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Muslim Prostitute Journalist Propaganda.

From FB wall of Nagendra S.Rao


It never seizes to amaze me that these katva Muslim journalists go on ad nauseam about intolerance in India.

The very fact that they are allowed to happily voice their views without any let or consequence gives the lie to their foul Muslim propaganda.

They fully well know what would happen if they tried the reverse and spoke of Islamic intolerance against Hindus in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Their cojones would be cut off, and then their heads handed to them on a platter, as state Islamic state for their temerity.

It would be politically singularly incorrect for Prime Minister Modi to get up and say so. The international catervauling and breast beating by busybody NGOs, and woolly headed, feckless Islamic apologists in India and around the world will be overwhelming. Even the UK is now preparing to assume the position as it sees Londonistan in Eurabia on the way. Prime Minister Modi being a statesman is rightly keeping quiet and letting ordinary people like myself stand up and be counted. In time, Modi will begin SLOWLY stating the changed policy.  

This is EXACTLY what Islamic bigot Recip Tayyip Erdogan is doing in Turkey with his sub rosa support of ISIS. He is sunk in his expansionist Islamic Ottoman Caliphate pipedreams of yesteryear. He got rid of secular Mustafa Kemal Pasha secular Turkish generals and is on his way to implementing burkha for Turkish women in universities if he can get away with it. When necessary Erdogan moves. When the US wanted Turkish support for the Iraq invasion by President Bush Jr. Erdogan said no, despite being offered $27 billion (if memory serves me right) as financial incentive. Erdogan is Muslim katva first and foremost and everything else second. He is not apologetic about it.  

Neither is Prime Minister Modi who is Hindu first and not apologetic about it, despite all the Islamic katva screaming in India and around the world. And the subliminal screaming from the Vatican in support of the Roman proconsul in India, our resident Italian barmaid Sonia Gandhi and her dimwit 45-year old youth icon nitwit son Rahul Gandhi. Good for Modi!

Friends, Dr. Samuel P. Huntington’s On the Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order is here with a vengeance whether ye know it or not, whether ye like it or not. Modi and 21st century India certainly do so. Modi is far sighted and a truly exceptional individual.

No need for the Indian government to do anything at present. If the katva catervauling begins to affect state security then Government of India and the no nonsense Modi administration should ruthlessly teach them a public lesson that they will not forget for a couple of decades. This will also teach other ultra fanatic circumcised unwashed of Allah what red lines cannot be crossed. Rising 21st century India spits on obsequious Gandhian Muslim appeasing, absolute pacifist, dhimmitude and poltroonism. It was a perversion of everything Hindu by one self-opinionated twit who reduced 20th century India into a nation of Hindu eunuchs.

Speak of acceptance of genocide and rape in India just because Sharia Law and Koran / Hadith / Sunnah in Islam permit it, then you will face the stiffest penalties. BTW fellow Kannadiga ultra fanatic Islamic bigot Dr. Zakir Naik has rather openly done this on several occasions. Then there is that barrister and other Islamic thug Asad ud din Owaisi of Hyderabad who happily announced ‘let police protection be quiet for an hour then see what we Muslims can do to Hindus in a trice in India’.

The good news in all this is that the push back on semi-literate, virulent Islamic bigot Aamir Khan aka Bollywood King Khan has driven the wind up the posteriors of all three Bollywood King Khans – Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. And their Islamic bhaijaans and sickular libtard Hindus only in name supporters.

The three Katva Khans and their other bhaijaan Katva Uber Alles, (c.f. Hitler’s Deutschland Uber Alles) in India and elsewhere will be VERY cautious in future. Discretion is the better part of valor! The contemptible Gandhian Hindu worm has begun to turn at long last. Change will be slow and it is a work in process as the new 21st century Hindu nation but secular state arises in India.  

No more slaughtering of protected black buck in Rajasthan by katva Salman Khan to prove Islamic valor. No more drunk driving and killing people, again by Salman Khan, and related suborning of witnesses to make them turn hostile by paying them off.

The best lesson would be if people stop going to their movies thus overnight making King Khan revenue streams disappear overnight. But I am not optimistic of our weak minded, no strategic vision Hindu brethren unity on such things. In my doctoral business school days I read about Schein’s theory of management of change – unfreezing of old values, introduction of new values and refreezing of them. Modi is still in the unfreezing of old un Arya, un Hindu Gandhian eunuch values stage! It will take decades. This is an existential millennial struggle for the soul of Hinduism and India.

It is Alexandre Dumas who said in The Three Musketeers “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” The Islamic Ummah follows this to a T. We Hindus on the other hand have never been known to do so. This is why while the Rajputs showed astonishing individual bravery, they were routinely slaughtered like sheep by the organized Mughal katvas. THIS IS ALSO WHY NEVER MORE THAN 100,000 ENGLISHMEN IN THE INDIAN SUB CONTINENT RULED 200 OR 300 HUNDRED MILLION FOR NEARLY 200 YEARS. The British economically raped the wealthiest country in the world and beggared it to the travesty it is today, compared to its millennial greatness, refinement and affluence. They transferred something over a trillion dollars in less than 50 years, in present terms out of India to the UK.

It is H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) who said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people”. One can rephrase that to state that “no one ever went broke underestimating the lack of unity of Hindus and their pacifist pusillianimity”. Gandhi was only a crystallization of a national tendency towards tamasic Hindu eunuchism!  

Still Hindus were not always so, c.f. the great Chanakya and the Golden Age of Hinduism some 2500 years ago. If Recip Tayyip Erdogan can dream of reestablishing a latter day Islamic Ottoman Caliphate, why cannot we Hindus equally dream of a Rama Rajya? Ok, Sri Rama was a bit of a pyjama or panty waist on whom I rather look down. Ditto Dharmaraja or Yudhishtra the gambling addict. For the establishment of an unapologetic Hindu Rashtra but secular state we can think of the valor of the thousand armed Kartaviryarjuna before whom even Ravana, Emperor of Lanka quailed.

Dreams have a way of becoming reality in time. I read long ago, not sure if it is fact of 5 impecunious young men on the left bank of the Siene in Paris who dreamed of the future China. Three of those young men became Zhou en Lai, Liu Shao Chi and Mao Tse Tung.

The Old Swami Nisreyasananda who taught me so much of non dualistic metaphysics aka Advaita Vedanta said to me once: “If I sit in Saudi Arabia and think only of a garden without interruption for 50 years, then it will turn into a lush garden in time. Muslims have been doing that reading the description of Jannat in the Koran. And it has begun the transformation in the Trucial States of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, et.al.

The Hindus and India can certainly do no less. On this Thanksgiving weekend may all good things come to ye and yours. And yes that includes the anti-national, anti-Hindu, circumcised, unwashed of Allah as well. They too are God’s children, no matter how misguided for the moment.

It is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism, unlike Judaism, Christiainity and Islam who believe that they are God’s chosen, that all sentient beings eventually get it.

Jai Hind

Bhagwa Jhanda Amar Rahe as Vir Savarkar said. Let the Saffron Flag Eternally Rise!


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