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Scam in USA Be carefully

this is from my cousin in California—

Please be careful -Seems USA is becoming third world country now in scamming innocent citizens now….

Hi Everyone,

At 3.52 pm today, 10.23.2012, I received a phone call from 1-215-809-1477
Asked for Ami or Jay.
I said, “this is Jay”.
He said, “ I am officer Rod Davis, this call is federally monitored. I have called to speak to you or Ami regarding the serious felony charges against you and Ami, do you know anything about these charges?”
I asked, “what charges? How do I know that you are a police officer?”
His tone changed, got angry, “ If you don’t talk to me now, I will have you arrested right now. I am giving you an opportunity to talk, answer all my questions, just truth or face the consequences.”
I got little scared as well got skeptical about the call.
I told him, “I don’t discuss any legal matters over the phone, and I don’t know what you are talking about.”
He got angry and said, “Local police will be there, shortly, to arrest you. I have given you an opportunity to talk.”
I said, “ I told you, I don’t discuss any legal matters over the phone.”
He said, “ be ready to get arrested.” and he hang up.

I checked the phone # and Caller ID, again.
Caller ID – 3002
Phone # 1-215-809-1477
Jotted down the information and thought of going to Police station here in Kmart/Ralph Plaza.

I tried searching for the # on Google search.
To my surprise, hundreds of people have received phone call from this #!!
It is a scam.


Name withdrawn.


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