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I didn’t cry or protest, I sucked it up. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

8 years ago when Obama was elected, I was seriously opposed to Obama, I was scared and filled with anxiety as to what that man wanted to do. 
However I didn’t cry or protest, I sucked it up. 

4 years later I was even more devastated and became even more angry and scared, once again I sucked it up and prepared for the 4 more years. 

Really , we as good Americans put up with Mr. Obama for eight years and these people can’t put up with Trump for 4 years . 

There is something mentally challenging about a liberal that doesn’t make sense.

Trump won fare and square, just like Obama did 8yrs ago and 4 yrs ago.  

I am tired of people inciting violence just because their candidate did not win. 

Trump was elected. The world is ending. 

We should all batten our hatches and jump back in our bubbles and call everyone who disagrees with results does exist and sexist, homophobic, racist assholes.

Or we can stop, reflect, and realize that there’s another America, one we usually ignore, that voted for Trump. 

One that’s been neglected when we talk about multiculturalism and free trade. 

One that’s seen its economic opportunity either away in the face of immigration and globalization. 

There’s a gap in this country that we need to bridge, for there ever to be any constructive political dialogue from either side. 

America isn’t just New York and California; it’s Kansas and Missouri and Kentucky and Montana too, and this election is a clear reminder to us that they still exist, and that they can vote too. 

So instead of spewing epithets at the opposing side, instead of bemoaning the death of America and laughing at “move to Canada” memes, we should try and understand how we can change: 

How we can create a liberalism that’s truly inclusive, not just for Blacks and minorities but of the disenfranchised and the rural American needy and poor.


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