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Geert Wilders Nails It.

"This clown said:" I wanted to inspire Muslim women to challenge themselves … (but) I didn't want to compromise my values." …..

If this hypocrite is really wanted to inspire Muslim women to challenge themselves, she would incite them to challenge female servitude in muslim communities. If she was really honest she would inspire women to get rid of the barbaric practices of Female Genital mutilation. She would help them defying forced marriages, polygamy, child marriages, forced hijab.

If she was really sincere she would help Muslim women to denounce honour killings, and the the tyranny of Sharia. She would help them liberated from forced hijab wearing, and to be second class and submissive sex in her communities, rather than promoting proudly, helped by the western useful idiots, the same oppressive practices , the symbol of women oppression and the sharia behind this Hijab….

But since most Muslims are myopic, and woman like this clown is destructively brainwashed, think herself liberated by her slavery, emancipated by her servitude and become another propaganda tool in the cycle of oppression of women in Islam, and in imposing Sharia gradually into the west and all the infiltration in its institutions ." Geert Wilders supporters

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