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The Liberal Media has totally supported the Clinton Machine and continues to lead the American Public where it wants. 

WiKiLeaks has dropped a deluge of truths upon the shoulders of Hillary Clinton. 

Her supporters continue to deny the truth even in the face of seeing Hillary Clinton’s signature on the documents leaked from the hacked servers of Hillary Clinton herself,.

The DNC and Hilary’s personal entourage. 

I’m not about to tell anyone that Donald Trump is everything this country ever dreamed of in a president, But, I will say that the lawless and criminal activities of the Clinton camp are a clear and evident picture that the Clintons remain the most dishonest political families to enter Washington DC. 

Not only have the Clintons had no regard for law, the American people or this country, they have done everything possible to force this country to make Hillary Clinton President. 

American Security isn’t necessary for them.

 As Secretary of State she created her own communication server in her home so she could keep her activities secret from our Government. 

Then she proceeded to lose $6 Billlion of her budget, yet unaccounted for.

 Hillary Clinton is funded by the likes of Black Lives Matter supporter George Soros and the Saudi Arabian Government who funded the 9-11 attacks on the US and ISIS. 

Hillary Clinton started the Clinton foundation to launder foreign money into the Democrat Presidential Election and fleeced every possible foreign government for donations to the foundation.

 Those countries were rewarded with lucrative government contracts. 

The funds have got to pay the Clinton machine with over $2 million falling into the pocket of FBI Director James Comey, who eventually let Hillary Clinton off on Security Violations charges. 

Now WikiLeaks has unearthed an endless list of documents which show the Clintons involved with everything from election fraud to voter registration tampering to setting their opponents up with false information releases.

 The list of broken laws and immoral acts is endless. 

Hillary Clinton has personally attacked Blacks, Police, Catholics, Muslims, Jews,Hindu, evengelics. 

All Trump Suporters and of course the system. 

The Liberal Media has totally supported the Clinton Machine and continues to lead the American Public where it wants. 

Worst of all, Americans  young ignorant yahoo generation cannot seem to see what the Clinton machine will do to their lives if they aren’t stopped now. 

Donald Trump isn’t perfect by any means but he is capable of breaking up the Establishment Machine and America needs that now or we are lost for ever. 

If democrts are in WH with Killery we are doomed and this country will never ever have Republican president in many lifes. 


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