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How many wives is a Hindu man permitted?

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Some Times By : SAM Hindu 

How many wives  is a Hindu man permitted?


Well, the fact actually is, that according to the Hindu scriptures, a hindu  can have more than one wife.
It was only in 1954 that the Indian  Constitution passed a law, as the Hindu Marraige Act that a hindu can marry only  one. Otherwise before that polygamy was allowed,
so that means the Indian  Constitution has made it illegal, whereas the hindu scriptures permit it.
  In a survey, there were more hindus with many wives as compared to muslims.  Hindus should fight for their right according to hindu scriptures. And  practically, there are more females than males, so where would the rest of the  females marry. Thousands of females die every year due female foeticide and  infanticide, which further decreases the female population.

The  female population in India, barring Kerala, is less (I should say seriously  less) than the male population. Under the circumstances, polygamy does not make  any sense in India. And the so called law prohibits it, which is total fabrication to keep Hindu’s under control., and I reject the Law.

All our Hindu God has more then one wife. Lord Krishna had 8 wifes. And father of Lord Rama had Three.
 Let us first try to increase the  female population and save the girl child. However, first paragraph is  correct.
Marriage to more than one spouse at a time. Although the term may also  refer to polyandry (marriage to more than one man), it is often used as a  synonym for polygyny (marriage to more than one woman), which appears to have  once been common in most of the world and is still found widely in some  cultures.
Polygyny seems to offer the husband increased prestige, economic  stability, and sexual companionship in cultures where pregnancy and lactation  dictate abstinence, while offering the wives a shared labour burden and an  institutionalized role where a surplus of unmarried women might otherwise exist. 
The polygynous family is often fraught with bickering and sexual jealousy; to  preserve harmony, one wife may be accorded seniority, and each wife and her  children may have separate living quarters.

Polyandry is relatively rare; in  parts of the Himalayas, where brothers may marry a single woman, the practice  serves to limit the number of descendants and keep limited land within the  household.

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/plural-marriage#ixzz1MtwEDBZA

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