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Sex is EveryWhere and Now Here. 


Sex, in other words, is a moving goal post. 

It is everywhere and nowhere. 

It is not between your legs.

 If it is anywhere in your body then it’s that spot in the middle of your back which you can’t quite reach to scratch. 

They will always try to put it wherever you cannot get it, and no place else.

You can make love to a woman’s body all night long and she still might not be yours’ Make love to her mind and she is yours for ever.

depends on the people involved….some people just want the sex for the physical pleasure it gives them….when you are in love, it is as much emotional as it is physical….and the most wonderful sex involves the power of both…..

between the legs is all a guy needs….between the ears is what a lady wants

Very true, for it is what goes on between two ears that will determine how well it goes on between two legs.

Pretty much.. Like everything else it is a mental thing…

Gender can be felt throughout your entire body. In fact it probably reaches out beyond the boundaries of your body into your wardrobe and the clutter in your room. You leave bits and pieces of your gender everywhere as you move through the world.

And sex is not between the legs. It is never in just one place. It is genitals, it is chromosomes, it is hormones, it is body hair, it is the fucking pitch of your voice. They always tell us that it’s one thing, but then as soon as we get close, they move it.

Talk to a any person about sex and notice that they’ll almost always define your sex in terms of what you don’t have. 

That surgery you didn’t get, or the fact that you needed that surgery in the first place.

 The stubble you forgot to shave, or the beard that you can’t grow yet. 

What your voice sounds like now, or the fact that it used to sound like something else. 

Chromosomes you haven’t had tested. Structures in your brain that you will never get a look at.


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