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It was better that Pakistan got seperated from India


Maybe some people call it wrong for Pakistan to get separated. But actually I think it’s the best thing happened to India. Because now India got rid of many Islamist.

If Islamist stayed in India, we can’t imagine how much horrific things can happen to India, from internal struggles to international wars caused by so called “Muslims.”

Now because Pakistan is separated, its easy to go on war with this country for the sake of life of our children. It’s now easy for all of us to fight Islam.

Hopefully at the end of this century Islam will be destroyed completely, and it couldn’t be better if Pakistan wouldn’t be separated from India. Islam is destroying itself, in this enlightening age, we can see its downfall.

Only people accepting Islam are either stupid like Zakir Naik who brain washes people using NLP and who is afraid to debate with Ali Sina. He is calling Ali in front of Muslims which will do suicide bombings if Ali goes there. But we all know Muslims live in 6th century.

So at the end of this century, our children and hopefully if we live, will see no one with Islam or Islamic ideology. We will see it worst than Nazism.

Support spreading message of Ali, to save our children from the threats Islam causes.


One Response

  1. Hi Sam,
    How ya been?? Email me at my other email, OK?

    I will be sharing this as always and hope you are all right.

    It is a damn good thing India and Pakistan separated!


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