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Mr Terrorist Sympathiser and follower of Cult Of Terror President, what the fuck Moslim scum did in Orlando? 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu 

Barrack Hussain Obama warns ISIS that if they, the Islamic State, target the USA or its allies, then they won’t be spared.
Mr Terrorist Sympathiser and follower of Cult Of Terror President, what the fuck Moslim scum  did in Orlando? 

Stop fooling the people of America and the rest of the world.

It is alleged that you have funded and nurtured the Islamic State.

You are desperately trying to disarm Americans with your ‘take’ on gun law policy at a time when they NEED TO BE ARMED the most. 

You and your government by any chance wanting to make it easy for radical Muslims to implement the draconian Sharia law? 

With America without means of self defense it would be a cat walk for the fanatics to destroy the free world.

And what’s this about your involvement with the Muslim brotherhood? 

Don’t you think the world has a right to know? 

After all America has made it a business to interfere in all world affairs. 

India bears the scars because of your devious support to arch enemy Pakistan.

What is going in your mind Mr Bow Nobama , President?

Wake up and do your job protecting Americans from Pislam. But I guess you are too busy for grown up Cross dressing male allow to use little girls Bathroom. 


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