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Following are the Kind and gentle words of My friend Rick. The Patriot One 

Who posts my articles on his blog. I refuse to just stand still and be just a spectator in regard to islam.

Sam Hindu pulls no punches nor is the reason for his site a mystery or shrouded in pretty words or dhimmi stooge posturing. I have said numerous times that to “be still or silent against islam is just like waiting for death.” 

This site came to life on the urging of a wonderful and patriotic man, Roger Gardner who started the blog,Radarsite. I have mentioned Roger before and how he was so supportive of my views and opinions. Roger encouraged me like no else did to start Patriot’s Corner. Pretty amazing considering I only knew Roger through the exchange of many emails. Roger is no longer with us but his spirit and patriotism are alive and well in me and others who did know know Roger much better than I did.
Sam Hindu seems to have this spirit and determination when it comes to speaking out against islam and sharia law. Sam is not from the USA but that does mean or have an effect on how he feels about islam. That is why I have posted a few of his articles here and will continue to do so. Sam Hindu gets it, the dangers that we face, that are inherent, built into islam and sharia law. Need a bit more on where Sam Hindu is coming from? Then by all means please read on! Cleaned up just a tad for easier reading.
FreedomBulwark is an Evil triumph when good people do nothing.


Jihad is on the march. Their goal is to take away your freedom. If you do nothing today, your children will not have that choice tomorrow. But if we rise up now, we can get rid of Islam in two decades. Are you willing to be a crusader?

Now that the knowledge of Islam has spread, we can tear down this house of cards. We need to get rid of our pusillanimous, politically correct governments and elect men and women of substance. We need politicians who are not afraid to speak the truth, who are willing swim with the people, against the politicalcurrent. 
But talk is cheap. We have talked enough. It is time to put that talk into action. To do so we need to change our dhimmi governments. Make no mistake; those in the government that defend Islam passionately are not mere useful idiots, they are often paid traitors. We must expose them and get rid of them. We need to elect men and women that are patriotic, that will stand up to Islamic infiltration and defend our democracy, our freedom and our laws.

FreedomBulwark is for political action. It is for you to find like-minded people in your area to network with, others who share your concern, to start a revolution and to change your government. If we want to get rid of Islam we need to change these dhimmi clowns, a.k.a. politicians. 
We need a new breed of politicians who care, who love their country and who are willing to stand up for it, defend it against islam and sharia law.
Use FreedomBulwark to recruit people to your cause, to inspire others and to get inspired, exchange your ideas and share your plans.
But how? How can we oppose a religion? Isn’t freedom of religion an essential part of democracy guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the First Amendment? 
If we regard Islam as a religion, then our hand become tied, and we will not e able to oppose it. But as stated above, Islam is more than a religion. It is also a social order and a political doctrine. These two dimensions of Islam are in violation of our laws and we can ban them. 
No one can protest if we ban Sharia law that prescribes stoning, beheading, wife-beating and maiming. No one can object if we outlaw the verses of the Quran that call for violence against non-Muslims and incite hate. We can ban Islam by banning its violence. 

Since Islam is a trinity and its religious dimension cannot be separated from its sociopolitical elements, banning the latter two implies banning Islam as a whole. A knife is made of a blade and a handle. If the blade is banned the handle becomes useless. 

But, talk is cheap. We have talked enough. It is time to put these talks into action. To do so we need to change our dhimmi governments. Make no mistake; those in the government that defend Islam passionately are not mere useful idiots, they are often paid traitors. We must expose them and get rid of them.

 We need to elect men and women that are patriotic; that will stand up to Islamic infiltration and defend our democracy, our freedom and our laws.

FreedomBulwark is an Evil that triumphs when good people do nothing. 

And I refuse to stand still and be spectator…

Original article is here

Hindu terrorism, truth or lies from islam

This is from Sam Hindu. There is no love lost between islam, muslims and Hindus. There have been perhaps millions of Hindus butchered because of islam over the last 1400 years. 

islamic persecution of the Hindus is well documented and one of the best historical books that covers this is the following book, “The Legacy of Jihad, Islamic Holy War and the Fate Of Non-Muslims.” The book is edited by Andrew Bostomand forewarded by Ibn Warriq. I have read this book and it is on my desk with other books I use for reference. I bring this book up as it is one of the best books I have EVER read about islamic jihad and how jihad has laid waste to countless cultures, true religions and societies. 

The book is long and tedious at times but for one who wants to learn about islam, jihad and the atrocities from islam, most of it recorded and taken from islamic sources, The Legacy Of Jihad stands alone by itself. Read it and then pass it on. You will never regret reading this book. The flip side of this is that the Hindus have often times retaliated against the muslims. Who can blame them. Trust me on this one.

Just a few posts tonight as this is a long one and pain is very bad. Hurts to type.
Muhammad’s character: All bad, all the time

From Sam Hindu’s site and a really good commentary on the character of Muhammad. Not like I would want this pervert, pedophile, murderer, Anti-Semite for a character reference, would you? 

I post Sam Hindu’s articles as I receive them. I do a bit of clean up on the language and punctuation as it is a bit scattered. This is not a big deal to me at all and it is what is contained in his articles that really matters to me.

https://samhindu.wordpress.comSeptember 17, 2010

My Friend Patriot Usa,

Thanks for wonderfull words of encouragement and that shows your kind side.

Some of the articles you are posting on your Blog are awsome and I shall be using some references and Quotes in next few articles.

Thanks again,

Sam Hindu


PatriotUSASeptember 17, 2010

Glad to be of assistance, Sam

Hindu. As mentioned before you

are welcome to share what you 

can use for your blog. 

We are under attack from islam 

on so many fronts it is really 

a disgusting problem. So many 

people are in the dark and 

clueless about this perverted



Joy of slavery for women of islam

Another good article from Sam Hindu. Women suffer horribly under the oppressive nature of islam. Through sharia law, women become nothing more than property and often times are reduced to sex slaves under the guise of marriage.

 Women have have few rights to begin with and they lose what little they have when they get married. You will find this a common topic here as I feel VERY strongly about this. It makes me ill to think that this goes on all the time in most islamic countries and our government is mostly silent on this matter of being an outspoken champion for women’s rights throughout the islamic world. I leave you again with this though:; Where are the feminists, the code pinkos, the members of NOW? Why has Hillary Clinton not addressed this at the useless United Nations, now that this administration has become so much more involved in the United Nations? I did clean this up a bit so it was easier to read.


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