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Sinister and Nefarious Design of Breaking India forces EXPOSED. 

Sinister and Nefarious Design of Breaking India forces EXPOSED. MUST READ for Modi Govt. Supporters.

1. GOI intelligence has investigated #AwardWapsi & primary report suggest that US-Saudi-Pakistan are involved. 

2. It started when few Senior Congressmen + JNU Professors + Sr. Journalists + Sahityakars met and these writers were convinced to use Dadri incident as fool proof issue

3. The first meeting held at JNU and later at India International Center & Habitat center. At first these Sahityakars were reluctant to fall in line due to fear of negative reaction but then they were narrated about the favors from Congress

4. They were shown how they got awards, favors, threat from Modi & fund shortage. Later Nayantara Sahgal was introduced. And was made to lead protest.

5. Nayantara Sahgal was the turning point due to NEHRU connection and all were promised full backing of Media, Congress & international opportunity.

6. Globally 150 writers & journos were hired to write article on #AwardWapsi & to build image of India as ” INTOLERANT” nation under Modi

7. To promote & divert in benefit of Pak-US-Saudi, Ford Foundation & Green Peace hired an international PR firm and millions were invested as fee & benefits

8. The Writers, Poets, Narayan Murthy, Raghuram Rajan, film-makers..they all used one word which is common in every statement ” INTOLERANT”. How is it possible ALL use same word even when caught off guard for comment?

9. Bihar election is just BONUS. Start point is US-PAK-Saudi (UPS) want to STOP India’s efforts to secure UNSC Seat. Not surprising, Congress is party to this. Also as per latest reports in west, US is worried about its people driving toward Hinduism & Vatican is worried on Christian future. This explains why Pope was in US during Modi visit. Surely he didn’t come to hear India & Pakistan development plan at UN.

10. UPS designed Chakravyu of “Human Rights” to project INDIA as a country INTOLERANT to other religions, a Hindu terror promotor under MODI. PR firm and Presstitutes are all to take it to world via International Press. Saudi Arabia is Chair of UNHR commission, a Pakistan friend & very soon with Pakistan going to question India’s human right violations. WATCH it, its coming.

11. This report is with MODI govt & Modi’s UAE visit was one trump card to counter it. In GOI investigation, it has come up that the PR firm has funded many presstitutes, print, TV, writers, film associations & makers in $$

12. Condition of funding is to “Keep Dadri & #AwardWapsi etc. alive at all cost till Nov 5 & dig out incidents which can be linked even for short term”

13. If BJP lose Bihar, it will be projected as Govt which is crushing Human Rights on International platform including UN.This will STOP make in India & FDI inflow derailing MODI development for rest of the term. Also Article 370 revocation & Uniform Civil code will be in the frozen bag.

14. If BJP wins Bihar then major country wide RIOTS planned so that GOI is busy in it till 2019 and to project MODI as an incompetent prime minister who pushed nation into riots and unrest. Hardik Patel was a good attempt but Social Media & GOI busted it.

15. After Bihar election, as Amit Shah indicated in the Arnab interview, GOI will go in full throttle to counter the notorious & nefarious design & full investigation of #AwardWapsi gang

16. Request to all Modi Govt supporters, please don’t fall in TRAP. Expose media, politicans, seculars but with FACTS. Check images if they are photoshop. You all are FIRST line of defence to MODI Govt. You voted him for 5 years. TRUST him. He has the toughest JOB on earth.


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