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Hindu are in hopeless situation.

Some Times By : Sam Hindu 

Hindu are in hopeless situation.

Half the population would be shouting “terror has no religion”. Rest would be busy finding Jugaad for their own families. Most would be blaming Bhagya for the massive screw-up. Some would say: God is testing us.

Few would be fighting the menace and would face more trouble from escapist Indian population.

Moral of story – If after 1300 years of terror rule, two major parts of country partitioned, several holocausts of kill and rape that exceed even Hitler’s genocide of Jews, (most recent being just 70 years ago), regular terror attacks, Kashmir nonsense, we refuse to see the obvious, even God cannot help us.

We are a bunch of coward escapists who are scared to call spade a spade. We just wait for some Pratap or Shivaji to take huge risks to fight for right. Once they die, we hail them as hero and start business around it. But till they live, we are the ones who make their lives hell.

We refuse to learn from history, experts in blaming everything to a weird Bhagya theory, and are very productive in giving birth to traitors like Barkhas and Rajdeeps.

Unless we reform ourselves urgently, we are in hopeless situation.

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