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Bin Laden: A criminal & Terrorist like Mad Mohammad killed at last


Image by SS&SS via Flickr

Bin Laden: A criminal killed at last


Osama Bin laden was killed yesterday through a secretive U.S operation inside Pakistan. The evil havoc Bin Laden brought to the world stretches back two decades.

His death brings a somber relief to thousands of victims who, because of him, suffered the loss of someone deer to their heart. Parents lost beloved children. Children lost a dear father who would have grown up with them playing ball and making treasured memories.

Lone bread winners of families died because of that despicable thug and mass-murderer.
What the public media won’t tell you is that Bin Laden’s actions are founded in Islam. His belief system is no more than an attempt to bring back the years of early Islam to life again.

Let’s face it, Bin Laden is a product of Islam through the educational system of Saudi Arabia. Saudis pride themselves as the bearers of the “Light” (Evil Darkness!!) of Islam. Most of the 9/11 hijackers who destroyed the twin towers were Saudis. They were an immediate product of the Islamic educational system of Saudi Arabia.

Killing Bin Laden, while just and worthy, is not the major obstacle to liberty, freedom, and civic equality amongst citizens of the world. The major obstacle is Islam as embodied in educational systems like those of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and every other country that called itself Islamic. It is here that we can see an image of the beast that needs to be slain at the altar of liberal democracy and human dignity.


2 Responses

  1. Haha, heads off to you! lol! Trust me, if a muslim ever said anything like that, the whole world would cry about how Islam encourages beheading! I’m leaving this forum because it’s completely unproductive. I came here to understand Hinduism a bit better but all I found was unfortunately an admin who knows nothing about how to justify his arguments. Whose references to Islam are from such sources that most muslims have never heard of but perhaps the Taliban are an exception. What I found most annoying was his inability to propagate his own religion without somehow having a go at Islam. Sir, perhaps you should learn from my style, I have 3 comments on this website where I defended Islam and did it without once offending anyone, insulting India or having said anything wrong about Hinduism despite having such ideas. He is unable to raise Hinduism to the status of being true. He is only able to try bringing other religions down to a point where they fall below Hinduism and Hinduism rises above all. By the way Mr.Gitanjaly, I meant no offence and I’m sorry if I did offend you, it’s not ‘heads off to you’, it’s ‘hats off to you’! My advice to you is that if you ever go to some English-speaking country, never say that as they may regard you as a Pakistani or an Arab and arrest you on the charge of threatening to commit terrorism. Anyways, bye everyone!


  2. Respected Sir
    I appreciate your thoughts. You are doing a great job. I like this very much. You are expressing the truth. Heads off to you that you are doing this work in the era when saying against Muslims in India is communal ism and saying against Hindus is secularism. Thanks sir. Keep it up.


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