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The excuses, and apologists have started defending Portland terrorist Mohamed Mohamud

As predicted, the excuses and taqiyya have started flying in defense of mohamed mohamud. The imam of course and stated he has no idea what might have caused this rat from Somalia to act out in this way. Then we have it was because his parents got a divorce. Well so did mine and I have no desire to fly to mecca and blow up a bunch of muslims. So brace yourself for the excuses, the crybaby muslim syndrome and the apologists like John Esposito to come to poor mohamed mohamud’s defense. Make sure to take note that it is never islam or the accused’s fault, many times even after they found guilty and sentenced.
“Of course, many more terrorist attacks have been committed by Islamic jihadists who read and took seriously the Qur’an’s commands to wage war against infidels than by children traumatized by their parents’ divorce, but never mind: when it comes to exonerating Islam of any responsibility for motivating violent jihadists, government, law enforcement and media officials join Islamic spokesmen in grabbing hold of any alternative explanation, no matter how implausible.”(Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch). From the New York Daily News.

Neighbors say wannabe Christmas bomber Mohamed Mohamud embraced extremism after parents split
By Lukas I. Alpert
Daily News Staff Writer
Arsonists set fire Sunday to the Oregon Islamic center that the wannabe Christmas-tree bomber had attended, authorities said.The fire was reported about 2:25 a.m. at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center in Corvallis where Mohamed Osman Mohamud periodically attended services.
The blaze consumed much of a back office but was put out before it spread to the worship area, officials said. “It was discovered much sooner than it could have been,” Corvallis Fire Department spokeswoman Carla Pusateri told The Oregonian newspaper.
Imam Yosof Wanly said Mohamud did not regularly attend the mosque, but had visited once or twice a month since moving to Corvallis to attend Oregon State University. Wanly condemned Mohamud’s effort to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Friday.”I know people here know the true reality of the Muslim community here,” he said. “It’s a sad situation.”
Neighbors say Mohamud was doted on by his family but embraced militant Islam not long after his parents split up.”He was a quiet kid, but with his folks splitting up, who knows?” Adam Napier, who lived next door to Mohamed Osman Mohamud for years told the newspaper.Mohamud’s family moved to the U.S. when he was just 5 and were described as friendly and modern.Mariam Barre did not wear a hijab and her husband, Osman Barre, reportedly worked as an engineer for Intel. Mohamud appeared to be particularly close to his mother, neighbors said.
“She always talked so good about him. He was just a good kid,” said Adam Napier’s mother, Stephanie. In 2009, Mohamud parents split up, not long after he turned 18, the paper said.Omar Jamal, first secretary to the Somali Mission to the United Nations, told KPTV that Mohamud’s father had remarried a woman in Minneapolis, which has a large Somali population and has been a hotbed for jihadist recruitment.
Later in 2009, Mohamud began communicating with jihadists abroad, and wrote articles for a website called “Jihad Recollections,” authorities said.
Earlier this year, Mohamud came to the attention of federal agents who set up an elaborate sting, posing as like-minded terrorists.The plot ended Friday when Mohamud, 19, a naturalized U.S. citizen, tried to set off a dummy bomb and was arrested, kicking and screaming, “Allahu akbar!”
Many who knew Mohamud said he seemed like a normal kid who did well in school and loved basketball. “He was a really smart kid. He always got good grades. He was a part of a lot of good things, so it’s amazing he would do that,” elementary school pal Gavin Lipscomb told The Oregonian. “It never seemed like he had any hatred,” Lipscomb said.
But Mohamud told agents that he began thinking about holy war at age 15, when he prayed for guidance “about whether I should … go, you know, and make jihad in a different country or to make like an operation here.”
Hat tip: Jihad Watch

Original article is here.

Posted by PatriotUSA/Patriot’s Corner


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