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Killery got away with committing a crime!

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

She said she spent 11 hours in front of a congressional committee that she has stanima, usually most people who stand 11 hours and front of congressional committee has committed a crime or done something wrong? 

Haha right! 

Yeah u stood Infront of a congressional committee because of crimes u committed u fool. 

That’s not stamina. 

And having to be carried into a car after u fell out because “u stood in 79 degree weather too long” and “had pneumonia” isn’t stamina.

For her to throw that up and grin about it on stage at the debate, it’s like her grinning at us as she got away with committing a crime!

Lester tried his hardest to make Trump look bad, and especially when he put him on the spot about saying Hillary does not look presidential. 
Why didn’t Lester ask Hillary about calling Trump a racist?

The other time was the birther issue. 

why did Lester choose to pick on 

Trump with those things, but neglected to bring up the Hillary issues such as Benghazi, Private Sever and deleting of emails, Clinton Foundation, etc.?

Definitely Lester Holt favored Hillary over Trump! 

He kept trying to interrupt Trump! 

On top of that he kept asking difficult questions against Trump. And not Hillary it was obvious.

Best line. Coulda been more: Benghazi, missing billions at State Dept., 

money funneled to Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia, transcripts of speech to Goldman Sachs, her version of cyber security.  

Lester missed a number of opportunities.

May be his family was threatened. Or at Risk. 


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