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British want a proper federation with proper checks and balances, democracy, rule of law. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu 

The referendum wasn’t just about immigration, I think the lack of democracy, a strong mistrust of the ‘elite’ and a total lack of checks and balances in Brussels is what eventually swung the UK referendum in favor of the Brexit. 

In principle the idea of a more united Europe was good, but its execution has been downright shoddy. 

The remaining members and its citizens will need to think long and hard on where we want to go from here. 

I see only two paths. I) Do British want a proper federation with proper checks and balances, democracy, rule of law and respect for all the individual cultures? 

II) Do they want to reduce the scope of the EU to a bilateral trading platform only by ensuring free trade but nothing more. 

These coming months will bring some hard choices for all and all my fellow Europeans. 

Speculations are already rampant regarding a ‘Nexit’. 

We will have to see about that. 

I am not in favor for a ‘Nexit’ at this moment as the biggest proponent of this movement, Geert Wilders, is right lead country.

For all the people out there that say leaving the EU will hurt Britain,, 

just remember Britain survived before the EU for quite a while, and they will do just fine now.

Only need to control Immigration. Before it becomes Londonistan.

I believe in time to come. 

Countries will do the same thing and get out of the UN.

Foreign policy is about your own interest. And at the cost of your own jobs snd survival you can’t support dubious policy. Like NAFTA and trade with one sided benifits .

They need to STOP the refugees NOW from entering the Britain, EU and United States Of America. 

The ones that are here now, well, we all will have a fight on our hands. Until someone with enough guts in Washington D.C. And EU can put a stop to this. 

Gather all them up, and say you just don’t fit in with the people of America. American will never stand for any other outsiders coming here, and changing our laws to meet their laws. This is America—Not the Middle East. In America any, and all will follow the laws of America.


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