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Liberals cry that is racist and un American. How do you see it that way.?? 

Some Times By : SAM Hindu

Liberals cry that is racist and un American. How do you see it that way.?? 

With President in office only a few days and seeing how these Liberals are acting really shows something. 

I am all for immigrants coming to work, but come in our country legally! 

Any other country would have you killed.

 We have given them money help, housing assistance, food stamps, medical, and child care when they make a lot a month, but conveniently have no way to prove it because they are paid under the table. 

We need these benefits to go to citizens and people with proper documentation who help pay for them. 

These illegals that don’t pay taxes should get no services. 

$113 billion a year goes to these immigrants.

 I believe my tax payer money should go to people who also help pay taxes!!

Build the wall, put more border patrol on duty if needed then employ our military coming home so they can be utilized based on their military experience and not have to come home where there is no employment for them.

What about creating some form of deterrence beneath the wall since they are creating tunnels to cross the border.

We had  A spineless Presidents in office for so long that a lot of people don’t even know right from wrong anymore!! 

Today I saw a Liberal complaining about a temporary ban on Muslims being allowed into America.. 

These are the same people that are coming from countries where a lot of people hate us and want us and our loved ones dead..

Liberals cry that is racist and un American. How do you see it that way.?? 

To me it shows we finally have a President that will help protect us and our loved ones. 

These Liberals March against President Trump carry stupid signs wear stupid symbols on their heads and around their face.. 

Call him all kinds of names for what??

 Think about this for one moment if you are able to see the forest through the trees!!!!!

 If you have daughters,granddaughters,mother, sisters,aunts,female friends that you love and would protect no matter what and who would you rather have ? 

someone that will help try to keep bad evil men away from them or someone that doesn’t bother because fools will call them racist or all the other names that is going around. 

I Want someone with backbone to at least try to help..

So many Americans have become so pissed off.  

I wonder if most of them would even stand to protect their loved ones. 

Hey Liberals if some radical Muslim threatens your daughters do you think if you offer a hug and love they will move on??? 

Think use the brain you were born with. 

America or the world won’t end because we will stop people coming into America from countries that are breeding harm to us..

 It’s for a limited time till a better way to get them.. 

So take your vagina hats off and stop calling our President all kinds of stupid filthy names and grow up!!

First you liberals didn’t think he would win. 

He did. 

Then you didn’t think he would keep jobs here. 

He is. 

Then you didn’t think he would stop TPP. 

He Did. Done. 

Then you thought he wouldn’t repeal ObamaCare. 

He Did freeze and on way to be Frozen. 

Then you thought he wouldn’t touch PP. 

Defunded and abortion is next. 

Then you thought the wall wouldn’t go up. 

Starts today. 

He WILL make Mexico pay for it.

 Either with higher visas Fees or and  Larger taxes on import/export to and from Mexico. 

And even IF I have to pay for it. Fine by me. 

The wall will cost $50 billion once. Benefits for illegals is $113 billion A YEAR. 

And he’s already said he’s deporting every illegal who is locked up. 

I know you aren’t use to a candidate who follows through with his promises. But Trump does.

AND today he said he’s not allowing anymore refugees. 


Going to be a great 8 years. And before you say “you mean 4?”  

Ask yourself, aren’t you tired of being wrong so much?

Dang it ! I thought I was the only genius around here. 

But now I find out that there is one out there better than me. Trump !

Drain The Traitors From USA

Lebenty lebenth reason why the US needs a ruthless no nonsense POTUS like Donald Trump to put the Linda Sarsours, Hillary Clintons, Barack Obamas and Huma Abedins in their place.

This is a test of the thin edge of the katva Islamic wedge in the US. I hope the Confederation of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is not asleep again the wheel.

Already there are efforts on know in the Detroit area to implement Shariah Law through the backdoor in the largest Arab Muslim community in the US with the tacit sub rosa support of CAIR and Keith Ellison, the rabid Muslim Congressman from Minnesota.


Instead of pandering to Muslims countries and pimping for horny Islamic males why does not the world tell these male chauvinist repulsive katvas why don’t ye restrain your lubricious tendencies you horn dogs?  

Why should women dress in bedsheets because you have perpetual elections here and permanent erections in Jannat?   

Note al Azhar University in Cairo, Islam’s Gregorian University, I believe has not yet come to a definite conclusion as to whether katva Islamic ghazis have perpetual or only prolonged erections in Jannat or Islamic heaven.

When the President of Iran goes to Italy they cover up the statues of David so as not to offend him.  

The Italians, the French, the Germans and the English all fully deserve the contemptious kicking they are getting from fundamentalist, terrorist Islam.

London’s Mayor is a Pakistani jihadi katva who was elected with the third largest majority in all of Europe.  

The UK is well on it way to becoming part of Eurabia with Londonistan as its capital.

The chief of New Scotland Yard or the London Metropolitan Police is already telling white English girls (special delicacy) to lie back and think of England while being gang raped by Pakistani thugs, to avoid getting hurt.

Serves the Brits right – karmic comeuppance for its economic rape of Hindu India and the death of 5 million to 10 million in the Bengal famines.  

These were artificially created by that ultimate fascist and rabid anti-Hindu swine Churchill.

Thank goodness the US just elected no nonsense Donald Trump as POTUS after closet Muslim , jihadi protagonist and public Christian Obama in rejection of oleaginous Crooked Hillary Clinton.  

In response to her bigoted Pakistani Muslim chief of staff Huma Abedin, Crooked Hillary Clinton went to Saudi Arabia to pander to the filthy oil rich Sheiks by saying “not all US girls want to or like wearing bikinis”.

Obviously not if they have figure and fit of Hillary.

बॉलीवुड का इस्लामीकरण कैसे हुआ….?

बॉलीवुड का इस्लामीकरण कैसे हुआ….?

सुनील दत्त एक हिंदू था और उसकी पत्नी फातिमा राशिद यानी नर्गिस एक मुस्लिम थीं। 

सुनील दत्त ने हिंदू धर्म को छोड़कर इस्लाम कबूल कर लिया लेकिन अपना फिल्मी नाम नहीं बदला।

इसे संयोग कहें या इस्लामीकरण की तैयारी; *क्या कारण है कि बाॅलीवुड में सभी जगह मुस्लिम मर्दों का वर्चस्व है और उन सभी की पत्नियाॅ हिन्दू है।*

शाहरुख खान की पत्नी गौरी एक हिंदू है। आमिर खान की पत्नियां रीमा दत्ता /किरण राव और सैफ अली खान की पत्नियाँ अमृता सिंह / करीना कपूर दोनों हिंदू हैं।

नवाब पटौदी ने भी हिंदू लड़की शर्मीला टैगोर से शादी की थी।

फरहान अख्तर की पत्नी अधुना भवानी और फरहान आजमी की पत्नी आयशा टाकिया भी हिंदू हैं। 

अमृता अरोड़ा की शादी एक मुस्लिम से हुई है जिसका नाम शकील लदाक है।

सलमान खान के भाई अरबाज खान की पत्नी मलाइका अरोड़ा हिंदू हैं और उसके छोटे भाई सुहैल खान की पत्नी सीमा सचदेव भी हिंदू हैं।

आमिर खान के भतीजे इमरान की हिंदू पत्नी अवंतिका मलिक है। संजय खान के बेटे जायद खान की पत्नी मलिका पारेख है।

फिरोज खान के बेटे फरदीन की पत्नी नताशा है। इरफान खान की बीवी का नाम सुतपा सिकदर है। नसरुद्दीन शाह की हिंदू पत्नी रत्ना पाठक हैं।

एक समय था जब मुसलमान एक्टर हिंदू नाम रख लेते थे क्योंकि उन्हें डर था कि अगर दर्शकों को उनके मुसलमान होने का पता लग गया तो उनकी फिल्म देखने कोई नहीं आएगा। 

ऐसे लोगों में सबसे मशहूर नाम युसूफ खान का है जिन्हें दशकों तक हम दिलीप कुमार समझते रहे। 

महजबीन अलीबख्श मीना कुमारी बन गई और मुमताज बेगम जहाँ देहलवी मधुबाला बनकर हिंदू ह्रदयों पर राज करतीं रहीं।

बदरुद्दीन जमालुद्दीन काजी को हम जॉनी वाकर समझते रहे और हामिद अली खान विलेन अजित बनकर काम करते रहे। मशहूर अभिनेत्री रीना राय का असली नाम सायरा खान था।

जॉन अब्राहम भी दरअसल एक मुस्लिम है जिसका असली नाम फरहान इब्राहिम है।

जरा सोचिए कि पिछले 50 साल में ऐसा क्या हुआ है कि अब ये मुस्लिम कलाकार हिंदू नाम रखने की जरूरत नहीं समझते बल्कि उनका मुस्लिम नाम उनका ब्रांड बन गया है।

 यह उनकी मेहनत का परिणाम है या हम लोगों के अंदर से कुछ खत्म हो गया है?

जरा सोचिए कि हम कौन सी फिल्मों को बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं?

क्या वजह है कि बहुसंख्यक बॉलीवुड फिल्मों में हीरो मुस्लिम लड़का और हीरोइन हिन्दू लड़की होती है?

 क्योंकि ऐसा फिल्म उद्योग का सबसे बड़ा फाइनेंसर दाऊद इब्राहिम चाहता है। टी-सीरीज का मालिक गुलशन कुमार ने उसकी बात नहीं मानी और नतीजा सबने देखा।

आज भी एक फिल्मकार को मुस्लिम हीरो साइन करते ही दुबई से आसान शर्तों पर कर्ज मिल जाता है। इकबाल मिर्ची और अनीस इब्राहिम जैसे आतंकी एजेंट सात सितारा होटलों में खुलेआम मीटिंग करते देखे जा सकते हैं।

 सलमान खान, शाहरुख खान, आमिर खान, सैफ अली खान, नसीरुद्दीन शाह, फरहान अख्तर, नवाजुद्दीन सिद्दीकी, फवाद खान जैसे अनेक नाम हिंदी फिल्मों की सफलता की गारंटी बना दिए गए हैं।

अक्षय कुमार, अजय देवगन और ऋतिक रोशन जैसे फिल्मकार इन दरिंदों की आंख के कांटे हैं।

तब्बू, हुमा कुरैशी, सोहा अली खान और जरीन खान जैसी प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेत्रियों का कैरियर जबरन खत्म कर दिया गया क्योंकि वे मुस्लिम हैं और इस्लामी कठमुल्लाओं को उनका काम गैर मजहबी लगता है।

फिल्मों की कहानियां लिखने का काम भी सलीम खान और जावेद अख्तर जैसे मुस्लिम लेखकों के इर्द-गिर्द ही रहा। जिनकी कहानियों में एक भला-ईमानदार मुसलमान, एक पाखंडी ब्राह्मण, एक अत्याचारी – बलात्कारी क्षत्रिय, एक कालाबाजारी वैश्य, एक राष्ट्रद्रोही नेता, एक भ्रष्ट पुलिस अफसर और एक गरीब दलित महिला होना अनिवार्य शर्त है।

इन फिल्मों के गीतकार और संगीतकार भी मुस्लिम हों तभी तो एक गाना मौला के नाम का बनेगा और जिसे गाने वाला पाकिस्तान से आना जरूरी है। 

इन अंडरवर्ड के हरामखोरों की असिलियत को पहचानो और हिन्दू समाज को संगठित करो तब ही तुम तुम्हारे धर्म की रक्षा कर पाओगे।

Circular reasoning Of Muslim 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

I am visiting Bharat at this time and saw a strong debate on various TV Chanel’s about Triple Talaq. 

After hearing so called experts and illiterate Mulla who are so called guardians of Islam and theier arguments are nothing but a laughing stock of intelligence and made fool of themselves in front of half plus population who is against slavery of sex, Amita and contracts of selling and purchasing female body. 

According to Isl-am “Moh-mm-ad was the prophet of al-lah, because Ko-ran says so” 

and, “Ko-ran is the word of Al-lah, because Moh-mmad said so.” 

 This circular reasoning, which muslims attempt to hide to fool themselves as if hiding can help, is keeping them backward…

 it is a fight with the self, fight with your own mind, fight with wisdom, fight with modernity… when you develop people to believe in such circular reasoning then you have corrupted them to the extent to make them believe almost anything, irrespective of how irrational it is because absurdity in such direct circular reasoning should be something trivial to figure out even for a 10 year old kid.. …

 But you will see even our prominent muslims and actors etc referring to Kur-an and that PB-UH stuff in such ways as to pretend that they believe every word of Kur-an (even if their mind is guranteed to be developed and they are just deceiving the common muslims)… 

that is end of their honesty and rationality both… In Hindus you can have variety of people believing or not believing anything said in their books, but muslims, even educated ones have to pretend that they believe in every word Kuran…

 this in itself tells a lot about state of affairs and this is what the hard-core islamists use, because real moderation of accepting or not accepting any part of traditions doesn’t exist….

I didn’t cry or protest, I sucked it up. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

8 years ago when Obama was elected, I was seriously opposed to Obama, I was scared and filled with anxiety as to what that man wanted to do. 
However I didn’t cry or protest, I sucked it up. 

4 years later I was even more devastated and became even more angry and scared, once again I sucked it up and prepared for the 4 more years. 

Really , we as good Americans put up with Mr. Obama for eight years and these people can’t put up with Trump for 4 years . 

There is something mentally challenging about a liberal that doesn’t make sense.

Trump won fare and square, just like Obama did 8yrs ago and 4 yrs ago.  

I am tired of people inciting violence just because their candidate did not win. 

Trump was elected. The world is ending. 

We should all batten our hatches and jump back in our bubbles and call everyone who disagrees with results does exist and sexist, homophobic, racist assholes.

Or we can stop, reflect, and realize that there’s another America, one we usually ignore, that voted for Trump. 

One that’s been neglected when we talk about multiculturalism and free trade. 

One that’s seen its economic opportunity either away in the face of immigration and globalization. 

There’s a gap in this country that we need to bridge, for there ever to be any constructive political dialogue from either side. 

America isn’t just New York and California; it’s Kansas and Missouri and Kentucky and Montana too, and this election is a clear reminder to us that they still exist, and that they can vote too. 

So instead of spewing epithets at the opposing side, instead of bemoaning the death of America and laughing at “move to Canada” memes, we should try and understand how we can change: 

How we can create a liberalism that’s truly inclusive, not just for Blacks and minorities but of the disenfranchised and the rural American needy and poor.

HINDU AMERICAN FOUNDATION  Need to learn when to keep its mouth shut and when to open it.



As a sometime cofounder of HAF who then decided that my efforts were better devoted elsewhere, I strongly suggest that HAF learn when to keep its mouth shut and when to open it.

It look like left wing pseudo liberal, ‘sickular libtard’ Gandhian twaddle is infecting HAF again, just as in the case of its ghastly Caste Report fiasco of a few years ago. This was universally panned and disclaimed then by leading Hindu mahatmas from India. HAF was widely condemned and nearly went under.

We now seem to see a similar death wish here. This support for Huma Abedin has strong overtones of the gratuitous stupidity and thoughtlessness of Gandhi in supporting the Khilafat movement to pander to conservative Islamic sentiments under the fond hope that the circumcised unwashed of Allah would support a unified India. It miserably failed!

Whatever may be the bonafides, (or otherwise) of Huma Abedin, HAF should know when to keep its mouth shut instead of opening it and putting its foot and that of Hinduism née Sanatana Dharma into it. HAF can do what it wants. We are / I am deeply offended that HAF presuming to speak for Hinduism in America commits the émigré Hindu population to supporting a stance of Muslim appeasement the community finds singularly offensive.

There is a Sanskrit subhasita which says:

Jihva agre vartate Lakshmi, jihva agre mitra baandavaha

Jihva agre bandhana prapti, jihva agre maranam dhruvam

It is through the tongue only that one obtains prosperity (Lakshmi), friends and associates.

It is through the tongue also that one gets bondage and death.

Our well meaning but often sastra lite / challenged HAF fearless leaders who deign to speak for all of Hinduism would do well to heed the verse above.

If traditional sastras are understandably a bit beyond 2nd gen Hindus raised in an alien culture, who run HAF, let me cite Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and Gratiano’s epic speech. One expects that HAF would at least have read Shakespeare:

“There are a sort of men whose visages 

Do cream and mantle like a standing pond, 

And do a wilful stillness entertain, 

With purpose to be dress’d in an opinion 

Of wisdom, gravity, profound conceit, 

As who should say ‘I am Sir Oracle, 

And when I ope my lips let no dog bark!’ 

O my Antonio, I do know of these 

That therefore only are reputed wise 

For saying nothing; when, I am very sure, 

If they should speak, would almost damn those ears, 

Which, hearing them, would call their brothers fools”.

A good Paki, Moslim Scum is. Dead one.

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

Many Pakistanis are an insult to pigs of the world…

their so called religious and pious leaders live a life of utmost luxury, they are lecherous and they lust for human blood in the name of religion. 

They are hypocrites of the greatest order. Look at these people…the grand Pakistani army that raped over a 100k Bangladeshi women and killed them but surrendered like rats before the Indian army…

look at them, protecting killers and terrorists and then lying through their teeth. 

These guys are trash , and filth of society.

They are not fit to interact with the civilised world.

a good Paki, Moslim Scum is. dead one.

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