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Increase in Riots after Mr Modijii, the country is asking you Sonia Gandhi Why?



Increase in Riots after Mr Modijii, the country is asking you Sonia Gandhi Why?

Is the Congress and its sickular partners behind all this riots?

Is its that the Congress only weapon is Communal issues?

Why Sonia Gandhi never talks about Development, Growth, Poverty Elevation etc and Just keep on this rhetoric of Communalism in which Congress is the specialist for last 60 years. Press should not give space to such communal people.

Communal violence’s fruit of Congress rules of 60years, nothing else,These roits are Engineered by INC ( Italian Congress ) to Loot and destroy India.

You Sonia will never succeed in this, We INdians know how you supported and financed conversations , ill-treated Hindus. Now get lost , shut your dirty mouth.

I pray to God , our should be more sensible and truthful, Congress in last 60 yrs devised India on basis of Language, vote bank, cast , religion ,getting bangala Deshis for cheap votes .

They now have cheeks to preach. What damage congress has done is irrevocable.

Given away Haji peer to Pakistan , never claimed POK . Destroyed our basic political democratic set up , weakened our defense by not taking decisions on procurements, not punishing bribe takers, letting fodder eater get away , coal mines having been allotted never produced coal thus creating power shortage , helping middle men to import coal , destroying economy. What a farce Madam jee is creating now ?

Sonia/Rahul Baba say that riots are engineered. That means they know who engineered them.

Being a state subject why do not they ask their CMs or Ally CMs to arrest those who engineered them.

Otherwise this divide and rule formula will not work anymore. They have no other issue to speak. How can Modiji be blamed for the state subject actions of Congress governments.

All rubbish and foolish rhetoric. Congress is creating an atmosphere of Communal violence.

Now there is no divide and rule. Congress is desperate to retain or get Muslim votes and there fore issues statements berating BJP hoping that it would appeal to Muslim consciousness.They know no other way to appeal to Muslims who are now matured voters.Pathetic situation.let us sit back and enjoy.Has any body noticed,Manish Tewari now days shows his teeth in tooth paste ad style on TV debates when he is at loss how to defend the dynasty and the party.

10 companies that make money from terror ties

Originally posted on Money Jihad:

Longtime Money Jihad readers already know that sharia banks are conduits for funding jihadist groups, but may not be aware of some of the other corporations and businesses that are in financial cahoots with terrorists.

  1. Tajco Ltd.—A Lebanese-based company that uses supermarkets to launder South American drug money through grocery stores in Gambia back to Lebanon for dispersal to Hezbollah. According to former Treasury official Stuart Levey, Tajco and its subsidiaries constitute a “multinational network [that] generates millions of dollars in funding and secures strategic geographical strongholds for Hizballah.”
  2. Dahabshiil—A money services business (technically a remittance company, not a bank) that pays a $500K stipend twice a year to al-Shabaab. Somali journalists and musicians have alleged that the payments aren’t just for “protection,” (ie, the freedom to operate in Somalia without being bombed) but that Dahabshiil shares tribal links and policy goals with the terrorist group.
  3. Al-Aqsa TV—

View original 655 more words

When was the last time you heard a man describe a woman as beautiful?

Women are  curvy, skinny, hood, pretty, cute, ethnic, bad, dime pieces, unicorns, babes, pieces of tail, juicy, fine, sexy, foxes, sultry, voluptuous… The list goes on.

When was the last time you heard a man describe a woman with an adjective that isn’t dripping in sexual innuendos and defaming premises?

When was the last time you heard a man describe a woman by something that compliments her soul and her inherent elegance?

When was the last time you heard a man describe a woman as beautiful?

There’s been a loss of respect when it comes to admiring women, shifting towards describing us as objects, rather than people.

Men look at women as pieces of tail, “things” to be conquered, rather than appreciating women for their individuality.

A large portion of today’s men are momentarily allured by hair extensions, large chests, big bottoms and stilettos.

They think sexuality comes in the form of bronzed skin, bikini waxes and fake eyelashes.

They’ve been programmed to believe that any woman with a sculpted body and perky breasts is attractive.

What about the women who don’t want to indulge in the male fantasy?

What about the women who just want to wear comfortable sweaters and flats?

What about the women who don’t dress to impress the opposite sex, but instead, to just feel good in their own skin?

Isn’t there attractiveness in that?

Isn’t there an appeal to that sense of confidence?

When did women become forced to acquiesce to this standard, or otherwise get lost in the crowd?

When did getting a man mean painting on layers of makeup and investing in mini skirts?

There is a certain type of man that continually defames women, judging them solely on sex appeal, failing to see the actual grandeur of women.

These are the men who don’t understand the concept of natural beauty and uniqueness in flaws.

They don’t recognize that “hotness” doesn’t last past midnight, when the makeup has smudged onto the pillow and the hair extensions have been taken out.

It doesn’t last when the spray tans have washed away and the tight dresses have come off.

It’s not real; it’s an illusion that’s been forcing women to conform to unhealthy habits for too many years.

It’s time these men are reminded of the difference between hot and beautiful.

It’s time men realize that women have more to offer than just a body.

Women are stunning creatures, with assets and traits both unique and enchanting to each one of us, and it’s time we started showcasing our individuality and stop giving in to the illusion of sexy created by man.

Because beauty isn’t about wanting to f*ck her; it’s about wanting to be with her.

Hot is admired from a far; beauty is to be held.

Hot is perception; beauty is appreciation.

Hot is smokey-eyed; beautiful is bare-faced.

Hot is an appearance; beautiful is more than skin deep.

Hot is the way she moans; beautiful is the way she speaks.

Hot is a strong appeal; beautiful is strong mind.

Hot is youthful; beautiful is ageless.

Hot is conventional; beauty is unique.

Hot is a one-night stand; beautiful is sleepless nights.

Hot is a state of being; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hot is devious; beautiful is innocent.

Hot is bending her over; beautiful is baking her blueberry pancakes.

Hot is sultry; beautiful is wholesome.

Hot is her curves; beauty is her nerves.

Hot is a text message; beautiful is a love letter.

Hot is a facade; beautiful is a woman.

Ask Americans …

Now ask Americans if they think that someone with gang affiliation should be allowed to stay here.

Ask Americans if they think someone with two DUIs should be able to stay here.

Ask Americans if they think that someone with a seventh grade education, no fluent English and four children should be able to stay here.

Ask them if they think someone who has been living here for twenty years and not paying their taxes should be able to stay by paying a lousy $250 fine for each year of tax evasion.

Because these are all the sort of people that our lunatic leaders believe deserve the right to flout our immigration laws.

These are just some of the crazy provisions of the immigration bill.

Go ahead. Let’s talk about what’s actually being proposed here before we have the nerve to write about what Americans really do and do not want.


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No means no, or does it?

No means no, or does it?

Posted on May 29, 2014by Madeline Derujinsky

Madline Derujinsky is a contributor to Feminine Collective. She is still in high school. SHE IS DAUGHTER OF MY FB FRIEND AND READER.

Her writing is her own voice and we are delighted to have her opinions on relevant topics.

No means no. Not anymore!

Recent events regarding perceived rejection have left me frankly, very scared and well worried for my life.

Maren Sanchez,16 year old, Milford, Connecticut high school student was stabbed in the neck and killed in April after refusing a prom invitation. The accused attacker, her middle school ex-boyfriendChris Plaskton was said to be a cutter and tried to kill himself.  People said “He just wasnʼt right … he had depression.”

Maren was set to go to prom with her boyfriend Jarrod Butts, who was hit hard by her death. He created a YouTube tribute in her honor. And, on the night of their cancelled prom, approximately 200 friends and classmates went to a beach, dressed in prom attire, to release purple star-shaped balloons in Marenʼs honor.

Just this past weekend there was another rejected youth  on a rampage.

Elliot Rodger, 22, a Santa Barbara City college student, shot and killed 6 people including his roommates, who he stabbed to death and others in a drive-by shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. He went on to kill himself making a total of 7 killed and several others injured.

Elliot Rodger was the son of well known Hollywood assistant director Peter Rodger. He has issued a statement saying he believes his son is responsible for the mass murder of six people in Isla Vista.

Prior to the shooting, Elliot released a bone chilling video to YouTube titled Elliot Rodgerʼs retribution. In the video, the alleged shooter said “I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut I see inside of there. ” He was referring to the number 1 sorority on the UCSB campus.

He continued talking about how he was the “supreme gentleman,” and how he didnʼt understand how girls, the girls he desired so much, could reject him.

Elliot Rodger saidwomen made him feel like the “inferior man.” That they would throw themselves at “obnoxious brutes.” He stated that on the day of his retribution they would finally see who was superior, who was the true “alpha male.”

Reports have shown that Elliot Rodger had long concealed mental health problems. On April 30th deputies even interacted with him to make sure he wasnʼt a harm to himself or to anyone else. He convinced them he was fine.

Feminism is bullsh*t.

I hear people constantly say this … feminism is bullsh*t. When shootings like this happen, we are reminded that collectively, women and men need to speak up against injustice in order to help prevent these kind of horrors from recurring. I mean, a woman rejects you, sexually or otherwise, and it makes it okay for you to kill her? How does one reconcile this in their mind?

Maren was an honors student, manager of her swim team, class president. She had big plans. She was my age, 16 years old—stabbed to death for saying no.

Elliot Rodger allegedly killed innocent people because they said no, because, as he claimed, they didnʼt give him his “right” to sex, fun, and pleasure. Is this what college is all about?

Elliot Rodger is not alone in his feelings of entitlement. This is a greater problem. Remember Mark Berndt, the 61 year old, Los Angeles elementary school teacher, who spoon fed his students his own semen in 2012?

Did you know that the number 1 most violent crime on American college campuses today is rape. Fewer than 5 percent of college women who are victims of this crime report it. Note that 90 percent of college rapes are by an acquaintance, i.e. at parties or on dates and rape in non-party and non-date situations (e.g., while studying). Rape on college campuses are so rampant the White House just issued guidelines to combat rape on college campuses this month.

Every 2 minutes, another American is sexually assaulted. It happens everywhere, amongst all ages. As a teenage girl, I still vividly remember my elementary and middle school years, and the themes boys would assign to days of the week, “Titty tap Tuesday” and “Slap ass Friday.” Not surprisingly, these were my least favorite days of the week.

In my opinion, it’s hard to tell the difference between a serial killer such as Ted Bundy, and shooters who kill mass amounts of people without any warning. I mean it took Bundy 4 years to kill 30 people, while it only took 20 minutes for Rodger to kill 6 and wound 13. Bundy certainly wasn’t the only cold-hearted son of a b*tch to come along and I’m sure there will be others.

Watching this story unfold has contributed to my fear of men. I do fear men. Should I have to? No. I don’t think so. I shouldnʼt have to walk out of my house and worry that the guy who whistled at me from the car window might shoot me if I ignore him. Or that my “guy friend” who offers me a ride home will pressure me for sex because heʼs spending gas.

Since when did a man being nice to a woman mean that a woman had to give them sex in return? When did saying no become something to fear. A reason to fear for your life even.

No means no.

It always has meant no. With these issues beginning to surface, it’s time to do something. Where does the change have to start? The home front? The education system? Society? Our government?

You tell me.

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Praying for our soldiers..

Happy Memorials Day and Thanks to all our Armed Forces for your service and sacrifice for country so we as an ordinary citizens have freedom of choice, speech and freedom to bear Arms, (gun)..

While you were serving for cause and country biggest sacrifice was made by your family and we shall never forget their contributions, and pain and suffering and today and every day I pray for each ones wel being and safe return to your  loved one..

God Bless you and your family…

Sam Hindu


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