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The Clinton crime family must be stopped. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt 

Remember Americans the whole world is watching to see if we can get this election right. 

Please Get out of Home, Office, Gym, Couch and vote! 

We are the ones in charge and not the establishment.  

we can speak through our votes.

I wonder if Hillary wanted the other countries to know about what she’s doing so they could pay her and she could go to her globalization plan easier , just thinking

We need to face the fact, our government is now under the control of a Criminal Syndicate, 

we no longer have a functional government under the Constitution….. 

there has been a coup by Obama, Lynch and Hillary !!!!!!!!

Mark Cuban is willing to lose money to defeat someone. 

Donald Trump is willing to lose his money to defend someone. 

That someone is you and I. 

Remember that NOV 8th. 

This election is no longer about Republicans and Democrats. This is about the most corrupt person to ever run for President of the USA. 

The Clinton crime family must be stopped. 

It would be great to see a woman in the WH some day, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Hillary!!! 

She is vile, dishonest, conniving & despicable , filthy mouth, a thief and lier and ruthless selfish and will be in prison very soon!


One Response

  1. Hillary is a problem for the USA but a much bigger problem for the world.
    She cannot become President. But Trump cannot win with the whole press fighting him, while ignoring Dollary’s crimes.


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