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Open Letter to My Friends. 

Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt

Have a wonderful evening and peaceful meal with your loved one and cherish the moment with them. 

This evening will not be back in your life time so make those memories and giggle like the day u giggled when you fell in love. 

Laugh like when you heard first Adult joke from your best friend. 

And scream like when you scream first time when you won that prize. 

Be happy. 

If you want to be sad – live in the past;

If you want to be anxious – live in the future;

If you want to be peaceful – live in the now.

This message is beyond all relationships, read this poem all.. it’s touching reality!

 When I’ll be dead…..,

 Your tears will flow,..

 But I won ‘t know…

 Cry for me now instead!

 you will send flowers,..

 But I won’t see…

 Send them now instead!

 you’ll say words of praise,..

 But I won’t hear..

 Praise me now instead!

 you’ll forget my faults,..

 But I won’t know…

 Forget them now, instead!

 you’ll miss me then,…

 But I won’t feel…

 Miss me now, instead!

you’ll wish…

you could have spent more time with me,…

Spend it now instead!



“Spend time with every person around you, your families, friends, acquainted…. 

Make them feel Special ,

Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever”.

Life is too short. 

Love all and Forgive all.

Strength grows when we dare

Unity grows when we pair

Love grows when we share


Relationships grow when we care….!

And as we American have attitude of life. 

Who cares for everything else. 

Fuck it all and enjoy it now. 

God bless you each and every one. 

Thanks for being at other end of friendship. 

And keeping your bargain. 

Love u all. 



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