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I have seen a biased and prejudice judges in my life in USA

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

I have seen a biased and prejudice judges in my life in USA. 

Since when criticism of judge is not welcomed. 

Last I know that we do have freedom of speech and Expression and to express what you feel is never a crime and it’s a constitutional right given to its citizens

Trump Has all right to say what he felt and saw. And He may or may not be right but judges are not above our fundamental rights. 

Those who don’t like. Too bad for you. Get a life. 

The Judge is American his parents are of Mexican heritage. 

Trump is merely saying there could be some issue because he is going to build a wall between American and Mexico and he thinks that could be unfair toward him. 

Its really not that hard. 

So when asked about Muslim Judge, Trump said yes, same thing because Trump is saying to temp ban Muslims so maybe a Muslim Judge might be unfair to Trump also, whats so hard about that? I 

dont get why people are making his statements into more than they are, but they are!

Because paid politicians are afraid of Truth and Trump. 


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