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I Dare to pregressive practices in Islam and strongly oppose extremism. 

My writeup is definitely thought provoking but I would like to put my views with your permission as this is dire important of today’s time. 

You are assuming secular, liberal, intellectual are black and white terms. 

If you are not secular, you must be communal. 

If you are not liberal, you must be fascist. If you are not intellectual, you must be stupid. 

All opposing terms have complete negative connotation and that’s were the conflict arises.

In reality all these are very gray areas. 

There are very few people, who are really communal or secular, liberal or fascists. 90% people fall in category that neither is truly secular nor communal. 

They just have inclination towards either one. 

They believe in their religion and they believe in belonging to a community. 

Just because they believe in their own religion, does not make them anti secular or communal and this is where so called liberals force them to take a side. 

You believe in God, you are not intellectual… 

You believe in religious practices then you must not be a liberal and so and so on.

I would suggest stop doing that. 

Most of the people have good thinking capacity and they don’t need to be always told to define themselves.

 I am a hindu, so I will talk about my religion. 

History has shown that Hindus are the most tolerant people on earth. 

They never really attacked for spreading religion and they welcomed others coming here with open arms. 

Even then, what makes me mad and take side of communal people is the fact that the onus of being secular is always forced on hindus. 

These so called liberals and intellectuals always attack hindu traditions but never in single instance talk any thing about traditions in muslim religion. 

They let women like Taslima Nasreen to defend for herself. 

They never utter a word about triple talaque or burkha or for that matter anything. 

That makes other people very angry. If you are a true liberal or intellectual, you should take sides with what is right irrespective of religion but you don’t. 

That gave birth to a concept called Pseudo secularism or Pseudo intellectuals. 

So basically these Pseudos divide people in black and white. 

If u say good thing about hindu religion then you must be communal.. 

you don’t like some traditions in muslim religion, then u are fascist. 

Problem is most of the Muslims, almost 99.99% are so scared of their religion and mulla maulavis that don’t dare utter a single word against their religion. 

They are scared that fanatics would kill them as blasphemy is punishable by brutal death. 

Whole world knows that fanatics in muslim religion are responsible for almost all terror attacks anywhere in world. 

But Muslims are so scared that they don’t ever utter a word against it and the onus to prove that terrorism has no religion is shifted to others. 

They have to forcefully accept and say that terrorism has no religion to prove they are liberal or intellectual. 

When this constant pressure start building, people on the fence start moving towards their own religious extremism. 

The gray area start turning black and then you see results like Donald Trump winning hands down. 

So called liberals should analyze why this is happening. 

What people really want. 

Just calling them or branding them communal or non intellectuals is not going to solve the problem. 

In fact you do not define their core values , let them define their values for themselves. 

If you want gray turn towards white, you have to put forward real examples of being secular or liberal by not being partial. 

I dare to Islam and Mulla’s regressive practices in their religion and to strongly oppose extremism. 

When you are capable of doing that,, you can define values for nation. 

Until that your connect with people is doubtable.

Sorry for the very long write up.


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