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Vice and Virtue I – Responsibility

I must apologize to those who come here on a regular basis. I have been buried at work and have had little spare time to post here at SH. I finally have some time to dedicate to SH, and Sam please accept my apology! Do not forget to let me know when you are back and I hope you are having a really fine holiday and trip.

Posted by PatriotUSA/Patriot’s Corner

This is a great article by one of the great contributors from Patriot’s Corner. Responsibility is something that many people do not take seriously or think that they can avoid or push off on to other people. When it gets right down to it, The Founding Fathers set the table for us in regard to responsibility. I know where I stand with responsibility, do you? Any far left liberals out there want to take this up?




Hello everyone, in the “Vice and Virtue” series of articles I plan to give some food for thought regarding the nature of civilization, societies, and the values we can all stand behind. It is no secret that the onslaught of barbarism upon the civilized world, combined with the seditious activities of divisive forces at home, have together brought a great challenge to us all. The challenging of defining what we value and cherish, what we believe in, and on the opposite hand – what do we abhor.




Now, I don’t claim to be all-knowing, three out of four days of the week… between 17:00 and 17:30… when it’s raining – but, hopefully the thoughts I intend to share here can spur some discussion, and I am more than willing to integrate the ideas of others into the overall result. In fact, I’d be delighted to give credit to anyone who contributes. So, without further ado, let us begin with the first virtue – Responsibility.




It is unclear to me when exactly did responsibility turn into a profane word that nobody wants to hear, and even less to adopt, but if I ever had to draw one connecting line between all the forces that seek to undo civilization, it would be their lack of personal responsibility: from the man-hating fakeminists, and rule-despising, self-proclaimed anarchists of the west, to the raiders and nomads of the middle east, who would gladly throw a tantrum over every little bit of truth about their beliefs that is being exposed, rather than deal with criticism.



Over my long period of studying society and human behavior, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring similarities between feminist-brainwashed women, leftists, and muslims. For leftists or Muslims, America and Israel are always wrong; for feminists – it is men. For leftists, primitive brutes are always victims, who are not accountable for their actions; for feminists it is women; and for muslims – themselves.
Bot Islamic and Feminist organizations use deception and outright lies to advance their agendas: leaving poor, honest people stumped, as they struggle to defend themselves against ridiculous, irrational, and sometimes imaginary charges. Finally, Socialists, Muslims, and Feminists, all claim to work towards some Utopian future – one with no class-differences, infidels… or men.




These similarities: a simple “us Vs. them”, master-slave, oppressor-oppressed world view; the blatant disregard for the truth, justice, or civilized conduct; and a dream of some perfect, uncomplicated future, are not coincidental. Neither it is coincidence that so many of these groups, which originated in advanced first-world societies, find allies amongst backward, barbaric murderers.



It is because the face of the current generation is that of a child.



Irresponsible, frivolous, self-centered, and undependable – the rebellious teenager, and spoiled infant, have become role-models, rather than undesirables.
Open a TV set, and flip through a few channels. Tell me if you can find a role-model for children that does more than inflate his or her abs, or chase anything more sophisticated than a big house, an even bigger car, and lots of partners for intercourse (naturally I’m being mild on the descriptions here).
These talking meat bags are an easy dream to sell, because now seemingly anyone can be a celebrity – respected, and revered for no other reason than fame itself, no matter how it has been achieved.



You won’t see a courageous woman like Elisabeth Sabadditsch-Wolfe given a prime-time show, or have a crowd of excitable young girls screaming her name at the top of their lungs, but put a spoiled, useless brat like Paris Hilton in a midwestern home, a fast food diner, or frying her skin on a beach, and you’ve got TV gold. In fact, the role-models offered for women are so terrible, this issue is worth a separate article by itself. And yet I can’t help but mention how every Hollywood scientist somehow finds the spare time to do her hair, and work out in the gym three hours a day, while still diffusing nuclear weapons on her spare time.



For at least half a century, the culture of the civilized world has regressed into Infantilism: an adolescent who is forever locked in a struggle with his parents, and refuses to embrace an adult role – even when these adolescents become parents themselves. Because they were told responsibility, accountability, and a level-head, make you a square, a dork, or nerd. People so irredeemable that they couldn’t possibly contribute anything good to this world, save, perhaps, for the internal combustion engine, electrical appliances, motorized vehicles, sky-scrapers, cellphones, and wireless internet. They can’t possibly have created something as cool as rockets that fly to space, or the nuclear bomb (that was my own inner child talking).



Artists create meaningless art, and are more interested in being as odd, or technologically interesting, than delivering a real message – or providing inspiration. If forced, they may mumble something about a cause that’s acceptable in their own clique – like being anti-war, or anti-brain.



Journalists take the easy route, as one’s personal career is always more important than telling the truth or dealing with hard issues that others fear mentioning – you know, what actual journalism is all about. Instead, they tackle problems that will give them consensus, while avoiding the bigger issues.



Even religion has been reduced further into superstition, easy-to-digest mystical, magical tricks, that offer free prizes, without the burden of duty. Every harry potter and madonna wannabe embrace some form of Kaballah and Paganism, in the hope of, possibly, riding a broom into the air, and sprouting trees by waving their Phoenix tail magic wand (and if you believe in that, care to buy my own Griffin wand for the reasonable price of 99,999.99$?).



Carpe Diem is the word of the day – spend spend spend, chase the rush, and to hell with what may happen. But having fun all the time is an empty, closed circuit goal, that eventually leaves those who pursue it empty. All the lash-outs and blames cannot fill that gaping hole inside, for if one has lived his life with the idea that he is the center of the world, that was not the choice of ‘the man’, or just men; if a civilization has spent centuries taking no responsibility for its own actions, then it cannot expect to miraculously be more advanced than those who did. And coddling any of them, is bad for everyone.



So now politicians have become so irresponsible, that they blame the voter for not following suit with their plans. Rather than try and understand the reasons for losing an election, they turn on the very people they are supposed to serve. For they can never be wrong, the other side is never right, and “I don’t want to play anymore – you cheated”! Is it any wonder then, that the American president himself refers to his people as gun toting bible nuts?



Here in Israel, when a general, a politician, or some other high-ranker is being caught (for just breaking the rules isn’t even considered bad, as long as you can get away with it), you can be sure than instead of a resignation, there would be a parade of their close friends attesting to the criminal’s clean soul, and white bedsheets. The only thing that’s important is saving one’s career, because, after all, personal responsibility is a dirty word that doesn’t get one anywhere.




The essence of corruption is when people in power put themselves above their roles.



So, for all of the above, I advocate the value of Responsibility – in relationships, as in investing in a long-term connection, rather than take what you can, play power games, and blame the other side when things inevitably go south; in a workplace, when one commits that arduous sin of taking his job seriously, rather than focus on how to exploit his employer (or his employees) without any regard to the consequences; in government, where leaders should put the utmost, grave importance on the future lives of their subjects, rather than steal their money and vacation in Spain; in art, where the power of creativity can be put to inspire minds – both young and old – to great deeds, instead of giving them a sense of superior sophistication, with no real content behind it; in both personal and national economics, so as not to be indebted till infinity; and in education, where teachers and parents are to take the hard route of shaping a young mind to be a civilized, respectable, and responsible adult, rather than cater to their crying tantrums, and give in to their demands. From this day forward, whenever a mother tells you her daughter is her best friend, you will know she is so irresponsibly insecure, as to abdicate on the role that was bestowed upon her – when she chose to give birth.




A responsible society is a healthy society – one that can withstand the onslaught of seditious, destructive ideologies. A responsible society knows that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, because as long as there is freedom, there would be those who seek to subvert and destroy it. Responsibility leads to courage, and courage leads to unity. It is the harder path, but also the better path. Men and women who show a true sense of duty deserve the utmost respect, and have every reason to be proud of themselves.




To summarize, would you rather place your fate in the hands of men like these:

Or these?


I know which group I would choose. It sure as hell would not be the bottom one!


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