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Islam Can Not Fool The Public Anymore.

 by Musil Shihadeh

Islam cannot fool the public anymore

Islamic authorities all over are actively involved in all kinds of  public relation activities to improve Islamic image which has been  tarnished by “ignorant” anti-Islamic organizations all over the world.  Conferences, symposiums, exhibitions are being held in many countries to  include European, the far and Middle-eastern countries.

The  problem with such campaigns is that deceit and lies dominate their  approaches, of course, taking advantage of the ignorant public. Again  the theme being advocated is that Islam is a religion of peace  and mercy and replete with proofs that its origin could never be from  any source except from the divine Allah! The problem with such advocacy  is that people are no longer as naïve as these Islamic apologists wanted  them to be.

To achieve such objective they publicize these few verses  in the Quran that  cater to these themes and, of course, they ignore the hundreds of other  verses in the Quran that advocate violence and hatred against the other.  Therefore, whenever Islamic violence erupts somewhere against the  non-Moslems, denial and condemnation of such violence becomes the new  tactic espoused by these Islamists to prorogate that such violence is  against the Quran and its teachings.

 No need here to quote the hundreds  of verses in the Quran that advocate violence and hatred of the other as  the Quran is replete with them, it would be enough to unveil the Moslem Brotherhood constitution and the Third Islamic Summit Conference in 1981 held in Saudi Arabia which clearly state that every Moslem has the duty to be engaged in Jihad until the whole world convert to Islam.

 In Bukhari V4B53N386 and Muslim C9B1N31, both Mohammad and the Moslems are ordered by Allah to keep fighting the non-Moslems until everyone believes in Islam and his prophet.

My  question to those Islamic propagandists is how long they think they can  fool the innocent public before the true teachings of the Quran is  unveiled?

Sure the official and sanctioned interpreters of the Quran use  deceit and lies in hiding the true violent nature of the Quran.

 How  long though, such fiasco will last when hundreds of thousands of  apostates are engaged in using proper interpretations to unveil the  violent nature of the Quranic teachings?

Knowing  the truth, usually create a shock and indignation not only with  non-Moslems, but with the average ignorant Moslem, that new apostates  join the rank of anti-Islamists activists that will definitely lead to  the final collapse of this evil cult at large.


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