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EX Muslims Demand theier own Country

From Ali Sina’s site www.faithfreedom.org

Posted as it was written.

World governments must wake up and do something for Ex-Muslims – demand for a new country or area to migrate

Why is that no one else but only Muslims are so violent? WHY? What have Islamic countries so far contributed to the world? Nothing!!! Zero. The only thing Islam has given is the slaughtering of human beings and sacrificing animals together.

That is why millions yes MILLIONS of Muslims who can think on their own want to leave or have left Islam – the violent religion. Islam is the most horrible white Arab imperialistic movement seen in the past 1400 years and the time has come to finish with it.
Look at the overall 1400 years of Islamic history. What Islam has done is perpetrated the slaughter of millions and millions of innocent people in all Islamic countries and in fact have eclipsed the numbers killed by the Communists and European wars.

Look at today’s world. Why is that almost all the violence of the past two decades is leading to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria, Palestine, Somalia and all other Muslim countries?

Why are there no Chinese or Indian or Japanese or European or American or Latin American terrorists?

Chile rescued 33 miners from the dark, half mile deep underground mine. Chile made all of its national resources available to save those lives. Whereas Muslim countries spend all their national resources to destroy the lives of their subjects. Most Muslims are living in the dark caves of Islam and they are trapped there just like the trapped miners in Chile.

But WHO IS GOING TO SAVE THESE TRAPPED MUSLIMS? The world must listen, heed and take some action against inhuman treatment given by Islamic governments to their subjects who are routinely treated like slaves and if any one wants to speak one single word against the imposed religious belief by the rulers, that person is killed. There is no freedom of faith. There is no freedom to think independently with their brains.

There is no honesty, civility, truth or decency in Islam. It will continue to discriminate and unless one follows its one point, the politics of converting others to Islam, it will keep treating all humanity as infidels being unfaithful to God. (Their god Allah is nothing but one of the 259 deities of the ancient temple of al qaba called al-laht that was the symbol and deity of Satanic worship.)

The black magic, black stone, black veil, black and dark forces are the cover of Islam but inside too Islam is nothing but dark negative energy. If it were genuine, spiritual or a religion of light, it would not be ruled by stupid, inhuman and absurd laws of the Quran, a book that is full of nonsensical violent. Most Muslims have never ever read properly the Islamic literature and they are made to believe that by parroting the Arabic language verses they are going direct to paradise or be very fortunate.

Little do they know that they are writing their destiny to go straight to hell where since Mohammad all Muslims are trapped and suffering because no Muslim will ever enter the real sacro sanctum temple of any Real God.

The enlightened and intelligent Muslims upon reading Islamic literature in their own language or English come to realize how they have been taken for a ride. Most such people immediately want to leave but due to extreme fear and fascism of Islam they just keep it to themselves and never disclose their “exit” from this dreadful preaching. Millions of Muslims with some clean heart and open exposure to truth do not want to follow this dishonest, white Arab imperialistic force forced upon them by Fear and Terror.

The world must wake up now because Mohammad had declared himself that when man has reached the moon neither Moosa nor Issa will remain in existence. It is time to finish with this dreadful, violent religion and the true spiritual people born in Islamic lands need the freedom to adapt to a more tolerant and natural religious faith.

Muslims are taught violence, killing, looting, plunder, robbing others and engaging in all sorts of crime and sin in the name of Islam. There is no excuse for constant terrorism, slaughtering of human beings, animals and destruction of age old stable cultures and civilizations. For the last 14 centuries the only achievement of Muslims has been plunder and destruction of countries and civil societies. Look at any crime in the world’s news and 90% of the criminals are Muslims. There is nothing positive so far achieved by Muslims. The sciences and arts were never developed by any Muslim but translated into Arabic from other ancient societies. Islam has given absolutely nothing to the world so far.

 It is showing its true and real face. The political correctness of Europe, United States, India and like countries have tolerated the Islamic drama, but the water has almost reached the drowning level. The World must WAKE UP BEFORE Islam destroys it.

[If you have any guts and can bear graphics just search for terror islam or islamic terror http://images.google.com and or videos and you will be not need to see any horror movies for years. For example have a quick look:


THOSE WHO READ THE TRUTH OF ISLAM – immediately come to know that they are like trapped miners and they want to leave. The fortunate ones do leave easily because they can assimilate in Foreign lands that are mostly Non Muslims. But if these people are in Muslim or Islamic ruled countries their lives are not safe. They are tortured and hounded till they die or return to Islam. If this is not fascism what is it?
The most fortunate are those who have fled to safer nations of democratic societies and these people have initiated new lives and since the advent of the internet they are doing all they can to bring about the truth and sanity countering the propaganda propagated by extremely violent, insecure and insane Muslim nations.

There are thousands and thousands of ex-Muslims leaving and trying to leave their families and neighborhoods or countries but if one lives where one is around Muslims, the chances of getting killed are high and it is important to not declare it publicly. The most wise ex-Muslims are leaving their old neighborhoods and migrating to other countries changing their identity and many just move to larger cities and adapt a new life. There are millions of such people but the world media and media will never publish these stories first for being secretive and then most media world wide is afraid of reprisal attacks by terrorists if they air the truth.

There is absolutely no openness, democratic values or acceptance of truth in any Muslim society. You speak even one word against the prophet or the satanic verses and thousand of brainless Muslims begin their protests. It is easy in most Islamic dominate countries to find uneducated, poor Muslims willing to protest because they are totally oblivious to the true teachings of Islam. They are encouraged to protest and tie on the bombs to throw on crowded neighbourhoods, buildings or streets. WHAT KIND OF RELIGION WILL preach such violence to teenagers or 10 year olds? These kids who know nothing about any science or arts but only the dark and violent nonsense that is forced upon them by their parents religion. Go to any Islamic School, called Madrassas, and you will see thousands of tiny little children moving their heads and chanting and parroting the useless verses of which they have no understanding. This does not serve these children at all but it does serve Islam by teaching ritual instead how to think. Education of Sciences, Arts and Technology is considered a taboo by Muslims because the Rascal promoters of Islam know that once a child has learned the real sciences and history he/she will not remain Muslim.

What kind of religion teaches, trains and preaches in so called religious buildings called Mosques young teenagers and others to convert others by hook or crook, mix chemicals, creating bombs, train with knives, swords, machine guns and explosive devices? It is the true Islam! Try to find any other religion that teaches and trains their disciples to tie bombs on their belts and throw themselves on innocent human beings. Yet Islam has made a science of doing exactly this as they constantly preach to the faithful that this is an acceptable act of sacrifice for Allah. WHAT KIND OF GOD WILL PREACH that the most beautiful creation of god is taught to kill other human beings?
When you ask for clarification for such a God all these crooked, brain-washed Muslims can give you is justifications for injustice!

What injustice has been done by the outside world or democratic world to any Islamic society?

NONE whatsoever. All forces that have tried to remove dictatorships, corrupt military leaders and self appointed Sheikhs have been in turn labeled as enemies of Islam? How is that possible? Raising voice against exploitation and instilling democratic values is considered ANTI ISLAMIC? Is it anti islamic or anti these corrupt leaders who are leading dozens of Muslim nations to areas of darkness?

Whenever there is any talk of terror and plunder by Islamic leaders they use their lobbies and all possible public relations in the form of protesters who do not know what are they doing. The only real political system in any Islamic country is still the same kill and rule initiated by the self appointed unique representative of Allah. Nobody can question that. Why? Because once you question and expose the facts, the naked truth of Islamic leaders will be exposed and the world could see how ugly, horrific and inhuman these leaders are.

It is the monopolistic, royal, military or violent war-lords or mafia that rule any Islamic country. There is not a single Islamic country that governs democratically or promotes real education and implements non-discriminatory policies. ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES are run and governed by the dark laws of the Quran and its atrocious nonsense. THIS MUST CHANGE NOW. To avoid democracy, education, science and sanity Muslims rulers have continued with the promotion of violence not only to hide their crimes but to propagate this violent religion to all places they can. Now after literally destroying almost all Asia and Africa except a few countries they are after Russia, Europe, South and North America.

World governments must wake up and so should the UN.

There are millions of EX Muslims who demand a new country of their own.

The extremely violent Islamic society, religion and its fold works like a real socio-religious mafia and it strangulates one’s beliefs by force. Either you are a Muslim or you are non-human this is the policy of all Muslim nations without any exception. If you notice most innocent Muslims think that any talk of truth is an insult to “their religion”. How can a belief system be insulted? Inquiring, questioning and knowing the truth has never been the case of any Muslim. As soon as some wise Muslim man or woman begins to read the Quranic literature, he/she comes to realize that they have been taken for a ride and there begins a “horrible nightmarish journey” that ultimately leads them to see the truth and leave Islam, at the least in their true belief. This is the case of Millions of unsung heroes who were courageous to leave the fold after realizing the realities of Islam. It is the most secretive society where the most fables and tales about the prophet are created, false and fantasy. The real stories in actuality are only known or read by scholars who keep it buried for fear of their life.

This tradition of fear, terror and not saying the truth, led Muslims to destroy the grand ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Iran, India and later Indonesia and Malaysia. Chinese used their cultural barriers and a difficult language and hence these marauders never could reach mainstream China and their sword only reached Xinjiang area. If Chinese were weaker people today Chinese would be bombing the cities worldwide instead of working hard and bringing prosperity to their lives. The history of fear and terror has continued and the beneficiaries have been obviously the white Arabs who literally used Islamic sword and blood thirsty expeditions to dominate, colonize and loot, plunder the richer ancient cultures.

Islam is not even a religion in any sense of the word. It does not teach peace, love or compassion. It only teaches how to exploit innocent children, women and weaker societies. The aim of Islam started by a blood thirsty angry man [read his full story to know what is meant here] was to use and abuse women, kill and loot all pagans and Jews, the inhabitants of contemporary Arabia and sell their children and wives as slaves.

There are educated and learned people born into Islamic or Muslim families and they want to get out.

There are thousands of Muslims marrying children and molesting, raping innocent young kids. Each day you will see hundreds of Imams, Sheiks and Maulavis +55 marrying little girls of 9 to 12.

In Islam the child molestation and paedophilia and incest is accepted as it is guided by the so called Holy Book which is full of instances that call for dominating all possible women that give birth to more Muslims. This has been the case for past 1400 years.

The paedophilia, the rape goes on for years and almost 1400 years.

The following video is absolutely authentic with translation from Arabic to English

Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl – with parental consent

This sickening story is not about Khomeini. It is about Islam. It is a demonstration of how humans cease to be humans when they believe in evil ideologies.

Khomeini asks a father to let him have temporary “marriage” with his 4 years old daughter and this benighted man consents. The child screams when […]

For more videos please follow the link:


also provided at the top right.

The time has arrived when the world must put a stop to this radical, inhuman and barbaric cult disguised as a religion and adapted as a imperialistic, mafia style force that dominates the life of dozens of countries.

The purpose of all Islamic nations is to plunder the wealth of all and to destroy, kill and maim millions of innocent people who do not want to believe in this fraudulent, corrupt religious force.

It is pointless to cut and destroy the constant crop of violence and hatred. You can never finish with it. The seed of all is the whole doctrine that contains this religious belief which unless destroyed will create horribly poisonous weed crops everywhere. The world needs to be united once and for all and all media must open up and be strong and not cow down with the threats of these evil marauders. The seed of Islam must be finished off to save the humanity from its onslaught. This is not hate or anger speech but the final conclusion of thousands of real authentic scholars of Islam. It is time to act now. Saudi Arabia is a cancerous society and it is encroaching its caner to all others around and Pakistan is the open wound that is where the seed is germinated and causing terror around the world.

There must be inquiries and the governments of Muslim nations must be answerable and must be asked. The world governments must boycott these nations and cut their supplies and freeze their assets.

The plunder, rape, violence and sheer large scale plotting of violence all around the world could stop permanently if the nations of the world stop doing trade with Muslim nations, remove and expel all radicals from their areas and stop any supplies and exports to these nations. Change immigration policies and reform them by expelling every single Muslim and those who want to stay must sign a pledge to follow the host country if not they must be expelled. They must return to their mother countries and let them terrorize their own people.

The world must wake up now before it is too late.

1. A woman’s testimony is not equal to a man’s testimony in the court of law. Isn’t that evil?
2. A man can marry four women. A woman cannot marry four men. Isn’t that evil?
3. A person who leaves Islam, will be punished by death penalty. Isn’t that evil? Can’t people be free to choose.
4. In an Islamic state, a non-Muslim citizen is not equal to a Muslim citizen under the law. Isn’t that evil?
5. In an Islamic state, a non-Muslim citizen is not allowed to practice his/her religion. In a few places even if it is allowed on paper, in practice it is hell.
6. Some Muslim states are engaged in state sponsored and organized terror disguised as a religious duty called Jehad but in reality it is the same 1400 year old movement that has destroyed and trapped lives of over 1 billion mostly brown and black individuals in Africa and Asia.
7. The petro dollars are being used to create terror armies and nuclear weapons and never been used to help poor Muslims.

Editor of FaithFreedom.org :”All I can show you is that Islam is an Evil religion established by an evil man. He was a mad man indeed. He was a manipulator, a mass-murderer, rapist, pedophile, assassin.

In fact you can see that all over. When the Muslims destroyed the great Buddha statues in Afghanistan, this was done amongst the shoutings of “Allahu Akbar”. Those statues were a treasure for all humanity. After the incident, not a single incident of a Buddhist attacking a Muslim was recorded. Compare that to what Muslims did all over when some silly Cartoons about Muhammad appeared in a newspaper in Denmark, or compare that to a planned burning of Qur’an and what the Muslims did in destruction. The book burning never took place. Muslims follow a mad man. They become mad Par excellence, just because they are Muslims. When humans follow a crazy barbaric maniac like Muhammad, they become like him.”

The arguments given by Islamic defenders is that over one billion people follow this stupid belief system. Number of sheep is never going to be a critical point for wolves. Little do these Muslims know that they are all sheep. They are being slaughtered and used by a very small WHITE ARAB minority to rule and use them.
The moment a thinking Muslim come to know the story of how he.she is being taken for granted and is being used as fodder he/she decides to leave.

If you are a Muslim even if you do not practice, spread the word, learn, know and inquire. Then decide.

Source: Ex Muslims


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