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 “CITIZEN PRESIDENT”  Mr. Trump. I endorse him. 

I am totally fed up & ashamed of the GOP/Republican National Committee Establishment for spending BILLION$ of dollars to destroy Donald Trump even if it means they have to help Hillary Clinton win this important election for the presidency. 

This has never happened in American history, as Donald Trump’s honesty comes from having no donors or no lobbyists so that Trump will owe no one any money or favors. 

This is how the election process was meant to be. 

Corrupt politicians come from the money through campaign fund raising. 

Why are people so stupid, to not know this? 

Through the decades, these MEGA political contributions have built a “CORRUPT POLITICAL SYSTEM” that gave us Barack Husain Obama, broke, paralyzed, & stupid. 

These disgraceful “PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS” are bought by Lobbyists & Donors who all seek power & influence over these elected presidents. 

Trump never acts presidential because he is the only man who seeks office who is not an ACTOR. 

Presidential=”ARROGANT FACIAL ACTOR for the American people”. 

They have all been phony actors. 

They must be serious, cool, better than us, & smart….but none of them have been smart. That is why our newly elected presidents do NOTHING THEY PROMISED during the campaigns! 

Obama is the worst offender in history.

 Instead, their donors ask for favors, that stop them from representing American citizens. 

Barack Husain Obama & Hillary Clinton are PRIME examples of BOUGHT politicians who never do a thing for the American people. 

Ask any New Yorker about Hillary Clinton’s Senate run. 

She promised so much to upper New York, & they hate her. 

This idea of TRUMP becoming our countries first “CITIZEN PRESIDENT” was how The Founding Fathers wanted our country run, so CORRUPTION would not evolve from evil people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Mitt Romney, Jimmy Carter, LBJ, Richard Nixon, & Bill Clinton. 

These people made back room deals with closed doors to usurp the will of the American people.

 I pray Americans will not listen to the scoundrels who have attacked Donald Trump with wickedness and bad intentions. 

Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz are both LIARS who have been chosen to be the main mouth pieces to launch this campaign against Trump by double teaming him. 

I am shocked at how unintelligent so many people are by accepting this propaganda and rhetoric from two men who have made so much money in the political arena. 

This money has come from many rich donors as well as the GOP/RNC establishment.

Trump is Right. 

Posted by Sam Hindu’s Blog.


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