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Ya Arabs Love to Pick On Tiny Nation Israel..

Israel: Judea and Samaria District according t...

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The invading settlements of Israel
Posted by HermitLion at 8:07 AM

Labels: Arab-Israeli History, Israel, Israeli Settlements Myth of a Non-Existent People And Non-Existent land of “Filistine” ” Palestine ”
Today I would like to talk about the settlements that are causing so much trouble in the middle east, and to the entire world. These manifestations of a ruthless, oppressive occupation, which treads on human rights without any thought, destroys any culture it touches, and warps history itself to suit its own purpose – which is to conquer all who dare stand in its path.
I’m talking, of course, about the Arab settlements in Israel.

Arab settlements in Israel far outweigh Jewish ones, for the simple fact that while Arabs deny Jews the option to live amongst them, Israelis allow its Arab population to proliferate wherever it pleases, though, to be honest, they’re not exactly being asked anymore. After all, the police doesn’t dare upset these gentle souls of the land, and the traitor-leaders are very busy not looking racist before their foreign masters, by maintaining a stranglehold on the Jewish population.
This is how besides invader settlements in Judea and Samaria, there’s East Jerusalem – which was cleansed from Jews by the Jordanian Legion during Israel’s independence war; Hebron – one of the most ancient of Jewish towns, and the resting place of the father of the nation – Abraham; Ramla and Lod (where crime runs rampant, thanks to good Arab citizens); Tiberias and the Galilee; the Negev (Bedouins look less exotic and mysterious when they ride into Beer-Sheba in Subaru sedans, looking for stuff to steal, and harassing anyone in sight); ‘the triangle’, which includes Um-Il-Fachem; Haifa and Acre, which both include mixed populations – the first sees much brazen dissent from its Arab students, and the later has witnessed a couple of pogroms in the past year; Jaffa in Tel-Aviv (where trendy rich leftists come to live, while others protest for the ‘indigenous population’ – as if ethnic purity in neighborhoods is some god given right), and the list goes on and on.

While foreign appeasers insist that Jews cease construction in their liberated, yet disputed lands (an area that becomes increasingly larger, the more appeasements are offered), Arab settlements, both in and out of Judea and Samaria, spread unabated. There is absolutely no counter-balance to that trend, as even the KKL (Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael) has given money, donated by Jews, to the cause of erecting even more Arab settlements. Not that it has to – Saudi funded groups already buy territories in this country as if it was open market day.

The supreme court, long since a bastion of pro-Arab, anti-Israeli rulings, has declared it illegal to prevent Arabs from settling anywhere in Israel, even though some villages require every potential citizen moving there to go through a screening interview. In practice, it is not a measure of equality, but one-sided favoritism. The same judges, naturally, do not want anyone not of their own ethnic group living anywhere near their ivory mansions.
Even if the law allows Jews to purchase land and houses in Arab, the immediate intimidation and threats of murder sends them looking for a safer alternative. A bold news piece covered such a case recently, though I can’t say anyone dared paint the whole picture as it is.

Israel’s position is not a good one, geographically speaking, and is even less favorable in demographic terms, with Islamic families having 7-12 children per wife (polygamy is quite alright, when speaking against it can spark violence). The lie of ‘Israeli-Arabs‘ is a bubble that will eventually burst, as they certainly do not identify with Jews, and even less with confused Israelis that can’t sell values to their own kids (save, maybe, the values of ‘partying!’, and ‘be kind to minorities like Arabs, gays, and criminal youth, but not religious Jews or your own countrymen’).

That is why when haughty leftists speak as if Israel is not under any reasonable threat, I can’t do much but laugh. Hubris has destroyed mightier nations, so their faith in miracles must be stronger than that of any messianic Jew.

For more on the subject, check out Israel’s Arab Settlements on Sultan Knish.

Myth of a Non-Existent People And Non-Existent land of “Filistine” ” Palestine ”



6 Responses

  1. I ‘m pleased to have discovered your blog.




  2. It’s amazing how the same leftyish phenomenon of bending over backwards to thugs called ‘indigenous” but who aren’t, has infected all societies. It’s in Australia, Israel, America…I’ve read it’s in India too.

    Any thoughts on this Sam? I’d be interested in your speculations.


  3. […] Hindu has a very good overview of the situation regarding Israel and Islam, by a way of a comment from HermitLion Today I would like to talk about the […]


  4. Hey, Sam!
    It’s nice to know you liked the article.
    Good map, too – notice how Gazastan is simply missing altogether. If only it had really sank into the sea, like Rabin once wished…


  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sam Hindu, Sam Hindu. Sam Hindu said: Ya Arabs Love to Pick On Tiny Nation Israel..: http://wp.me/p12e6r-ia […]


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