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Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 


I SAY THAT AMERICAN pride and patriotism is at an all time low…….

this is true only among the liberals..

they have lost the spirit and pride that is America …

this is a direct result of the GLOBALIST pushing the ONE WORLD ORDER…..

and the lack of the liberals to have a thought of their own ..

they just follow what ever the liberal media shoves down their throats as the gospel …

never questioning if it is true or not.

SOME LIBERALS will say that the media is in Trumps pocket…

the liberal media has attacked him at every turn trying to smear and twist everything he says and does..

while at the same time denying the documented proof that HILLARY CLINTON AND THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY are the most corrupt in this countries history..

so who are the liberal media hacks really in league with?

 WHAT is it in the liberal mentality that they don’t seem to be able to see that this administration and Clinton are handing this country over to our enemies solely for their own profit and power…

they do not now or never ever have had the rights and well being of the people that they have swore to serve and protect….

this administration has disregarded our CONSTITUTION AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY and CLINTON will continue that agenda…..

it seems that the LIBERALS are no longer Americans

Let me sum up the Trump phenomenon, Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is at times impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

We hear him , he is noisy and loud like every powerful force , he shakes things up and scares the heck out of people who want to keep America down , the thugs that attack peaceful Trump rally goers are cowards who attack in packs like hyenas because they are scared and afraid that Mr. Trump will bring America back….

that he is waking up the sleeping giant who are the American people who have been put to sleep by the left and the right,…

 we who have trusted and been lied to for too long , they think they can frighten us but it makes our resolve even stronger,…

America needs Trump , we need a man who will do what it takes to win , who puts winning as a priority because you can not win unless you plan and are determined to do so,…

the leaders we have suffered for the last thirty years have not done this , that is why our young have become so soft that they need “safety zones” and safe places because words frighten them and the thought of having to win is too much for them to take,…

Trump puts himself on the line , he challenges America to choose him because if we do , that means that we are willing to do what it takes to make this country great again ,…

by throwing out the leadership that would have us continue down the road to becoming a second rate nation that has no respect for itself and that can not command respect from any other country,…

 they want us to believe that this country is not special , that we have no right to expect and to demand more,…

but they are wrong and they have been wrong for a long time ,…

 Let me say this one more time, Trump is not for the politically correct or those who want objectivity without substance ,…

Trump is raw , he is coarse , he is rough , he is impolite, but he is RIGHT! 

America needs Trump .  Happy Independence Day. And Let us take our proud country back from Career politician and sold out media. 


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