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Wake Up Europe.  

Some Times By Sam Hindu. 

I find a bit of irony in all of this. 

Germany kills 6 million Jewish people who contributed greatly to modern society and have replaced them with 20 million backwards thinking parasites followers of cult., 

who will eventually suck u dry. 

Obviously this situation will lead to ‘hardliners’ eventually being elected; 

let’s hope u can do better than hitter this time! 

I understand capitalism requires immigration for cheap labor. 

Why not recruit phillipinos , Hindu or even Mexicans? 

They both work really hard and from my experience have pride and only collect welfare or government assistance if they really need it – 

They know how that system is supposed to work! 

Also both are Christian! And Hindu. 

I hope Europe realizes quickly that these Muslims will eventually ruin you and it’s better to address the situation NOW rather than later


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