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Circular reasoning Of Muslim 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

I am visiting Bharat at this time and saw a strong debate on various TV Chanel’s about Triple Talaq. 

After hearing so called experts and illiterate Mulla who are so called guardians of Islam and theier arguments are nothing but a laughing stock of intelligence and made fool of themselves in front of half plus population who is against slavery of sex, Amita and contracts of selling and purchasing female body. 

According to Isl-am “Moh-mm-ad was the prophet of al-lah, because Ko-ran says so” 

and, “Ko-ran is the word of Al-lah, because Moh-mmad said so.” 

 This circular reasoning, which muslims attempt to hide to fool themselves as if hiding can help, is keeping them backward…

 it is a fight with the self, fight with your own mind, fight with wisdom, fight with modernity… when you develop people to believe in such circular reasoning then you have corrupted them to the extent to make them believe almost anything, irrespective of how irrational it is because absurdity in such direct circular reasoning should be something trivial to figure out even for a 10 year old kid.. …

 But you will see even our prominent muslims and actors etc referring to Kur-an and that PB-UH stuff in such ways as to pretend that they believe every word of Kur-an (even if their mind is guranteed to be developed and they are just deceiving the common muslims)… 

that is end of their honesty and rationality both… In Hindus you can have variety of people believing or not believing anything said in their books, but muslims, even educated ones have to pretend that they believe in every word Kuran…

 this in itself tells a lot about state of affairs and this is what the hard-core islamists use, because real moderation of accepting or not accepting any part of traditions doesn’t exist….


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