, rule of law. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu 

The referendum wasn’t just about immigration, I think the lack of democracy, a strong mistrust of the ‘elite’ and a total lack of checks and balances in Brussels is what eventually swung the UK referendum in favor of the Brexit. 

In principle the idea of a more united Europe was good, but its execution has been downright shoddy. 

The remaining members and its citizens will need to think long and hard on where we want to go from here. 

I see only two paths. I) Do British want a proper federation with proper checks and balances, democracy, rule of law and respect for all the individual cultures? 

II) Do they want to reduce the scope of the EU to a bilateral trading platform only by ensuring free trade but nothing more. 

These coming months will bring some hard choices for all and all my fellow Europeans. 

Speculations are already rampant regarding a ‘Nexit’. 

We will have to see about that. 

I am not in favor for a ‘Nexit’ at this moment as the biggest proponent of this movement, Geert Wilders, is right lead country.

For all the people out there that say leaving the EU will hurt Britain,, 

just remember Britain survived before the EU for quite a while, and they will do just fine now.

Only need to control Immigration. Before it becomes Londonistan.

I believe in time to come. 

Countries will do the same thing and get out of the UN.

Foreign policy is about your own interest. And at the cost of your own jobs snd survival you can’t support dubious policy. Like NAFTA and trade with one sided benifits .

They need to STOP the refugees NOW from entering the Britain, EU and United States Of America. 

The ones that are here now, well, we all will have a fight on our hands. Until someone with enough guts in Washington D.C. And EU can put a stop to this. 

Gather all them up, and say you just don’t fit in with the people of America. American will never stand for any other outsiders coming here, and changing our laws to meet their laws. This is America—Not the Middle East. In America any, and all will follow the laws of America.

The proclamation of Emergency 40 years ago. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt My father Mr. AshwinKumar Bhatt was journalist working For today’s Times Of India before it was sold out to khangress a decade ago when emergency was t…

Source: The proclamation of Emergency 40 years ago. 

Mr Terrorist Sympathiser and follower of Cult Of Terror President, what the fuck Moslim scum did in Orlando? 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu 

Barrack Hussain Obama warns ISIS that if they, the Islamic State, target the USA or its allies, then they won’t be spared.
Mr Terrorist Sympathiser and follower of Cult Of Terror President, what the fuck Moslim scum  did in Orlando? 

Stop fooling the people of America and the rest of the world.

It is alleged that you have funded and nurtured the Islamic State.

You are desperately trying to disarm Americans with your ‘take’ on gun law policy at a time when they NEED TO BE ARMED the most. 

You and your government by any chance wanting to make it easy for radical Muslims to implement the draconian Sharia law? 

With America without means of self defense it would be a cat walk for the fanatics to destroy the free world.

And what’s this about your involvement with the Muslim brotherhood? 

Don’t you think the world has a right to know? 

After all America has made it a business to interfere in all world affairs. 

India bears the scars because of your devious support to arch enemy Pakistan.

What is going in your mind Mr Bow Nobama , President?

Wake up and do your job protecting Americans from Pislam. But I guess you are too busy for grown up Cross dressing male allow to use little girls Bathroom. 

Brainwashing through Salat

I came across this informative article written by Ali Sina of http://www.faithfreedom.org through a friends Blog and reposting here as it was written and would love to add  article from my Blog for  your …

Source: Brainwashing through Salat

Analyzing Afghan Bharat Relationship. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

The Soviets built a lot more than this for the Afghans. 

The Afghans werent too grateful were they? 

Remember the Afghan-Soviet war? 

The West has built a lot of stuff too. 

The Afghans are in the process of fighting them too.

 Pakistan has hosted millions of Afghans for decades. 

The Afghans arent too grateful for that either.

 The Iranians have helped the Afghans too and guess what? 

The Afghans forget that too. 

Now tell me,how will the Afghan repay India?

Hope Afghan respect indians  / Bharat and Hindu for what they have done for the country.. 

track record is a bit dodgy.

Why doesn’t Pakistan build dams, roads, ports etc in Afghanistan. ?

nobody in India expects Afghanistan to pay back. 

It is a gift from India to Afghans. 

Unlike the countries mentioned  above which were cheated by Afghans, India does not have anything but good intentions. 

We do not want to profit from their miseries.

Dam is designed to generate 42 megawatts of power and help irrigate 75,000 hectares of land .

India and Afghanistan have nothing common except their enemity for Pakistan ! 

The religion , the language , the culture and the history nothing common . 

All Hindu Ancestry was wiped out by Taliban. 

All the invaders to India came from Afghanistan .

Pakistan need to Look at India and learn too that Bharat is building strategic and economic relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kuwait etc. 

And then look at Porkistan after three years of PMNL rule where do they stand? 

CPEC will bring in change but have they again made the mistake of keeping all theier eggs in one basket? And until  sleeping with Terrorisum is not abandon I see No hope for Paorkistan. 

I have seen a biased and prejudice judges in my life in USA

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

I have seen a biased and prejudice judges in my life in USA. 

Since when criticism of judge is not welcomed. 

Last I know that we do have freedom of speech and Expression and to express what you feel is never a crime and it’s a constitutional right given to its citizens

Trump Has all right to say what he felt and saw. And He may or may not be right but judges are not above our fundamental rights. 

Those who don’t like. Too bad for you. Get a life. 

The Judge is American his parents are of Mexican heritage. 

Trump is merely saying there could be some issue because he is going to build a wall between American and Mexico and he thinks that could be unfair toward him. 

Its really not that hard. 

So when asked about Muslim Judge, Trump said yes, same thing because Trump is saying to temp ban Muslims so maybe a Muslim Judge might be unfair to Trump also, whats so hard about that? I 

dont get why people are making his statements into more than they are, but they are!

Because paid politicians are afraid of Truth and Trump. 


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