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Circumcised Men Vs Natural UnCircumcised Men

penis with foreskin

Image via Wikipedia

Sex with an Uncircumcised Man     …By : empowher.com   …

“Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that Stupid GOD of Cult requires a donation of foreskin?” 

I’ll be honest; I had to do a lot of research before sitting down to write this article. I have only come into contact with one uncircumcised penis during my short stint as a single adult woman, and it didn’t really seem to be that big of a deal at the time.

However, when it comes to uncircumcised penises, there’s more than meets the eye . Approximately 50% of men are “uncut,” which is really how the penis is meant to be in the first place (not many men outside the United States are circumcised). Circumcision originated among ancient religious populations as a way to purify man by removing the source of his sexual pleasure. This tradition has held its ground into the 21st century, which can lead to quite a bit of confusion when a woman unexpectedly comes into contact with a penis au naturale.
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It may surprise you to learn that the foreskin itself, before it is separated from its owner, is extremely sensitive to pleasure. During circumcision two very important things are removed that will never grow back: the frenulum, the band near the tip of the penis that connects the foreskin with the glans, and then of course, the foreskin and all the nerve endings that go along with it.
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Not only are these sources of pleasure eliminated during circumcision, but the shaft of the penis is left unprotected and slowly loses its responsiveness through a process called keratinization. In an article published in Fathering Magazine, Rio Cruz explains that “the male glans and inner foreskin, just like the clitoris and inner labia of women, are actually internal structures covered by mucous membrane that, when exposed to the air and harsh environment through circumcision, develop a tough, dry covering to protect the delicate, sensitive tissue.”

The main difference in having sex with an uncircumcised penis is that the foreskin acts as a glider of sorts, and it stays in place while the glans and shaft continue to thrust. This leads to less friction in the vagina and thus a more pleasurable experience for the female.

For circumcised men who are experiencing gradual loss of sensation throughout the course of their lifetime, there actually is a process of foreskin restoration that involves the use of tape and weights (?).

So when all is said and done, you (and your partner) are actually likely to have much better sex with a penis that is uncircumcised. If you’re performing oral sex and looking for tips, just focus your efforts on the ridge just below the glans and use your hand to help the foreskin go with the flow. That’s all there is to it!

7 Responses

  1. I am hindu boy of 30 years. But I had to go for circumcision for medical reasons. I am hindu but I am circumcised. I follow hindu religion and beliefs.

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    • For medical reason so many people do it. And it’s perfectly all right.

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  2. Circumcision of penis is not depending on any religion. It is a medical and scientific procedure.
    Circumcision of Penis has lots of medical and scientific benefits.
    Circumcision is not the private property of any religion.

    In India many Hindu boys are Circumcised.
    Across the India many Hindu boys are Circumcised like me with different reason for the best part of Penis.

    Statistics say everyday thousand of boys are under go for Penis Circumcision.

    Penis foreskin has no value it has been proven. Foreskin of the penis is the extra inactive parts of human body.

    Many Hindu men are Circumcised In our country it is real fact. No one can judge the religion to see the Circumcised penis.

    WHO recommended for penis Circumcision to prevent many diseases.
    If Circumcision is bad procedure WHO doe’s not recommended about to do it.

    There is no religious relation in between penis Circumcision and particular religion.
    The persons who decides to undergo penis Circumcision can under go for Penis Circumcision.

    I am belongs from Hindu religion and my penis is Circumcised due to medical reasons. My penis is Circumcised so I am not converted to other religion.

    By birth I am Hindu, by faith I am Hindu,
    By live I am Hindu.

    Once again I want to say that I am Hindu and I am Circumcised.


  3. Interesting facts, thank you… Except “It may surprise you to learn that the foreskin itself… is extremely sensitive to pleasure”: That is an extreme surprise 🙂

    I tend to belief that this portion of the article has been written by an eunuch or someone ignorant of male physiology.


  4. Do not know what i want


  5. […] Circumcised Men Vs Natural UnCircumcised Men (samhindu.wordpress.com) Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]


  6. …………Some Jews feel the time has come for a symbolic bris without surgery.

    Jewish Groups for Genital Integrity
    * Jews Against Circumcision http://www.jewsagainstcircumcision.org/
    * Jews for the Rights of the Child http://www.jewsfortherightsofthechild.org/
    * Brit Shalom Celebrants by Mark D. Reiss, M.D. http://www.circumstitions.com/Jewish-shalom.html
    * Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective by Ron Goldman, Ph.D. http://www.jewishcircumcision.org/ritual.htm
    * Beyond the Bris: Jewish Parenting Blog http://www.beyondthebris.com/p/about-project.html
    * A Case for Bris without Milah. http://www.circumstitions.com/Jewish.html


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