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I am not Bigot or Racist.

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

I have been called Bigot but I am not a bigot or racist,

I just do NOT tolerate EVIL and Islam with their sharia laws, their blatant preaching, chanting on the streets all over the world by the thousands and thousands, muslim imam’s preaching world domination,
hanging the islamic flag over our White House, stoning to death of women, honor killings, oppression of women, wife beatings and forced sex acceptable,
marrying girls as young as six years old,
 women need four male witnesses in order to charge any man with rape etc etc,
 murder of non muslims, execution of gays, all under these sick islamic laws IS pure EVIL,,and I am sick of our Present  USA  and indian government not fighting against this all for the love of being politically correct our very own government that is suppose d to protect and defend American citizens is NOT doing their job and is turning into our enemy as well.

HOW can ANYONE say Islam is a peaceful religion??

Look at what is done to women on a daily basis not only by individual muslim men BUT entire muslim governments.

Look at what is preached, taught, chanted on our streets regarding what the koran and pedophile Allah tells them to do to the infidels (non muslims) and our lame cowardly government calls this a peaceful religion.


Look at what is happening in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, India etc and now Minnesota, Michigan, NY, NJ, Texas.

Muslims have taken over the UK and demand the UK become a ‘islamic state’ and turn Buckingham palace into a ‘mosque’.

I agree that CAIR and similar organizations should be banned from American soil.

However, it is very unlikely any of the anti-American pro-Islamic bigots or their followers will ever be charged with treason.

Because of Joe McCarthy‘s activities, the legislators had passed a law in 1958 which states that no regular citizen may be charged with the crime of treason.

He or she would have to be enlisted in the military or an employee of the US government and then proven to commit crimes against the US, such as providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

Their reasoning is that regular citizens in general did not undergo the indoctrination that military personnel underwent, nor did most take any oath of loyalty.

Government agents and officials are required to take an oath before entering office and may be charged with treason .

If that oath is violated. The criminal imams may be charged with various other crimes, but not treason.

Moslims are using our law against us and it is time we change law to protect our democracy and freedom. And make new laws to eliminate enemy within our borders.


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