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Restaurant in Canada seats women in separate section according to sharia law

Posted by PatriotUSA/Patriot’s Corner

This image is from the window of an islamic restaurant in Toronto, Canada.
They have no problem enforcing sharia law even though in Canada sharia law is illegal. The comments below are from Vlad Tepes site.
“This story first came to light when posted on Small Dead Animals, one of Canada’s more influential blogs, thanks to a reader who sent in the photograph. It appears the owners and operators of Juba Restaurant feel perfectly comfortable applying sharia standards in a public establishment. Canadian values do not support gender segregation; men and women are considered equal in all aspects of life, with legal statutes firmly in place reflecting this societal value. Sharia law considers gender mixing unIslamic, so it stands to reason that the good Muslims over at Juba’s sharia shack would defy both the value of gender equality and the laws supporting it.
Purdah, the separation of men and women, is based upon the central theme of Namus (honour) and is expected in public in many Islamic countries. Religious Saudis believe it is forbidden for a woman to eat in public as part of her veil would have to be removed to do so, revealing her face which would compromise purdah. For this reason, segregation is especially strict in restaurants and it is common for establishments to have defined areas for women only often marked as “family” and “women section only”. It is common to see western restaurant chains with both separate entrances and seating sections as they too, must abide by sharia standards. McDonald’s in Riyhad comes complete with a segregated section where women must sit in the “family” section.
Sharia law is not legal in Canada. and this is not Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan or any other country where sharia is the standard. This is Canada where Islamic law finds little, if any respect.
I might add, restaurants in Canada have been declared public property, and that was the entire basis for the now nation wide smoking bans. If a restaurant is considered public property, even though I do not believe it is, for the purpose of social engineering, then surely the kind of gender apartheid, (using the word correctly for once) being applied in this restaurant must be illegal and certainly should be stopped. This will only encourage Muslim men who are trying to make certain that women from Muslim nations will not and cannot integrate into Western society, and make it that much easier to force them to standards here in Canada, that should not apply even in the Islamic Magreb.”
Original post from Vlad Tepes is here.

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