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This is the reason I can’t stop writing. In Gujarati. 

એક પિતા પોતાના દિકરાને માનવતાના પાઠ ભણાવી રહ્યા હતા. આ જગતમાં એક માણસ તરીકે આપણું કર્તવ્ય શું છે અને આપણે કેવી રીતે જીવન જીવવું જોઇએ એ બાબતે દિકરાને સમજાવી રહ્યા હતા.દિકરાએ કહ્યુ, ” પપ્પા, હવે જમાનો બદલાય ગયો છે. આ તમારી નૈતિક મૂલ્યોની વાતો આજના સમયમા બિલકુલ બિનઉપયોગી છે. આખી દુનિયા ભ્રષ્ટાચારી હોય તો તમે એકલા પ્રામાણિક કેવી રીતે રહી શકો. જો દુનિયાની સાથે કદમ ન મીલાવો તો તમે એકલા બીજા બધા લોકો કરતા સાવ જુદા પડી જાવ.આખી દુનિયા બગડેલી હોય એમાં આપણે એક કેવી રીતે સારા રહી શકીએ ? “

પિતાએ દિકરાની બધી જ વાત શાંતિથી સાંભળી પછી કહ્યુ, ” બેટા, તારી વાત સાચી છે. બધા ખરાબ માણસોની વચ્ચે આપણે એક સારા ન રહી શકીએ. આપણે પણ આપણી જાતને બદલવી જ પડે. બેટા, મારે તને એક સામાન્ય સવાલ પુછવો છે.” દિકરાએ કહ્યુ, ” જે પુછવુ હોય તે પુછો પપ્પા.” પિતાએ પુછ્યુ, ” બેટા, અમુક લોકોને બાદ કરતા દુનિયાના મોટા ભાગના લોકો આંધળા હોય તો જે થોડા લોકો જોઇ શકે છે એમણે એમની આંખો ફોડી નાંખવી જોઇએ કે કેમ ? “

દિકરાએ તુરંત જ કહ્યુ, ” પપ્પા, તમે પણ કેવી ગાંડા જેવી વાત કરો છો. બીજા આંધાળા હોય તો એમાં દેખતાએ કંઇ થોડી એમની આંખો ફોડી નાંખવાની હોય ! દેખતા લોકોએ તો પોતે જે જોઇ શકે છે એનો આનંદ લેવાનો હોય અને શક્ય બને તો આંધળાઓને રસ્તો બતાવવાનો પ્રયાસ કરવાનો હોય.”

પિતાએ દિકરાના માથા પર હાથ ફેરવતા કહ્યુ, ” બેટા, દુનિયાના લોકો નાલાયક હોય તો આપણે આપણી સારપ છોડીને નાલાયકી ન સ્વીકારી લેવાય આપણે આપણું નિતિમતાપૂર્વકનું જીવન જીવવાનું ચાલુ જ રખાય.જો શક્ય બને તો માર્ગ ભૂલેલાને મદદ કરાય આપણે એમના પ્રવાહમાં ભળી ન જવાય.”

મિત્રો, આપણી આસપાસના લોકો અને એમની મનોવૃતિઓને જોઇને આપણને પણ એમ જ થાય છે કે હું એકલોકે એકલી શું કરુ ? આખી પૃથ્વી પર કાંટા વેરાયેલા હોય ત્યારે એને ચામડેથી ન મઢી શકાય એ વાત સાચી પણ આપણે આપણા પગમાં જુતા પહેરી લઇએ તો આપણને વાગતા બંધ થઇ જાય એ પાક્કુ.

Why does Stupid Allah need your help in killing or raping someone to spread his word? 

From And By : http://agniveer.com/

I am every child you brutally massacre. I am every Yezidi girl you sell as slave or behead. I am every Sikh woman you enjoy to rape. I am every Hindu daughter you abduct to make your property.

I am every gay and lesbian who enjoys intimate moments with my partner. I am every gal who is liberal about what she wears and what she doesn’t. I am every guy who prefers to remain clean-shaven.

I know you hate me. I know you consider me as greatest insult to Allah. I know you are convinced that I must be killed unless I convert to your interpretation of Islam.

I know your topmost agenda is to wipe out people like me from face of earth so that you are rewarded beautiful virgins in Paradise. Each time you kill me, your reward gets even more tempting. I know you sleep, dream, work only with one mission – to eliminate me. I know even right now you are planning when and how to bomb me, shoot me, assault me, behead me and then post a tweet highlighting your great achievement.

Before you step out on your next cleansing mission to establish Islam, please read this open letter once with an open mind. If you are able to still justify your ‘Jihad’ against me, congratulations! You would have added one more soldier in your militia . I would be more than willing to fight and die to spread your agenda of terror and enjoy the rewards in Paradise.

But if you find yourself at loss of reason to explain whatever you have done and whatever you plan to do, follow what I say. Become a warrior for the cause that you can defend with heart and reason.

If indeed you stand for Islam, and Islam stands for truth, you will have no hesitation in accepting my deal.

I can understand that you have a different moral compass from me. I can understand that you disapprove of my ways, habits and beliefs. But I fail to understand why rape and murder are the only two weapons in your arsenal to demonstrate your objection. There are differences even within family, but that does not mean you start killing and raping your brothers, sisters, children and elders.

You claim that a lot of injustice has been meted to you and your brothers by rest of the world throughout history. I can understand if you fight against those individuals who wronged you. But you primarily target innocent civilians – children, women, old, minorities whom you never even met before. Is it not insanity to rape a baby just because some unrelated person apparently wronged you 30 years ago?

On one hand you want everyone to embrace Islam. On other hand you butcher and rape in name of Islam. How is it helping the cause of Islam by projecting Islam as religion of rapists and killers? Why you make a cruel mockery of Islam despite knowing that Islam means peace and humility?

Why not instead set good examples that inspire people to follow you as a role model? You can influence hundred times more people in this manner than by killing or raping them? And if you think you do not have the capability to be such a role model, how can you even think of acting as a savior of Islam in first place? And when you are not a savior, who gave you the right to kill and rape to promote Islam?

Don’t you see that your kills and rapes have given just a bad name to Islam? Almost every most wanted terrorist of world claims to be a soldier of Islam. Almost all leading terror groups of the world claim to have the agenda of establishing rule of Islam. Almost all major bomb blasts, massacres, mass-rapes, sabotages of world in last 10 years are exclusive deeds of jihadis. With such a sinister track-record, how can you expect people who have respect for your ideology? Every act you carry, turns more people away from Islam than the number of people you kill. If indeed rule of Islam is your goal, you are acting as greatest enemies of your own mission.

Don’t you see that terror has become an exclusive copyright of Islam today? There is no Hindu or Christian group that rapes and murders in name of religion and then posts on twitter. There are evangelists in all religions, but it is only Islam that gets the bad name of adopting murder and rape to convert the world population. If Islam is what you love, why are you defaming Islam?

Have you even studied Islam properly?

 Have you read the original Quran? Do you even know the language of Quran? Don’t you know that no one has the capacity of understand Quran except Prophet himself? Then how can you rely on silly interpretations of some illiterate Maulvi or leader and start killing or raping? You yourself believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet. Then how can you consider any Maulvi to be competent enough to act as a prophet and tell you what Quran means?

Or do you think you yourself are a Prophet that you understand what Quran means and can justify even killing and rape to establish Quran? Are you not fooling yourself and Islam by claiming to understand Quran despite being intellectually incompetent? Or has Allah sent Prophet or one of his angels to meet you who told you that you must kill and rape to promote Islam?

When Prophet can have no replacement, when Allah can have no replacement, who are you or any Maulvi to act or interpret word of God on their behalf?

On one hand you say Allah is all-powerful, and on other hand you act as if Allah is powerless. If Allah is most powerful and Islam alone is best, can’t Allah himself convert all human beings or send a prophet to spread Islam? Why does he need your help in killing or raping someone to spread his word? When Allah could make the entire world and destinies of each individual, why does he need a non-entity like you as his assistant? He can directly kill anybody he wants or teach Quran. He is not crippled to need you to fight his battles.

You believe that destiny of every person is already written by Allah. In that case, whether someone is Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Shia, Muslim, Yezid, gay, lesbian, is Allah’s fault or marvel. Why do you need to rape a baby or shoot a child to undo what Allah did?

Why should one believe in what you say? Just because you hold them at gunpoint? And if someone embraces Islam because of fear of death, is it not cheating Allah? If someone embraces Islam without even understanding Quran, is it not fraud? By your deeds you are committing fraud against Islam.

Only Prophet can teach. So let only him teach. Don’t try to replace him. Today there are hundreds of sects in Islam. How can you tell with certainty that what you believe in is truth alone? Mind you, neither are you intellectually competent to match calibre of Prophet, nor have you seen anything directly that you threaten your victims to believe in – Heaven, Hell, Judgment Day, Allah etc. So you have no basis of trying to do anything to promote Islam except through setting noble examples.

Why don’t you follow ways of intelligent Muslims like APJ Abdul Kalam, Pervez Hoodbhoy whose brilliance dazzles the world. Why don’t you consider these brilliant minds as true role models of Islam?

Instead you choose to follow dumbest maulvis and terrorists who have extremely low IQ. If indeed they have minimum intelligence, ask them to score well in aptitude tests. They will fail miserably. By following these idiots instead of sharp brains you are forgetting that intelligence is bare necessity to understand anything including religion. Those who can’t understand basic logic are dreaming of understanding and teaching religion! Don’t you realize that true Islam can be learnt only by following ways of the most intelligent brains among Muslims?

There are brilliant people from those who do not believe in your ideology or rape and murder. All the best of scientists, engineers, intellectuals are either Christians, Jews, Hindus or Muslims who reject your version of Islam. If indeed your Islam alone is true, why Allah has decided to make every sharp mind a person who hates your ideology and has allocated only idiots in your cult. Why is there not one single intelligent brain in your entire gang?

Don’t you see what has been happening with you? You are being fooled.

You are being fooled by your maulvis and your leaders. And your have been fooled for generations by few perverts who do not understand Islam at all. It does not matter whether they are fooling you knowingly or unknowingly. Bottomline is that you are being fooled. And irony is that you are being fooled by fools themselves who cannot defend their actions through any reasoning.

They have been feeding you with their own agenda of hatred in name of Islam.

Some idiots are pretending as if they themselves are prophets and interpret Islam for you. They translate Quran the way they want despite knowing that language of Quran has no replacement. They create and promote misleading translations of Quran knowing that none other than Prophet has authority to interpret Islam. And further, more than Quran, they rely on other books like Hadiths to tell you what Islam is, because Quran is completely silent on the hatred that they are promoting. These idiots are trying to replace the real Prophet and real Islam.

And with their foolish interpretations, they teach you incredibly silly things which has no scientific evidence and no verifiable proof. 

They teach you things that spread hatred. And then they use this hatred to nurture terrorists out of you. You became terrorist because you were more vulnerable – emotionally, intellectually, physically. Had you not been a terrorist, they would have brainwashed you to become someone who nurtures other terrorists through hatred. None of this hate-mongers can explain to you why they are so hopelessly incompetent in matters of science, technology, aptitude despite claiming mastery over religion – a far more complex subject. You are being fooled by incompetents idiots who did nothing worthwhile in life.

Just look at example of things they teach you to breed hatred and hence terror. They teach as if they themselves are prophets. And they punish or threaten those Muslims who show slightest of resistance in believing in their fairy tales as words of Prophet. 

You must believe in Heaven, Hell, Allah, Judgment Day, Prophet, Allah or else you are to be punished. Truth is that none of these can be verified by anyone. If someone believes, it must be a matter of personal faith. But these mullahs threaten you that unless you believe you would be put in Hell and punished here and hereafter. They convert a very personal journey of spiritual enlightenment into a cult of hatred.

If you don’t believe, you are non-Muslim. And non-Muslim is worst of creature. Now if Allah himself made non-Muslims, how can they be worst of creatures? If idol-worship is sin, why Allah made idol-worshippers? And why should you trust some Maulvi that idol-worshippers are so bad, if Allah refuses to come to you directly and tell you so?

They teach you that non-Muslims are Kafirs. Kafir is an abuse that means one who conducts greatest sin. As per them, being a non-Muslim is worse than being a rapist, killer, cheater. Allah will forgive every rapist and killer if he accepts Islam. But will burn non-Muslim in Hell forever. If you are taught from childhood to use abusive words for non-Muslims, how can terrorists not breed from gullible ones like you?

Muslims are forbidden to even participate in festivals of non-Muslims or eat prasad. On contrary, if you do so, you are threatened with Hell after death. 

The hatred against non-Muslim is so much that even a dead non-Muslim is not allowed to be blessed. One cannot call a dead non-Muslim as Marhoom (blessed by mercy of Allah). This is because only a Muslim can be blessed by Allah. A non-Muslim, howsomuch noble he may be, is destined to go to Hell only. Even if a non-Muslim dies saving a Muslim, he will go to Hell forever. If one cannot respect even the dead, how can you expect respect for living non-muslims. No wonder, sentimental people like you become terrorists.

Neither Allah came to your Muslim leaders to tell them that Quran alone is truth, nor He went to non-Muslims. None understand even the language of Quran properly. But still they force hatred down your throat and call it religion. 

They use threat against those liberal voices among Muslims that differ from them. They will fool you to shoot a Malala or innocent children so that Muslims obey them out of fear. If indeed you represent truth, why you need to use fear of death to deliver your point? If truth is as clear as pure water and Allah is just, it is Allah’s headache to make everyone understand truth.

They tell you to kill and rape and hate non-muslims because it is written in Quran. But they don’t even have the brains to understand basics of life and have horrible IQs. How can they understand Quran! These pyschopaths have hijacked Islam and fooling you emotionally to blindly follow things that cannot be proved, verified, tested or logically explained.

They have filled your hearts with hatred against non-Muslims from childhood. They have been silencing all voices that seek love for non-Muslims and freedom for women. Majority of Muslim world is helpless victim to few perpetrators. And their silence breeds terrorism.

Terror is sin. To remain silent against terror is even greater sin.

Truth is that Islam has been hijacked from very inception. Do you know what has been impact of this hijacking of Islam by psychopaths? It is not that you were fooled like thousands of your militant brothers. This hijacking led to poisoning of our Prophet. Then his entire family was killed. And killers were hailed as Muslim leaders just as Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, IRF etc are being hailed as Muslim heroes by you. They killed even those who compiled Quran.


The real heroes of Islam are people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Ashfaqullah Khan, Abdul Hamid, Hakim Suri Pathan. These were those people who dedicated their life for betterment of society and nation.

Don’t be fooled anymore. Don’t insult Prophet by your deeds. Don’t play in hands of those who killed Prophet’s family. Don’t believe in anything that you cannot verify, test, prove or explain, just because some dumb Mullah shouts on top of his voice.

The greatest truth is that Allah made us a human who has a brain that can reason and heart that can feel.

 The greatest truth is that religion is a matter of personal choice. It is a direct matter between God and person, no one else has right to interfere. If God would have favored any particular religion, he would have saved a copy of that religious book in the hard disk of our brains from birth.

The greatest truth is that just as you consider your path as right, others have right to consider their paths as right. Just as you forgive your own mistakes, you have no right to kill others even if they make mistakes in your eyes.

The greatest truth is that one should treat others the way one expects himself to be treated.

The greatest truth is that religion is made by humans. God made all humans as equal. If God wanted to differentiate among religions, He would have embossed names of our religion on our forehead from birth.

The greatest truth is that entire humanity is one single family. No discrimination on basis of religion can be justified by heart or brain.

The greatest truth is that humanity alone is greatest religion. 

So listen to your heart. Use your brain to reason. Be a Human. That is greatest service of Allah, God, Ishwar or whatever other name you give Him. Allah enlightens your heart and mind.

Don’t simply listen to any any self-proclaimed modern-day prophet and assume what he says is true. Why does Allah need a low IQ agent to tell you what true religion is! Allah can directly talk to us through our heart and brain. Let us use them. Trust Allah and don’t try to be a killing machine on His behalf.

Prophet knew that in future people like you will be fooled by fraudsters to kill and rape others. That is why he clearly mentioned that there will be no more prophets in future. You must follow none who asks you to hate, kill and rape.

Set constructive examples that will attract millions. That is much more powerful than use of force. That is the way of every Prophet, every Avatar, every son of God.

If you are indeed fearless and honest, stop the path of terror that you cannot defend immediately. Make a U-turn right now. Let us now take revenge from those who have fooled you and generations before you in name of Islam.

Fight your Jihad against intolerance, violence and madness. Against those who breed terrorists by acting like Prophets. If you indeed fear no death, rise against these rascals who made fool out of you and your forefathers and damaged the legacy of true Islam. Stand up to destroy their dominance and rule of fear over the innocent Muslim society.

Rise above religion. Make friends with Hindus, Christians, Atheists etc. Let religion be very personal matter. Unite with them to fight terror-mongers and those who discriminate with non-Muslims even slightly. Fight those who subjugate women. Fight moral policemen within Islamic world who rape or kill. Fight with love and compassion for helpless. Fight by setting examples of peace and non-violence. Fight for humanity alone.

That would be greatest service to Islam. That would be greatest gratitude to real Prophet. That would make you true Jihadi. That would bring out true humanity from within you. That would make us true Agniveer.

Join Agniveer. Turn tables on those who fooled you into terror.

Lets together destroy these rascals who promote killing and rape of children and innocent women from very root. Let us strengthen and unite every voice of Muslim that stands for rights of children, women, non-Muslims.

The greatest threat to world is not being Hindu, Christian, Shia, Sufi, Jew, gay, lesbian, clean-shaven, atheist, liberal. The greatest threat is rise of those forces that want to change others through killing and rape. The greatest threat is the cult of terror that keeps exploiting simple minds like you to kill and rape others. The greatest threat is that gang of spineless who kill and rape because they do not have guts to set constructive examples to influence and change the world.

This must end. 

Stand up and millions will join to end the reign of terror forever.

Rise above Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew etc etc. Be a human first. Be the best human first.

Join us in this war against terror.

I welcome you in real Paradise.

RNC   You guys suck! 

Pau Ryan you are a career politician and Your hidden agenda is out in public. It’s time you and your buddy to resign and go home. 

We the people are sick of traitors of party and land. 

RNC is a bunch of stinking old cronies

Look RNC, phonies, we’re voting from Trump because he is more Republican and Patriotic who has created thousands of US jobs than you globalist sellouts.

 We have had it with trade deals that are not free trade but biased against American workers. 

 China walks all over us as US manufacturing dries up and you guys do nothing. 

 And if it weren’t for Trump, no one would be debating illegal immigration and secure borders and Islamic Terrorism. 

 You guys sold us out of funding Planned Parenthood, and then there was Obamacare too, and I’m waiting for you guys to cave in and give Obama his Supreme Court Justice nominee. 

 The Establishment RNC is not just not Republican (as we the voters understand it), but frankly too globalist and un-American.

 And I just got started. You steal the delegates from Trump and you will lose so many members that it will be the end of the Republican Party. 

 You guys suck!

RNC is a bunch of stinking old cronies pushing their gilded canes around thinking we are too stupid to see the intent of their malfeasance.

Muslim Prosttute Journalist Propaganda.

From FB wall of Nagendra S.Rao


It never seizes to amaze me that these katva Muslim journalists go on ad nauseam about intolerance in India.

The very fact that they are allowed to happily voice their views without any let or consequence gives the lie to their foul Muslim propaganda.

They fully well know what would happen if they tried the reverse and spoke of Islamic intolerance against Hindus in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Their cojones would be cut off, and then their heads handed to them on a platter, as state Islamic state for their temerity.

It would be politically singularly incorrect for Prime Minister Modi to get up and say so. The international catervauling and breast beating by busybody NGOs, and woolly headed, feckless Islamic apologists in India and around the world will be overwhelming. Even the UK is now preparing to assume the position as it sees Londonistan in Eurabia on the way. Prime Minister Modi being a statesman is rightly keeping quiet and letting ordinary people like myself stand up and be counted. In time, Modi will begin SLOWLY stating the changed policy.  

This is EXACTLY what Islamic bigot Recip Tayyip Erdogan is doing in Turkey with his sub rosa support of ISIS. He is sunk in his expansionist Islamic Ottoman Caliphate pipedreams of yesteryear. He got rid of secular Mustafa Kemal Pasha secular Turkish generals and is on his way to implementing burkha for Turkish women in universities if he can get away with it. When necessary Erdogan moves. When the US wanted Turkish support for the Iraq invasion by President Bush Jr. Erdogan said no, despite being offered $27 billion (if memory serves me right) as financial incentive. Erdogan is Muslim katva first and foremost and everything else second. He is not apologetic about it.  

Neither is Prime Minister Modi who is Hindu first and not apologetic about it, despite all the Islamic katva screaming in India and around the world. And the subliminal screaming from the Vatican in support of the Roman proconsul in India, our resident Italian barmaid Sonia Gandhi and her dimwit 45-year old youth icon nitwit son Rahul Gandhi. Good for Modi!

Friends, Dr. Samuel P. Huntington’s On the Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order is here with a vengeance whether ye know it or not, whether ye like it or not. Modi and 21st century India certainly do so. Modi is far sighted and a truly exceptional individual.

No need for the Indian government to do anything at present. If the katva catervauling begins to affect state security then Government of India and the no nonsense Modi administration should ruthlessly teach them a public lesson that they will not forget for a couple of decades. This will also teach other ultra fanatic circumcised unwashed of Allah what red lines cannot be crossed. Rising 21st century India spits on obsequious Gandhian Muslim appeasing, absolute pacifist, dhimmitude and poltroonism. It was a perversion of everything Hindu by one self-opinionated twit who reduced 20th century India into a nation of Hindu eunuchs.

Speak of acceptance of genocide and rape in India just because Sharia Law and Koran / Hadith / Sunnah in Islam permit it, then you will face the stiffest penalties. BTW fellow Kannadiga ultra fanatic Islamic bigot Dr. Zakir Naik has rather openly done this on several occasions. Then there is that barrister and other Islamic thug Asad ud din Owaisi of Hyderabad who happily announced ‘let police protection be quiet for an hour then see what we Muslims can do to Hindus in a trice in India’.

The good news in all this is that the push back on semi-literate, virulent Islamic bigot Aamir Khan aka Bollywood King Khan has driven the wind up the posteriors of all three Bollywood King Khans – Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. And their Islamic bhaijaans and sickular libtard Hindus only in name supporters.

The three Katva Khans and their other bhaijaan Katva Uber Alles, (c.f. Hitler’s Deutschland Uber Alles) in India and elsewhere will be VERY cautious in future. Discretion is the better part of valor! The contemptible Gandhian Hindu worm has begun to turn at long last. Change will be slow and it is a work in process as the new 21st century Hindu nation but secular state arises in India.  

No more slaughtering of protected black buck in Rajasthan by katva Salman Khan to prove Islamic valor. No more drunk driving and killing people, again by Salman Khan, and related suborning of witnesses to make them turn hostile by paying them off.

The best lesson would be if people stop going to their movies thus overnight making King Khan revenue streams disappear overnight. But I am not optimistic of our weak minded, no strategic vision Hindu brethren unity on such things. In my doctoral business school days I read about Schein’s theory of management of change – unfreezing of old values, introduction of new values and refreezing of them. Modi is still in the unfreezing of old un Arya, un Hindu Gandhian eunuch values stage! It will take decades. This is an existential millennial struggle for the soul of Hinduism and India.

It is Alexandre Dumas who said in The Three Musketeers “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” The Islamic Ummah follows this to a T. We Hindus on the other hand have never been known to do so. This is why while the Rajputs showed astonishing individual bravery, they were routinely slaughtered like sheep by the organized Mughal katvas. THIS IS ALSO WHY NEVER MORE THAN 100,000 ENGLISHMEN IN THE INDIAN SUB CONTINENT RULED 200 OR 300 HUNDRED MILLION FOR NEARLY 200 YEARS. The British economically raped the wealthiest country in the world and beggared it to the travesty it is today, compared to its millennial greatness, refinement and affluence. They transferred something over a trillion dollars in less than 50 years, in present terms out of India to the UK.

It is H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) who said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people”. One can rephrase that to state that “no one ever went broke underestimating the lack of unity of Hindus and their pacifist pusillianimity”. Gandhi was only a crystallization of a national tendency towards tamasic Hindu eunuchism!  

Still Hindus were not always so, c.f. the great Chanakya and the Golden Age of Hinduism some 2500 years ago. If Recip Tayyip Erdogan can dream of reestablishing a latter day Islamic Ottoman Caliphate, why cannot we Hindus equally dream of a Rama Rajya? Ok, Sri Rama was a bit of a pyjama or panty waist on whom I rather look down. Ditto Dharmaraja or Yudhishtra the gambling addict. For the establishment of an unapologetic Hindu Rashtra but secular state we can think of the valor of the thousand armed Kartaviryarjuna before whom even Ravana, Emperor of Lanka quailed.

Dreams have a way of becoming reality in time. I read long ago, not sure if it is fact of 5 impecunious young men on the left bank of the Siene in Paris who dreamed of the future China. Three of those young men became Zhou en Lai, Liu Shao Chi and Mao Tse Tung.

The Old Swami Nisreyasananda who taught me so much of non dualistic metaphysics aka Advaita Vedanta said to me once: “If I sit in Saudi Arabia and think only of a garden without interruption for 50 years, then it will turn into a lush garden in time. Muslims have been doing that reading the description of Jannat in the Koran. And it has begun the transformation in the Trucial States of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, et.al.

The Hindus and India can certainly do no less. On this Thanksgiving weekend may all good things come to ye and yours. And yes that includes the anti-national, anti-Hindu, circumcised, unwashed of Allah as well. They too are God’s children, no matter how misguided for the moment.

It is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism, unlike Judaism, Christiainity and Islam who believe that they are God’s chosen, that all sentient beings eventually get it.

Jai Hind

Bhagwa Jhanda Amar Rahe as Vir Savarkar said. Let the Saffron Flag Eternally Rise!

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