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Lesson of American History from Horses Mouth on This Veteran Day.

BY ; R.M. “Zeb” Zobenica

Capt. USMC (Ret)

OK, Guys, here is my ‘tutorial’….

The USA, by and large, is still a center-right nation populated by a citizenry that hews to the Framer’s vision as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution…this despite nearly a century of a gradual assault on the principles embodied in those documents which began with the Woodrow Wilson administration, through the Roosevelt years, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and, now, Obama.

Americans are offspring of those from other places, people who saw no future in their homelands, the ‘shitbirds’ of other countries, who sought freedom and a new beginning here. They were taught about liberty at the knees of their immigrant ancestors…and they carry in their DNA that ‘yearning to breathe free’.

No amount of ‘bad-mouthing’ of America, revisionist history, Howard Zinn propaganda, offered within the public school system, is going to overturn that early education or the genotype.

America’s ‘elites’ (as some call them) are getting humbled, deservedly so. They blow sunshine up each other’s rear-ends and are convinced that they’re brilliant and the rest of us are ‘rubes’. Who are these smug ‘elitists’?

They reside in the political establishment, both Democrat and Republican, in the academy, in mainstream media, and in the entertainment segment (Hollywood). They seek power and have made common cause with public sector unions (government employees…fed, state, local schools) and with union leadership of private sector unions.

A side note…I was challenged, following a Veteran’s Day address given at my high school alma mater a few weeks after 9/11/01, by the choral music teacher who was working on a Ph D. He demanded that I ‘name the title of the last book you read!’ I asked why that was deemed important.

His response, “I know of no conservative who reads anything he’s not required to read!” I arranged to show him my books…after picking up the tab for dinner. There were books in the library, on the bedside table, in the closets, in the basement and in the garage.

I then said, “put on your boots, were going out to the pole building”. He thought it unnecessary. A few months later, former CO congresswoman, Pat Schroeder, made a similar public allegation about the reading habits of conservatives.

What is it about academicians? Their pathway is linear and secure…high school-college-grad school-faculty. One train, one set of tracks. No side trips. They’ve never picked up a rifle; never looked for an aircraft carrier in the dark; never went nose-to-nose with the elements; never been taken to the limits of human endurance; never faced death; never risked their life savings; never sweated out an economic reversal; never worried about meeting a payroll or the well-being of a workforce. Yet, they see themselves as qualified to ‘manage’ our lives.

What has this cabal wrought for America…high unemployment, high energy costs, economic stagnation, the ruination of the worlds finest medical services delivery system, dumbed-down educational achievement, and increased racial tension despite the election of Mr. Obama to the Oval Office…he who held himself up to the nation as a ‘healer of the planet’ and as the master hydrologist and controller of sea levels.

Who in this narrative is more out-of-balance…the speaker or those who believed his words?

The election of 2010 was a sea-change election because we ‘rubes’ saw our country, adrift, slipping rapidly away from its principles and drifting toward a euro-socialist model that is failing, in real time, before our eyes.

The ‘elites’ have told us many times and in many ways, at public meetings and on ‘Youtube’, that our Founding documents are no more important than 234-year old ‘ass wipe’. We are advised that our Congress can do pretty much what it wishes…that the Constitution’s ‘chains’ no longer exist.

America simply took offense…big time. Americans have concluded that these ‘elitists’ are intellectually challenged, narrow-minded, arrogant twits. Despite their paper credentials, bestowed by other like-minded peers, they lack even a modicum of common sense, in itself eschewed because of its ‘commoness’.

Furthermore, many of them have chosen to abandon acknowledgement of the Judeo-Christian principles that the Founders used as the footings upon which the the nation rests. They’re telling us…”God is dead, we’re smart, we’ll do the thinking, just do as we say.” Downright Orwellian. They worship Gaia, not God.

They embrace Darwinism and shun Creationism or Intelligent Design. Yet they feel the need to impose on us an ‘Endangered Species Act‘. Anyone see a paradox? Incongruity? Survival of the fittest, anyone? With no principles, no navigation charts, and no compass, it’s easy to get turned around…to get lost.

The internet has turned America into a ‘small town’ again. Thomas Paine must be chortling. Public lying goes viral before the saliva has dried on the liar’s chin.

There are no information gatekeepers or choke points. It is the free-flow of words and ideas in real time, raucous and chaotic…for better or for worse. Despite the potential pitfalls, my trust in the citizenry sees this as a positive.

I believe we’re witnessing a rebirth of a great and revolutionary proposition…the re-commitment to the idea of God-given natural rights to Life, Liberty (and Property), and the Pursuit of Happiness. We’re saying that people smarter than our current crop of politicians have already done the ‘heavy lifting, the heavy thinking’.

Their names were Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams et al. Dead white guys to be sure…but brilliant…and humble before their Creator.

Now to specifics:

California is an economic basket case run by left-wing pols voted in by public unions. They have been slurping at the public trough and they’re rapidly approaching default.

It ain’t going to be pretty. The situation isn’t helped by 10-plus million illegals and Hollywood’s handwringers. In short order, they’ll be looking very much like Greece.

Texas is basically squared away. Cowboys are trumping their academic ninnies in the Lone Star state.

A look at the Red-Blue electoral map of the USA shows blue islands on the west coast, in the northeast, and a blot or two in the rust belt or college towns. The old saw, ‘There is no free lunch’, is now penetrating the psyches of the country.

..unemployed college graduates; bancrupt local and state governments; concern over meeting pension obligations, both public and private; retirees wondering whether their nest-eggs will succumb to inflation , charities facing shortfalls. Tis not a pretty picture.

The Federal Reserve has recently decided to once again engage in Quantitative Easing, which is an act best described as ‘paperless legal counterfeiting’. They are creating money out of thin air, electronic dollars, unrelated to the nation’s GDP.

Allow me to insert a published interview with the German Finance Minister here:

Schäuble: The German export successes are not the result of some sort of currency manipulation, but of the increased competitiveness of companies. The American growth model, on the other hand, is in a deep crisis.

The United States lived on borrowed money for too long, inflating its financial sector unnecessarily and neglecting its small and mid-sized industrial companies. There are many reasons for America’s problems, but they don’t include German export surpluses.

SPIEGEL: The US government sees it differently. It wants to see German exports to the United States curtailed in the future once they reach a certain threshold. Will you give in to the pressure?

Schäuble: The proposal is not acceptable for Germany under any circumstances. If we were to introduce such measures, we would be restricting international competition. But for years we, together with the Americans, have believed that world trade needs to be opened up further.

We should stick to that approach and, for example, press ahead with the Doha round to promote world trade. This would stimulate global growth far more effectively than a bilateral agreement on quotas.

SPIEGEL: Last week, the US Federal Reserve Bank decided to flood the economy with $600 billion in new money. Will this stimulate the economy as hoped?

Schäuble: I seriously doubt that it makes sense to pump unlimited amounts of money into the markets. There is no lack of liquidity in the US economy, which is why I don’t recognize the economic argument behind this measure.

SPIEGEL: The US wants to depress the value of the dollar in this way, so that it can sell its products abroad more easily. In light of the ailing US economy, isn’t that a completely reasonable strategy?

Schäuble: No. The Fed’s decisions bring more uncertainty to the global economy. They make it more difficult to achieve a reasonable balance between industrialized and emerging economies, and they undermine the US’s credibility when it comes to fiscal policy.

It’s inconsistent for the Americans to accuse the Chinese of manipulating exchange rates and then to artificially depress the dollar exchange rate by printing money.

Lest the Republican Party thinks all is well in Elephant-ville, it’s not. They are on probation. They were the beneficiary of the Tea Party uprising. They had better get their act together or they, too, will be shown the door.

Their smugness toward Sarah Palin, Frontier Lady, is off-putting. They gratuitously mouth cliches about Obama’s brilliance yet denounce Palin as a dolt. By any reasonable metric, Palin would eat Obama’s lunch…intelligence, common wisdom, record of achievement, love of country, regard for the rule of law,

character, integrity, respect for the citizen, arm wrestling. She delivered her V.P. acceptance speech from memory after her teleprompter went T.U. Were I forced to turn over my business on short notice to either Palin or Obama, the Frontier Lady would have gotten the nod in a nanosecond.

She wouldn’t have screwed anything up, she would have listened to the staff, and she would have maintained an even strain. Obama would have done the opposite.

In 2010 , America primarily rejected Obama’s policies…Obamacare, income tax policy, Cap and Trade, massive deficits, government takeover of autos and banking, growth of Fedzilla, intrusion into our daily lives..

.but they also rejected Obama the Blamer, Obama the Whiner, Obama the Arrogant, Obama the Racist, Obama the Narcissist, Obama the Lazy, Obama the Ideologue, Obama the Phony, Obama the Traveler.

This emperor is parading naked. He has no clothes. Would that his supporters, and our media, done their homework prior to the Nov. 2008 presidential elections.

In the upcoming biennium, the nation will likely experience gridlock and the economy will remain stagnant. Many will suffer. The Obama administration and Harry Reid will be the poster boys for Dem failure. California and New York are going to face their day of economic reckoning.

It’s going to be damn interesting.


R.M. “Zeb” Zobenica

Capt. USMC (Ret)


5 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin have shown the American people her intelligence.
    1. She’s a quitter
    2. She’s dumb as a post.
    3. Her supporters, like this post creator and sascoc are idiot closet racists.
    4. Her favorablity is at it’s lowest.
    5. She writes simple words on her hands.
    6. She, like her supporters, are dumb to american history to know that republican policies are what screwed up this country.


    • I do not support Sarah Palin at all, not sure why you think I do.
      Read this and you will see what I actually think of her, perhaps you will be surprised:
      Also, race has nothing to do with objections to Hussein Obama – a marxist who hates America is a marxist who hates America regardless of racial composition. I didn’t like Jimmy Carter either: was it because I “hate white people”? You are being ridiculous, but you probably know that.


  2. This is what my friend wrote on his Blog.

    Lesson of American History: R.M. “Zeb” Zobenica USMC (Ret)

    Posted by PatriotUSA at 1:53 AM Labels: 2010, American History: November, demosocialistacrats, Progressives and socialism

    I wanted to have this post up on Thursday the 11th, but was just too burnt out from pain and work. This is from my friend, Sam Hindu who has a deep passion for what he wants to say, do and accomplish at his blog.

    Sam and I have an agreement to ‘steal’ from each other and this is based on an ‘honor among thieves’ rule. I trust Sam and he trusts me. In the blogging realm of today this almost seems like a throwback to when business was conducted on a person’s word, honesty, integrity, morals and a simple handshake sealed the deal.

    My Grandfather’s business was built this way, one sale and account at a time. He NEVER took a customer to collections and was dearly loved by those who worked for him. He had little turnover in staff, paid for health and life insurance years and years before this was ‘normal’ in business or the ‘expected’ benefit. His customers often traveled over 300 miles one way to buy furniture from him. He set the standard for me at a very young age and is the only way I know how to be. Hope you enjoy and can read between the lines in this next post.


  3. Great commentay and opinions. I will be sharing on PC
    late tonight as my hand allows. It is not healing very
    well and have to be good, which I hate.


  4. A very good read indeed and a dead-on assessment of the Manchurian currently occupying the White House. The election was a great blessing, and the next blessing will come from an unlikely place: that other den of thieves called Clintonville, as Hillary resigns as Secretary of State and then openly challenges the Obamagogue for the 2012 nomination. Hussein will find himself under assault from all sides, and what better condition for a naked Marxist America-hater.


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