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RNC is a bunch of stinking old cronies

Look RNC, 
phonies, we’re voting from Trump because he is more Republican than you globalist sellouts.

 We have had it with trade deals that are not free trade but biased against American workers. 

 China walks all over us as US manufacturing dries up and you guys do nothing. 

 And if it weren’t for Trump, no one would be debating illegal immigration and secure borders. 

 You guys sold us out of funding Planned Parenthood, and then there was Obamacare too, and I’m waiting for you guys to cave in and give Obama his Supreme Court Justice nominee. 

 The Establishment RNC is not just not Republican (as we the voters understand it), but frankly too globalist and un-American.

 And I just got started. You steal the delegates from Trump and you will lose so many members that it will be the end of the Rep Party. 

 You guys suck!

RNC is a bunch of stinking old cronies pushing their gilded canes around thinking we are too stupid to see the intent of their malfeasance.


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