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PM Modi a Man Of Hindustan. !

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

For 68 years, no one spoke about the lack of toilets in Indian schools. 

Modi did, and they called it a ‘gimmick.’

For 68 years, no PM spoke about the need to clean up our villages and cities. 

Modi did, and they called it ‘marketing.’

For 34 years, no Indian PM thought about visiting a country that is home to more than 2 million Indians. 

Modi did, and they called it his ‘foreign trip fixation’

No Indian PM ever thought of visiting a labour camp to spend some time understanding the problems blue collared Indian workers face on a foreign soil. 

Modi did, and they called it a ‘PR exercise.’

No wonder the Indian public calls ‘them’ #Prositute and Yellow Journalism or Sold out Traitors of land !

In the States and Canada the press is very responsible and back bone of the Government policies.  

They bring in all good policy implementations in to the public domain for awareness so there are so much of positivity in it. I hardly hear any negative propaganda.   

But the Indian media seems totally opposite  and they ignore all positivity from Indian govt.

Government  Needs to pay them to inform on the changes.  

Their only aim seems to discredit this govt and  defame all BJP ministers. 

 They succeeded in Delhi elections  where in the BJP should be ruling now. But AK 49 gang with traitors of Land successfully fooled whole Delhi. 
Here is my previous article link on media. 




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  1. Well said!


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