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Are Moslims Deserve to Be Called Minority ?

Are Moslims Deserve to be Called Minority ? or Let us say Muslims
Are Not a Minority
…A eye opening article from a Blogger friend http://tulisanmurtad.blogspot.com/ FYI..

The most persistent myth of the Western Dhimmi narrative
is that Muslims are a minority and must receive special protection and
accommodation. But Muslims are not a minority. There are 1.5 billion Sunni
Muslims worldwide, outweighing Catholics as the next largest religious faction
at 1.1 billion and Hindus at 1 billion. They are still a minority of the overall
population in Western countries, but a demographically trending

In the UK more
people attend mosques than the Church of England
, that makes Muslims the largest functioning religious

group there. Mohammed
was the most popular baby name
last year, ahead of Jack and Harry. In France, in this

generation, more
mosques have been built
than Catholic churches and in southern France there are

already more mosques than churches. Mohammed-Amine is the most popular double
name, ahead of Jean-Baptiste, Pierre-Louis, Leo-Paul and

In Belgium, 50
percent of newborns
are Muslim and empty
Belgian churches
are being turned into mosques. The most popular baby name

is Mohammed and of the top 7 baby names, 6 were Muslim. A quarter of Amsterdam,
Marseilles and Rotterdam and a fifth of Stockholm is already Muslim.
The most
popular baby name in Amsterdam
, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague is…


Europe’s Muslim population doubled
in the last generation
, and is set to double again. By 2025, (a decade and a

half away), a third of all
in the EU will be Muslim. The demographic
writing is already on the wall
. A third of Muslims in France and Germany are teenagers

or younger, as compared to a fifth of the native population. A third of Muslims
in the UK and Belgium are under 15 versus a fifth of the native population.
Counting all age groups, they’re a minority. But in generational demographics,
Muslims are swiftly becoming a majority.

Looking at these numbers it is hard to argue that Muslims
are a minority. They are not a majority at the moment, but majorities are not
just a statistical snapshot, but a cultural and demographic trend. Countries are
not defined by the past, or even by the present, but by the future. By the
direction in which they are headed. And Europe’s future is a Muslim majority.
Most European governments have accepted that and are acting on it. There may
currently be more warm European bodies than Muslim ones, but the culture is
being steered by the assumption of an Islamic future.

America is not nearly as vulnerable to the Muslim
demographic bomb, because it is less socialist and more multicultural. It also
has no former Muslim colonies, like England or France. Or at least it didn’t
have any before. But the liberation of Iraq has touched off a swarm of
‘refugees’ moving to the United States. While some of them are Christian, the
majority are Muslim. By law we are obligated to accept 5,000 a year. The 2008
target for Iraqi immigration was 12,000, far more than most of the former Soviet
Union combined. Not significant numbers alone, but they are part of a bigger

In 2005, almost 100,000 Muslims became legal residents of
the US. In
2009, it was 115,000
. And the numbers continue to rise each year. That means

that already they make up around 10
of immigrants to the US. The number of Egyptian and

Syrian immigrants has more than doubled since 9/11. The number of Turkish
immigrants has more than tripled. The number of Afghanis has tripled. Somalis
have gone up from nearly 3,000 to nearly 14,000 a year. Pakistan hit a high of
21,000 in 2009 and Saudis are up by 50 percent.

Not nation shattering numbers in and of themselves, but
let’s look at them in relation to birth rates.

The United States birth rate was 13.5. Pakistan’s birth
rate is 24.1. Egypt’s birth rate is 24.6. The Saudi birth rate is 19.3. The
Afghani birth rate is 37.3. The Somali birth rate is 42.7. What this means is
that we are importing Muslim immigrants with a birth rate that twice or even
three times higher than our own.

The United States birth rate is already inflated by its
own immigrants, including large numbers of Latinos and the million plus Muslims
already in the US, so the baseline numbers are even worse. But these numbers are
bad enough, as the social services departments of Amsterdam or Malmo could tell
you. We are not importing 115,000 Muslims a year. No, we’re importing as many as
2,500 Muslim babies a year into our demographic pool.

Compare that to the 25,000 Korean immigrants in 2009,
from a country with an average birth rate of 8.5. Increase Korean immigration
fivefold until they outnumber the annual number of Muslim immigrants, and you
still aren’t even importing a 1,000 babies a year. A thousand Somali immigrants
are the demographic equivalent of 5,000 Korean immigrants because the Somali
birth rate is 5 times the Korean birth rate. The 25,000 Korean immigrants
represent a mere 212 babies a year, but the 14,000 Somalis represent 600 babies
a year.

This is how demographic suicide creeps up on nations. And
this also is an incomplete picture. The Korean-American intermarriage rate is at
over 50 percent. There are no statistics for Somali intermarriage rates in the
US, but Muslims do not leave their religion upon marriage. And in Sweden and
Norway, Somali intermarriage rates are very low. Which means the Little
Mogadishus growing
across the United States are not going anywhere. And

given time, there will be a Little Mogadishu in your city too.

Despite all this Mohammed won’t be the most popular baby
name in the United States any time soon. But a Muslim population boom will sneak
up on us. It already is. Yet population-wise Muslims are a minority. But are
they really?

There are two kinds of minorities. The first kind come
from countries where they were a minority or under foreign rule. The Irish,
Jews, Tibetans, Armenians and Norwegians are all examples of that. The second
kind of minority isn’t really a minority at all. This ‘minority’ immigrates from
countries where they are the ruling majority. They are not persecuted and are
not escaping anything except living in a failed state.

These “Majority Minorities” are designated as minorities
by political correctness, but they don’t think of themselves as minorities or
act like minorities. They are used to being the dominant culture and when they
are hostile, it is not because of a sense of persecution, but xenophobia. While
they are labeled minorities– they actually behave like majorities.

Think of those immigration rallies where Mexican
immigrants wave their flag and taunt and insult passerby, or demand their
language everywhere and treat any opposition as a violent attack on their
privileges. They are acting like the majority culture– which in their minds
they are. Much like the way pre-state Texans responded to Mexican demands. But
the absurdity of PC protocols insists that the descendants of European settlers
from Spain with their European language are a racial minority, even though they
are a majority in their own countries and on the continent.

Muslims are also “Majority Minorities”, who act with all
the entitlements and privileges of a majority. When Somali
cabbies refuse to carry airport passengers
 with duty free liquor or almost half
of Muslims in the UK want Sharia law
—  they are behaving as if they already are the majority

entitled to force their culture, their law and their religion on the minority.
And in their eyes, we are the minority, because they have no cultural tradition
of how to be minorities. The Irish, the Jews and African-Americans have a
cultural memory of being persecuted that they retain in song and story. But
Muslims have rushed to wipe away the shame of briefly living under European
colonialism by casting back to the golden age when they were the oppressors,
reviving the Caliphate and lashing out violently at even the slightest criticism
of their religion.

Muslims in America and Europe are still numerical
minorities, but they act like majorities. And they are doing everything they can
to become majorities. Treating them like minorities is a mistake, that Europe
has already come to regret and that we are only beginning to learn the folly of.
Muslims can either be a minority or a majority. If they choose to act like a
majority, imposing their culture, religion and worldview on others– then they
should be treated like one.

Posted by kapal_kertas
at 2:36

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