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Increase in Riots after Mr Modijii, the country is asking you Sonia Gandhi Why?



Increase in Riots after Mr Modijii, the country is asking you Sonia Gandhi Why?

Is the Congress and its sickular partners behind all this riots?

Is its that the Congress only weapon is Communal issues?

Why Sonia Gandhi never talks about Development, Growth, Poverty Elevation etc and Just keep on this rhetoric of Communalism in which Congress is the specialist for last 60 years. Press should not give space to such communal people.

Communal violence’s fruit of Congress rules of 60years, nothing else,These roits are Engineered by INC ( Italian Congress ) to Loot and destroy India.

You Sonia will never succeed in this, We INdians know how you supported and financed conversations , ill-treated Hindus. Now get lost , shut your dirty mouth.

I pray to God , our should be more sensible and truthful, Congress in last 60 yrs devised India on basis of Language, vote bank, cast , religion ,getting bangala Deshis for cheap votes .

They now have cheeks to preach. What damage congress has done is irrevocable.

Given away Haji peer to Pakistan , never claimed POK . Destroyed our basic political democratic set up , weakened our defense by not taking decisions on procurements, not punishing bribe takers, letting fodder eater get away , coal mines having been allotted never produced coal thus creating power shortage , helping middle men to import coal , destroying economy. What a farce Madam jee is creating now ?

Sonia/Rahul Baba say that riots are engineered. That means they know who engineered them.

Being a state subject why do not they ask their CMs or Ally CMs to arrest those who engineered them.

Otherwise this divide and rule formula will not work anymore. They have no other issue to speak. How can Modiji be blamed for the state subject actions of Congress governments.

All rubbish and foolish rhetoric. Congress is creating an atmosphere of Communal violence.

Now there is no divide and rule. Congress is desperate to retain or get Muslim votes and there fore issues statements berating BJP hoping that it would appeal to Muslim consciousness.They know no other way to appeal to Muslims who are now matured voters.Pathetic situation.let us sit back and enjoy.Has any body noticed,Manish Tewari now days shows his teeth in tooth paste ad style on TV debates when he is at loss how to defend the dynasty and the party.


One Response

  1. excellent comment, just propagate it to all as much as possible


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