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Who Am I ?

Some Times By : SAM HINDU

Today ISIS, who prefers to be called “The Islamic State” is spreading their religious doctrine through violent warfare. And the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, tells us that “there is nothing Islamic about the Islamic State” even though the way that Islam was first spread is nearly identical to how ISIS behaves, as it follows the commands of the Quran without compromise.

So what does this all mean? Should we all start hating Muslims now? Should the free world deliver it’s value system upon the Islamic world using missiles? Should we repeat the holocaust of the 20th Century and dehumanize an entire group of people? Herein lies a problem that gets to the core of why human beings are stuck. We seem to only know how to solve problems in such a way that creates more problems.

If I were to hate Muslims then I would be confusing a belief system with a human being. History has shown us that confusing human beings with belief systems is a violent cycle which repeats itself. The truth is that nearly every one of us is the product of conditioning – the conditioning of our parents, of our culture of the society we are born into. Most of us have been given multiple opportunities to take a step back, to snap out of it, or at least to question whether what was put inside our head is something we want to keep there. But instead we tend to prefer to keep our blinders on. And this is not a problem that is unique to Muslims.

I do not excuse those who would follow the Quran literally. But I am often puzzled by my own tendency to not tolerate their intolerance, to hate their hatefulness, to fear their fear mongering.

Islam will outlive me. I can fight it. I can even define myself as someone who fights and it and make a career out of this. And yet the world will go on being the world, a place where life eats life and tribes go to war. We can fight or we can enlighten and there is a time for both.

No one suffers more under Islam than its followers. The enemy of Islam is information. And we are living in the Information Age. Hatred will rot you from the inside. Compassion will open up your heart and knowledge will set you free.

I do not buy the belief system called Islam. But I don’t buy the cover story of those who try to define themselves by it either. We are all strangers in a strange land, passing through forms and impressions, looking towards – and running away from the question – Who am I?


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