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Bow Nobama Needs Hindu Markets 4 His Own Survival.


Bow Obama a Fake Citizen of America and Closet jihad is Bow Nobama’s Love of Islam (via Sam Hindu’s Blog) visiting Great ancient land of wisdom on eve of  Dipawalee and Hindu New year 2067  has no love for India or Hindu but for his own survival in America after a blow out defeat in November 2nd election in America to His own Democratic party and his former senate seat in Chicago.

Obama ran away to divert tough question why his party lost after clear mandate in 2008 and why in span of two years his party lost in election.

Truth is Democrats lost because fo egoistic behavior and Obama’s Islamic sympathy  https://samhindu.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/bow-nobamas-love-of-islam/ towards his closet religion and his own stand and executive orders he has issued for advancement of Islam in America is a prime reason for blow on chin.

Hindustan beware of Bow Obama and his sweet talk, He is no friend of Hindustan Or India but has come to Holy  land with dubious desire in his heart. First for his own survival  he needs India’s strong economy and Consumer markets for American companies survival. Don’t forget some time ago he was barking to stop Out sourcing and free trades  with India.

He is threaten by strong values of Math and Science instigated in every Hindustani student from Diaper and doesn’t want brains to migrate to USA but he will go step further in bringing his own terrorist brothers to America and use our law to weaken American system from within by issuing Amnesty and Green cards to Hamas terrorist and provide Housing, Medical and all who supports Jihad and wants to kill American.

I shall not trust him and would not believe a word what he says no matter how much sugar he puts on those words.

USA’S FAILED RELATIONSHIP WITH SAUDI BARBERIA AND PORKISTAN  Remember this he just gave total of $7.5 Billion which India has paid for hardware and Defense purchases to arch rival PORKISTAN and Saudi BARBERIA. which are going to be used against Hindustan. as History has proved time and time again.

Homeland Security Advisor is an Islamist and he is installing one post at a time to advance his Islamic Jihad in back home and he is a friend of Porkistan not Hindustan.

I wrote an article Terrorists Among Us A Must Read & Watch 4 Every Freedom Lover. Please read on my Blog for eye-opening facts.

Sam Hindu


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