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9/11 Diary Of A RoadTrip

This is from Diary of my FB friend  Andrea Derujinsky in her own words and really eye opening testimony and reposted here as it was written on 9/11    …..Sam Hindu……


lørdag den 11. september 2010
9/11 what can we say about this day in history.. i can tell u were i was.. is there anyone who can not.. madeline was 3.. watching good morning america as always at the time.. the news flash a plane had hit one of the twin towers.. and as i watched, i immediately new… this was terrorism .. and clearly i was right as 20 minutes later, another jet flew into the other tower.. how is it i feel so sad, 9 years later.. such a turning point in history..

as then, that magnificent morning the skies ever so blue..today i look out my window over looking this lovely little marina, the skies equally blue, the sun hot on my arm.. as i write..

we were in long island at the time, at battle row campground, where we’d stayed many years.. that tuesday, i believe it was, the little art show the weekend to come was canceled, i was livid they would cave into terrorism. a short while later the airports were all shut down.. we spend every out door moment never hearing the sounds of jets far above in the great blue skies, just a hum we don’t register.. on that day i heard silence, the kind of silence heard before we took to the skies.. every sound of the trees rustling clearer, the insects, even a bird in flight could be heard, in this strange silence.. and when we heard one last plane to land in Hickville small airport near by, a panic.. what was that plane up to? I went into survival mode..fill the rv tank with water, get to the grocery store for supplies.. more water, canned goods, like preparing for a hurricane batteries.. just incase.. and a wonder should we stay or leave, well there would be no leaving as we could not pass over any of the bridges, with a large unit like the travel trailer, as it turned out at least 10 days.. i remember the following weekend would be the oyster festival.. in ct, where i sit this morning.. later that week or the next, before norwalk president Bush told the public, get out there, shop!! spend that money, and so did the American public listen!! and our sales here in norwalk were through the roof, and for every show there after..

I honor those lost this morning as i turn my television on for the first time in a year, for the reading of the names, of the lost, all strangers to me, but fellow human beings, all in the great city of Manhattan, on that fateful day.. and to those in washington, and those so brave on the flight that went down in pennsylvania.. I certainly will never forget.. and i think we all have an empty place in our hearts.. for the grief so many still feel.. all these years later, still fresh in our minds.. like yesterday.. as i see over and over again, family members read the names, and then remember their loved one, with tears still fresh in there eyes..

god bless each of these family members, the children who will never know a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle.. there is not a day that goes by, one says that we don’t think of u miss u, love u.. I know this feeling as i remember deciding today, a year ago, to drive to l.a to see my mom as she would leave us to, too soon.. no comparison, just the deep feeling of a loss, that i identify with.. and the daily moment each day that creeps up, wells my eyes with tears, if just for a moment.. to then get a grip, and move on.. a smile on my face as i embark on yet another day, filled with life, laughter, adventure, love and friendships, all treasured that much more.. knowing we r not promised tomorrow, so live it up today!!!

and with the challenges i face this weekend, to be addressed in a blog to follow.. i will fake it till i make it.. put my best foot forward and make the best of a bad situation, with this idiot show, the people who run it and the competitors who stole a fair share of my income last night, and will undoubtedly take a fair share the next 2 long days and nights..

Andrea derujinsky
and crew.. my blessings.. amen


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