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Don’t be like a Termite eating the same Tree, Happy 4th Of July 

Okay America. No politics. No threats. 

Why do small minorities continue to dictate our country.? 

Why can’t a store owner put United States flags for the Fallen soldiers who have died for this country? 

Why do the minority continue to push  the majority? 

I love this country. 

 I love every man and woman regardless of their religious background who died for this country. 

I don’t care the color of their skin. 

I don’t care if they were atheist Christian Jewish or Hindu or Muslim. 

But this is my country.

 Why do the people that live here hate the fact that we fought to become the country we are? 

On this Memorial Day weekend my only hope thought prayer for all Americans despite your political choice that you are grateful for the men and women that gave their life so you can be grateful.

 As Christian churches and Hindu Temples are burnt down. As Jews are killed in the street. As the American flag is being burned by those who broke the law and came into your country.

 Illegally by the way. 

That you are truly proud. 

To be a part of the United States of America. To be a citizen. 

To be proud of your ancestors for doing what it took to become a part of this great nation. 

Weather you believe in the God I do , or the god that you do. I do not condemn you. 

I thank you for being a part of my country that allows you to believe how you do.

 So many thousands have died so that you will have that right.

 Do not believe that allows you to come in this country and change what allowed you to be here in the first place. 

This is a country of all colors , all religions , and all beliefs. 

This country will not put you to death for being homosexual, transgender, vegetarian, vegan, or of any belief. 

Please do not deprecated the lives that have been given for your freedom. 

God Bless America. 

God bless the Constitution. 

And that is not my God that is any God. Or no God at all.

 But if you want to turn my United States of America into the country you left to escape persecution you might as well go back to that country. 

This is a part of my permanent record.

 I love this country. 

I respect everyone who is a citizen of this country. 

But don’t tell me your country was better if you want to live here. 
Don’t be like a Termite eating the same Tree Happy 4 th of July. 



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  1. Beautiful post


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