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Muslim Problem. 

Son was

giving some reference of the Mahabharata, explaining ..

. Son, the Conflict as far as possible,be avoided. 

should avoid

. Were before the Mahabharata Krishna duryodhan Darbar. This proposal, we do not want war. You put the entire State. Pandavon just give five village … They will live peacefully, you say nothing.Son asked-so why have unreasonable taking Krishna proposal? If axapta duryodhan takes proposal?

-No. Krishna knew that that proposal will axapta … Her original character v.
-Then why such a proposal were carried Krishna?

-They only have to prove that duryodhan how anrijnebal, how unjust. They were just pandavon this show, take a look at that son … War must fight thee … Every recently. Still no doubt so removes two minds. How much do you get too much contented like that baithun peace at home, duryodhan you every recently maintained. To fight or not to fight your option …
Yet poor Arjun finally getting up to something … Krishna has seventeen chapters by phanda … Yet there was doubt. Those are much more doubt akla … Duryodhan had not ever doubt, she always knew her war. .. He took calculus.
Hindus would also understand … Conflict or not, this is your option. You also see five village proposal by … To get a piece of the country, sees every thing by the privilege. By sabsidi for Haj see banva different rules, laws for them to see. You can ask for them no matter what, don’t stop. 
They take the most delicious meat of the same gaumata Seva that is sacred, then without them horrible malnutrition. They are the sweetest mosques there, which are made by breaking the temples. They have the same voice which trouble most temples and worship-pandalon. It seems to be not cutting cow racking … It’s not a problem that the temples, it is coming home …


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