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The Rothschild family directs Soros to do their bidding. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

Why don’t people know who’s funding Clintons campaign? 

George Soros of course, but do people realize he’s just the front man for the real money?! 

Soros is just a mouth piece, a puppet, for the people who want no publicity. 

The Rothschild family directs Soros to do their bidding. 

If you get right down to it, our Government, the politicians, are their puppets as well. 

They own these people. 

If you take money from someone, you are now obligated to that person or group. 

Isn’t that quite basic? 

She also takes money from the Saudi Barberian. 

So she’s such the candidate for women’s right yet she’s also owned by people who have zero respect for women, will stone them to death and blame them if they’re raped, and they kill homosexuals by throwing them off buildings and burning them! 

They also feel it’s okay to marry girls who are 9 yrs old! 

So as always, follow the money trail back to where it comes from to see who’s puppet Killery is.

Hillary is a part of a political globalest special interest organization that has chosen the most evil religion Pislam to bring in a new world order and to take away the second amendment, freedom of speech and Christianity, Hindu, Jew will be eliminated systematically. 

Hillary and Obama are letting Isis win to bring in a new world order, under Hillary Isis wins. 

Putin is right we are arming Isis to bring in a new world order and recently threaten to start shooting down American aircrafts. 

Putin recently did a drill they have bunkers for 40 million citizens that they went to and he has a military defense system to stop missiles. 

Trump will build our military defenses Obama has neglected for 8 years. 

Hillary is a guaranteed failure. 

Isis is calling for knife attacks on beaches and camp sites and bus stops, Hillary will not care she will bring violence on America just like she did to the Ambassador, she will sacrifice anyone for the new world order. 

America has never been more unsafe we need to vote for Trump. 

vote for Trump!  

Hillary is setting us up just like the 9-11 victims were set up.

Voting for Trump is voting against evil.


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