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No fool was He BY ; Al Harb A BEAUTIFULL POEM

POEM: No fool was He


No fool was He

Mohammad was no desert fool
A cunning plan had he
To offer self as satans tool
And begin his killing spree



The hated Jews of Banu Qurayzah.
Were the first to feel his wrath
For earlier rejecting him
Setting stumbles on his path

Murder was his primal goal
These Hebrews must all pay
But just as valued the gold he stole
Were the women he could rape

First Victims of Islams Terror is Theier Own Women

Cult of Terror


Next, he turned his sights on loot
For the companions he must bribe
And the caravans that tread their route
Offered booty for his tribe

So out he swept from his desert lair
To rob and plunder all
And build his armies and declare
He’s prophet over all

Now prophets need a God to sate
And allah would do just fine
So the moon god now he’d recreate
To declare his madness as divine

Thus by this process year by year
Did Islam quickly grow
For kissing satans filthy rear
Brought wealth to mighty Mo

Al Harb


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