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Islam Can’t Stand The Truth… /Bukhari Has a Trouble Accepting Truth


Islam always has a trouble Accepting Truth and Answer the inquisitive questions from their own cult members and outside world. Recent example was when an Indian Journalist asked Imam of Delhi Mosque who claims to be Bukhari but in fact he is a Fake Imam and impostor.

Imam Bukhari is using gullible people and spreading lies about his cult and ordinary people who can’t even read to use their own brain in critical thinking are taking innocent gullible people  for ride by this Lazy Imam living his luxurious life off other people’s money and who has never done an honest day of  work whose shop is running off these ignorant people and cult.

Imam Bukhari whose salary was mere 300 rupees per month and after a murder in Jama Masjid this clerk took over Mosque and self-proclaimed Imam started living luxurious life has a very dark past and his hands are stained with blood, lies, and Hulligan.

After Ayodhya Ram Janm Bhoomi verdict by High Cour and during Press conference when A Moslim journalist asked his question he lost his cool.

Shahi Imam thrash reporter for asking question over Ayodhya.

Islam and followers are known “I am right” attitude and suppressing other non muslims round them by their false claims  and cooked up stories

A recent example is seen recently at  Lucknow

Muslim journalist  simply asked question that According to 1528 year khatoni Raja Dasarath  is the owner of that land than why they r not giving land to his son RAm………………?????????Imam got out of control after hearing truth.
Bukhari was vehemently criticizing the Allahabad high court judgment on Ayodhya title suits, saying it was based on belief rather than facts.

but when another reporter Abdul Waheed Chishti (a muslim) replied with real fact “Why you are trying to mislead Muslims when the revenue record of 1,528 indicates that Raja Dashrath palace stood on the (disputed) spot and after the high court verdict that it should be handed over to Ram Lalla (idols of baby Ram)?”

this Bukhari the tactful figure representing logical Islam burst abused Chishti verbally and shouted: “Shut up and sit down, you Congress agent. I will chop your neck off.”
At one point, he even said, “It is because of traitors like you that Babri Masjid was demolished”



Mohammad used to get irritated when someone used to ask too much logical question.Bukhari has truly followed the footstep of Mohammad. Questioning Islamic
concepts is the biggest crime, called blasphemy, and is punishable by death. When Mohammad failed to prove his claim he started threatening people in the name of Allah.That’s the reason Bukhari threatened News reporter with death.

Allah will admire those who put blind faith in Him; believing in Him without any question and argument…50:31–33
Do not ask questions on matters of Qur’an revelations…5:101
Asking questions about Qur’an may cause one to lose faith…5:102

Do not question Allah for His acts but He will question everyone…21:23

And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like there unto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true…2.023

It is utter impudence for men to question about how their petrified bones will become alive on the resurrection day…36:78

None should question about Allah’s retribution; you should be crying instead of laughing and bow down to Him…53:59-62

It is a great insolent to question the resurrection day when you are alive…75:5-6.

When Abu sufiyan Questioned the Authority of Mohammad as messenger of God he was threatened with death .Similar thing was done by Bukhari in Lucknow.
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