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Analyzing Afghan Bharat Relationship. 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

The Soviets built a lot more than this for the Afghans. 

The Afghans werent too grateful were they? 

Remember the Afghan-Soviet war? 

The West has built a lot of stuff too. 

The Afghans are in the process of fighting them too.

 Pakistan has hosted millions of Afghans for decades. 

The Afghans arent too grateful for that either.

 The Iranians have helped the Afghans too and guess what? 

The Afghans forget that too. 

Now tell me,how will the Afghan repay India?

Hope Afghan respect indians  / Bharat and Hindu for what they have done for the country.. 

track record is a bit dodgy.

Why doesn’t Pakistan build dams, roads, ports etc in Afghanistan. ?

nobody in India expects Afghanistan to pay back. 

It is a gift from India to Afghans. 

Unlike the countries mentioned  above which were cheated by Afghans, India does not have anything but good intentions. 

We do not want to profit from their miseries.

Dam is designed to generate 42 megawatts of power and help irrigate 75,000 hectares of land .

India and Afghanistan have nothing common except their enemity for Pakistan ! 

The religion , the language , the culture and the history nothing common . 

All Hindu Ancestry was wiped out by Taliban. 

All the invaders to India came from Afghanistan .

Pakistan need to Look at India and learn too that Bharat is building strategic and economic relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kuwait etc. 

And then look at Porkistan after three years of PMNL rule where do they stand? 

CPEC will bring in change but have they again made the mistake of keeping all theier eggs in one basket? And until  sleeping with Terrorisum is not abandon I see No hope for Paorkistan. 


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