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What makes a Dhimmi?

What makes a dhimmi?

Posted by HermitLion 

“What Makes Johnny Dhimmi Run Away?”, an article From  Sultan Knish Blog, provides a clearcut, uncompromising description of the personality traits, and thinking modes of dhimmis in positions of power, be they politicians, generals, beaurocrats, or businessmen.
A few excerpts:
“A closer look at the Dhimmi leadership will yield some surprises. These leaders of the Dhimmi class and of our own nations and cultural centers are occasionally left wing, sometimes liberal leaning but generally moderate. While their views may seem liberal to us, that’s only because they lack any real views of their own. As the left’s culture war has continued to push the center further and further to the left, views that were once liberal, become mainstream. And Johnny Dhimmi is a creature of the center, a true moderate in the sense that he moves with the herd of public opinion while pretending to be its shepherd. As a faithful worshiper of the status quo, Johnny Dhimmi is quick to adapt to whatever the dominant view appears to be.”

“Johnny Dhimmi does not have any ideas of his own but he excels at borrowing other people’s ideas, breaking them down to the simplest common denominator and using them as a repetitive slogan. You couldn’t argue with Johnny Dhimmi because he spends very little time thinking about things and ideas need to be conveyed to him in bite size form. At the same time Johnny Dhimmi is suspicious of excessively simple ideas, such as national self-defense or a clash of civilizations, as a natural born manager, he prefers an answer that will smooth out the bumps and keep business moving. While he is not above exploiting patriotic symbols or rhetoric and even believes them at the time, he never takes them too seriously, they are a costume he puts on and takes off when appropriate.”

“Johnny Dhimmi has learned throughout his career that the safest approach is the mildest. He is capable of bold rhetoric and action when needed, he is not emotionless or a robot, but he is naturally static and has trouble coping with new ideas. He prefers accommodation to conflict and while he will fight politically for what he believes in, it will only be until he realizes that it is hopeless and then he will look for a way out. It may however take time for this understanding to sink in, often making him the last man on the Titanic to notice the big iceberg.”

“His response to the rise of Islamic terror is to look for easy solutions that work for everyone. His initial response is to ignore it. His second response is to accommodate the moderates while banishing the extremists. When this fails, he stalls and looks to someone else for answers. Finally he begins negotiating the terms of surrender for his country in order to get the best terms and limit the damage.”

“The destructive capacity of Johnny Dhimmi lies in his sheer uselessness and lack of mental agility and ability. Devoid of any spine, he folds easily. Things have come easy to him in life and his entire professional career has been devoted to convincing people to do what he thinks is best. And what he thinks is best, is what will keep business going.”

“Johnny Dhimmi is loyal, but not to a country. His first and foremost interest is not the nation, but that corner of it which consists of his friends’ business interests. He is strongly loyal when it comes to his friends and what his friends want is for international trade to keep running smoothly.”

For those interested in the full text:
What Makes Johnny Dhimmi Run Away?

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